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Samba is an Open Source/Free Software suite that has, since 1992, provided file and print services to all manner of SMB/CIFS clients, including the numerous versions of Microsoft Windows operating systems. Samba is freely available under the GNU General Public License.

The Samba project is a member of the Software Freedom Conservancy.

45 hours ago Volker Lendecketalloc_stack: Call talloc destructors while frame is... master
2 days ago Andrej Gesselcheck return value before using key_values
2 days ago Andrej Gesselldb: check return values
2 days ago Christof Schmittkrb5_wrap: fix keep_old_entries logic for older kerbero...
2 days ago Swen Schilligctdb-common: replace talloc / memcpy by talloc_memdup
3 days ago Andreas Schneiderkrb5_plugin: Add winbind localauth plugin for MIT Kerberos
3 days ago Jeremy Allisons3: smbd: Don't use getcwd() directly. We must always...
4 days ago Andreas Schneiders3:winbind: Fix regression introduced with bso #12851
4 days ago Andreas Schneiders3:smbget: Fix buffer truncation issues with gcc8
4 days ago Andreas Schneiders3:registry: Fix buffer truncation issues issues with...
4 days ago Andreas Schneidersamdb: Fix build error with gcc8
4 days ago Swen SchilligPossible memory leak in map_info3_to_validation
4 days ago Björn Baumbachheimdal: remove include/includedir directives for krb5...
4 days ago Noel Powerpython/samba/netcmd: Fix NameError exception
5 days ago Noel Powerpython/samba: enclose map.values with list (py2/py3)
5 days ago Noel Powerpython/samba: Another to next(object...
3 days ago samba-4.7.8 samba: tag release samba-4.7.8
3 weeks ago ldb-1.4.0 ldb: tag release ldb-1.4.0
5 weeks ago samba-4.8.2 samba: tag release samba-4.8.2
7 weeks ago ldb-1.3.3 ldb: tag release ldb-1.3.3
8 weeks ago samba-4.8.1 samba: tag release samba-4.8.1
2 months ago samba-4.7.7 samba: tag release samba-4.7.7
2 months ago samba-4.6.15 samba: tag release samba-4.6.15
2 months ago talloc-2.1.13 talloc: tag release talloc-2.1.13
3 months ago talloc-2.1.12 talloc: tag release talloc-2.1.12
3 months ago samba-4.8.0 samba: tag release samba-4.8.0
3 months ago samba-4.5.16 samba: tag release samba-4.5.16
3 months ago samba-4.6.14 samba: tag release samba-4.6.14
3 months ago samba-4.7.6 samba: tag release samba-4.7.6
3 months ago samba-4.8.0rc4 samba: tag release samba-4.8.0rc4
3 months ago ldb-1.3.2 ldb: tag release ldb-1.3.2
3 months ago tevent-0.9.36 tevent: tag release tevent-0.9.36
45 hours ago master
3 days ago v4-7-test
4 days ago v4-8-test
5 weeks ago v4-8-stable
2 months ago v4-7-stable
2 months ago v4-6-test
2 months ago v4-6-stable
3 months ago v4-5-test
3 months ago v4-5-stable
9 months ago v4-4-test
9 months ago v4-4-stable
16 months ago v4-3-test
18 months ago v4-3-stable
22 months ago v4-2-test
23 months ago v4-2-stable
2 years ago v4-1-test
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