2011-10-07 Michael J Grubertext along pathcurvedtext-v3@3223
2011-10-03 Michael Schindlerimproved the explicit hatch pattern deco.linehatched...
2011-09-24 André Wobstuse the original axis name in the adjustaxis method...
2011-09-17 Gert Ingoldfixed a typo
2011-07-26 André Wobstfix paperformat settings
2011-07-19 André Wobstmake bitmap style working for planes in 3d graphs with...
2011-07-19 Michael Schindleradded a curve smoothing deformer, based on metapost...
2011-07-19 Michael Schindlerrestructured the metapost classes
2011-07-16 Jörg Lehmannfix metapost example
2011-07-16 Michael Schindlerremoved float comparisons in metapost module -- and...
2011-07-16 André Wobstadd rgbgradient and cmykgradient to force color space
2011-07-16 André Wobstadd bitmap graph style (TODO: documentation)
2011-07-16 André Wobstadd sorted to pycompat
2011-07-16 André Wobstnew fundamental constructor based on arbitrary affine...
2011-07-16 André Wobsttypo
2011-07-15 André Wobsttypo
2011-07-14 Michael Schindlerdeleted svn:keywords and added svn:eol-style=native...
2011-07-14 Michael Schindlermention public domain in the metapost code
2011-07-14 André Wobstdo not keep filehandles around; instead use the same...
2011-07-14 André Wobstfix filelocator argument (used then ksearch is True)
2011-07-14 André Wobstfix pyxgraphics functionality because at least some...
2011-07-13 André Wobstfix pict format name (reported by Michael J Gruber)
2011-07-13 Michael Schindleradded documentation and an example for the metapost...
2011-07-13 André Wobstfix file opening for bbox reading when using filelocato...
2011-07-13 Michael Schindlercompleted the metapost testing
2011-07-13 Michael Schindlerturned the mpost module into the metapost subpackage
2011-07-13 André Wobstconfiguration of meta data as suggested by gli
2011-07-13 Gert Ingoldmore appropriate title for HTML version of FAQ
2011-07-13 Gert Ingoldwrite metadata into PDF of FAQ
2011-07-10 André Wobstget version from pyx.version and remove config for...
2011-07-10 André Wobstcalculate correct bbox in multicurveto_pt
2011-07-10 André Wobstimprovements to the documentation by GLI
2011-07-10 André Wobstenable todo extension
2011-07-10 André Wobstuse pdf for png creation
2011-07-10 André Wobsttypo
2011-07-10 André Wobstremove old tipa pdfs
2011-07-10 André Wobstremove old files
2011-07-10 André Wobstnew makefile for sphinx based build
2011-07-07 André Wobstadd support for pfm font matrices
2011-07-07 André Wobstbe more precise regarding the scale (add a missing...
2011-07-07 André Wobstbe more precise regarding the scale (add a missing...
2011-07-07 André Wobstremove bad wording, after reading some more font metric...
2011-07-07 André Wobstjust make clear that we're working on the next major...
2011-07-07 André Wobstfix for MS Windows: open virtual font files in binary...
2011-07-07 André Wobstfix subprocess call on MS Windows (closefds not functio...
2011-07-07 André Wobstfix line ending problem on MS Windows (text mode not...
2011-07-07 André Wobstadd a note about missing documentation
2011-07-05 Michael Schindlereliminated text.set(fontmaps=) in font example
2011-07-03 Michael Schindleradded a metapost module
2011-07-03 Michael Schindlercosmetics
2011-07-03 Michael Schindlerbumped version number to 0.11.1+
2011-06-17 André Wobstunicodestring decoding by default in T1text
2011-06-17 André Wobstcache textpath in T1text
2011-06-17 André Wobstimprove T1font bounding box from path warning
2011-06-16 André Wobstuse pycompat for set
2011-06-16 André Wobstmake metric optional explicitly for T1font
2011-06-16 André Wobstcalculcate bbox from path to allow Type1 font usage...
2011-06-16 André Wobstimprove type1 getglyphpath call and return values
2011-06-16 André Wobstremove code duplication
2011-06-12 Gert Ingoldconversion of FAQ to restructured text
2011-06-09 André Wobstfix epsfile processPDF raise condition: popen(...,...
2011-06-01 André Wobstadd some changenotes to some recent changes by Michael...
2011-05-30 Michael Schindlercorrected a bug in the stripping of fonts
2011-05-29 Michael Schindlerallow font slanting also for font.T1builtinfont instances
2011-05-29 Michael Schindlerallow font slanting also for font.T1builtinfont instances
2011-05-20 André Wobstupdate for new manual
2011-05-20 André Wobstadjust manual build and update web content for release
2011-05-20 André WobstCHANGES cleanup, bump version number and set release...
2011-05-20 André Wobstanother update of the download location (will hopefully...
2011-05-20 André Wobstupdate download location (will hopefully fix easy_install)
2011-05-20 André Wobstzip_safe requires pkgutil.get_data
2011-05-20 André Wobstarrow decorator: proper sign of constriction length...
2011-05-20 André Wobstremove comments, improve a few links
2011-05-20 André Wobstvarious documentation fixes
2011-05-20 André Wobsttoctree
2011-05-20 André Wobstignore _build dir
2011-05-20 André Wobstnew build infrastructure
2011-05-20 André Wobstremove converter script
2011-05-20 André Wobstremove latex2html related ignore settings, add png...
2011-05-20 André Wobstremove old tex sources
2011-05-20 André Wobstremove pyxdate and pyxversion, which are not be handled...
2011-05-20 André Wobstconversion result (non-edited)
2011-05-20 André Wobstconversion script
2011-05-20 André Wobstprepare manual for rest conversion
2011-05-19 André Wobstincrease designsize deviation to 4 (needs some further...
2011-05-19 André Wobstfix build process for extension modules
2011-05-19 André Wobstfixes due to the dvi and font restructuring
2011-05-19 André Wobstadding support for writing using pycompat.popen
2011-05-19 André Wobstdvi/texfont: fix exception type
2011-05-15 André Wobstupdate upload data
2011-05-15 André Wobstupdate download url
2011-05-15 Jörg Lehmannadd txt to gallery
2011-05-15 André Wobstcorrect table format
2011-05-15 André Wobstupdate download link
2011-05-15 Jörg Lehmannexplicitely add data files and also .txt in examples
2011-05-15 Jörg Lehmannmake use of setuptools configurable in setup.cfg
2011-05-15 André Wobstremove access analyser
2011-05-15 André Wobstadd release date to calendar
2011-05-15 Jörg Lehmannrevert change
2011-05-15 Jörg Lehmanncorrect link to CHANGES