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descriptionProof-of-concept samba4 based caching proxy
last changeWed, 10 Dec 2008 10:12:35 +0000 (10 10:12 +0000)
content tags
Fork of vfs_cifs, implementing basic caching proxy support, with a view to interfacing with various compression engines or distributed file systems.
2008-12-10 Sam LiddicottUse ntvfs session close to close downstream sessionmaster-proxy-validate-wip
2008-12-10 Sam LiddicottHave vfs_proxy search caches use dirmon framework to...
2008-12-10 Sam LiddicottDeal with c_req send errors asynchronously
2008-12-10 Sam LiddicottUse smbcli dead transport handler in vfs_proxy
2008-12-10 Sam LiddicottAdd smbcli_transport_dead callback
2008-12-10 Sam LiddicottMake pidl more C++ friendly for enum forward declarations
2008-12-10 Sam LiddicottTEMP: Wait toms patch
2008-12-10 Sam LiddicottFIX: Add trivial test for lib/cache.
2008-12-10 Sam LiddicottUse new --without-ext-lib-LIBLDB configure
2008-12-10 Sam LiddicottAdd --with-ext-lib-XXX support to SMB_EXT_LIB_FROM_PKGC...
2008-12-10 Sam LiddicottSet srpm patch level explicitly, don't rely on make...
2008-12-10 Sam Liddicottmake-srpm: stop last patch being missed out through...
2008-12-10 Sam LiddicottFixup SRPM build tools
2008-12-10 Tom ParkinHACK: re-init ndr_interface_table if we don't find...
2008-12-10 Tom ParkinFixed segfault in extended make_connection()
2008-12-10 Tom ParkinFixed up packaging system for generic RPM
8 years ago v4-0-vfs-proxy-newpidl
8 years ago v4-0-vfs-proxy-newidl
9 years ago v4-0-vfs-proxy
9 years ago master-proxy-validate-wip
9 years ago v4-0-vfs-proxy-wip