2010-06-24 Michael J GruberApplied upstream as r1756applied/epsfile-kpsea
2004-05-27 André Wobstkpsearch option to search for file using the kpathsea...
2004-05-27 Michael J Gruberkpathsea for epsfile
2004-05-27 André Wobstsome _xxx -> xxx_pt renamings
2004-05-27 André Wobsthandle "BoundingBox: (atend)" (cf. bug #945621)
2004-05-26 André Wobstadd bitmap section to the manual
2004-05-26 André Wobstinsert GPL licence header
2004-05-26 André Wobstbitmap module
2004-05-24 Jörg Lehmannfix bug that graph was not finished automatically when...
2004-05-18 Gert Ingoldadded question on itemize and eqnarray environments
2004-05-14 André Wobstdirect upload of pyxfaq.pdf
2004-05-13 André Wobstfix errorbar range adjustment and some branch syncs
2004-05-13 André Wobstfix errorbar range adjustment
2004-05-12 Gert Ingoldtook out LaTeX usage of RCS info
2004-05-12 Gert Ingoldintroduced pyxversion.tex
2004-05-12 André Wobstdate in pyx/ added
2004-05-10 Gert Ingoldcorrected answer concerning problem coordinates
2004-05-10 André Wobstinclude examples Makefiles and remove pdf files from...
2004-05-09 Gert Ingoldadded question use of problem coordinates in graphs
2004-05-06 André Wobstcentered graph key alignment
2004-05-05 Michael Schindleradded deformer module
2004-05-05 Michael Schindlersmooth by deformer, not by deco
2004-05-05 Michael Schindlerremoved cycloid and smoothed decorators
2004-05-05 Michael Schindlerfor testing
2004-05-05 Michael Schindlerinitial checkin of module: For deformation...
2004-04-29 André WobstXd -> dX (reported by Alex Wilson)
2004-04-28 Jörg Lehmannpathel -> pathitem renaming
2004-04-28 André Wobstpdfwriter
2004-04-28 André Wobstinclude manual and faq sources; distribute PDF instead...
2004-04-27 Jörg Lehmannadd release date of 0.6.3
2004-04-27 André Wobstmanual compiling note from m-schindler
2004-04-27 André Wobstps->pdf
2004-04-27 André Wobstgs8.0 removed
2004-04-26 André Wobstcleanup due to merging 0.6.3
2004-04-26 André Wobstfix insertion of a zero length path
2004-04-25 Gert Ingoldcorrected several mistakes, mostly typos
2004-04-23 rg Lehmannadd bug report
2004-04-22 Jörg Lehmannupdate TODO
2004-04-22 Jörg Lehmannmore restructuring of the unit system
2004-04-22 André Wobstadd a note about a documentation TODO
2004-04-22 André Wobstunit initializing by strings disabled
2004-04-22 rg Lehmannprepare for removal of string unit initialisation and...
2004-04-22 rg Lehmannupdate manual to new canvas constructor signature
2004-04-22 rg Lehmannenum->num
2004-04-22 Jörg Lehmannremove string init of units
2004-04-22 Jörg Lehmannenum->num
2004-04-22 André Wobstcleanup of the comments regarding the epsilon in normpath
2004-04-21 André Wobstperform the actual splitting of the graph styles in...
2004-04-21 rg Lehmanndecrease interval for dotted and dash-dotted lines...
2004-04-21 André Wobstsplitted drawpoints into initdrawpoints/drawpoint/doned...
2004-04-21 Jörg Lehmannfix LaTeX mode
2004-04-21 Gert Ingoldsome typos corrected
2004-04-21 André Wobstenum -> num renaming as wanted by gli
2004-04-21 André Wobstmake graph styles being a list
2004-04-21 rg Lehmannanother round of fixes due to GLI
2004-04-20 André Wobstimprove siteconfig behaviour
2004-04-20 Michael Schindleradded to TODO-items
2004-04-20 Michael Schindlertom instead of to_m ...
2004-04-20 André Wobstrestore even when setup failes
2004-04-20 André Wobstcreate siteconfig on install to store position of the...
2004-04-19 André Wobstremoved discussion about begintrafo/endtrafo
2004-04-18 rg Lehmannadd further comment
2004-04-18 Jörg Lehmannmore corrections by GLI
2004-04-17 Jörg Lehmannremove unused import
2004-04-17 Jörg Lehmanncorrections by Gert Ingold
2004-04-16 Jörg Lehmanncleanup
2004-04-16 André Wobstuse styledata instance instead of data instance
2004-04-16 André and reorganization in progress...
2004-04-16 André Wobstsome comments to ongoing debates
2004-04-15 Jörg Lehmannadd PDF output
2004-04-15 rg Lehmannmoved conversion from tfm units to dvi and/or PS points...
2004-04-15 André Wobstdisable outlines (we do not yet have those)
2004-04-15 André Wobstpdf character width calculation
2004-04-15 André Wobstpyx pdf vs. pdf(la)tex comparision example
2004-04-15 André Wobstskip the third part of a pfb in pdf when possible;...
2004-04-15 Jörg Lehmannconvert width to PS points, but it still seems to be...
2004-04-15 André Wobstcleanup
2004-04-15 Jörg Lehmannmore font work: inclusion of fonts without encoding
2004-04-15 André Wobstuse zlib compression for fonts
2004-04-15 André Wobstexperimental test code for pdf+text
2004-04-15 André Wobstfixed some pdf font inclusion issues (insert pfb directly)
2004-04-15 André Wobstpreliminary font inclusion in pdf: character widths...
2004-04-14 André Wobstsome further work on a preliminary font inclusion in pdf
2004-04-14 André Wobstcirclealign by roots of a polynom
2004-04-10 Jörg Lehmannupdate TODO
2004-04-10 Jörg Lehmanndo no longer interpret unqualified user input as visual...
2004-04-09 Jörg Lehmannupdate TODO
2004-04-09 Jörg Lehmann*** empty log message ***
2004-04-09 Jörg Lehmannmore PDF work: beginnings of text support
2004-04-09 Jörg Lehmannrenamed _bbox -> bbox_pt
2004-04-09 rg Lehmannrenamed _bbox -> bbox, added center method
2004-04-09 Jörg Lehmannpurge unneeded imports
2004-04-08 rg Lehmannmore document work
2004-04-08 Jörg Lehmannadded initial version of dvi to ps converter based...
2004-04-08 Jörg Lehmanndo not require specification of pageid in readpage...
2004-04-07 André Wobstsome cleanup and doc for the circle align feature
2004-04-07 André Wobst0.6.2 release
2004-04-07 André Wobst0.6.2 release date
2004-04-06 André Wobstshowcircle
2004-04-06 André Wobststep more cautiously