2010-06-24 Michael J GruberApplied upstream as r2577applied/dvifile-ttf
2006-03-13 Michael J GruberTypo in
2006-03-13 Jörg Lehmannfix typo (closing #1448873, thanks to Michael J. Gruber...
2006-03-10 André Wobstfix missing attribute select when using a bar style...
2006-03-10 André Wobstfix line parse bug on mac line endings (reported by...
2006-03-09 André Wobstarggghhh
2006-03-09 André Wobstswitched to subversion on 2006/02/09
2006-03-09 André Wobstissue a warning when the content exceeds the papersize
2006-03-01 Jörg Lehmannremove min and max arguments of palettes
2006-02-26 Jörg Lehmannmake example less specific
2006-02-21 André Wobstuse some fixed numbers for fontinfo in case we can...
2006-02-20 André Wobstsome remarks due to mailing list discussions
2006-02-16 Jörg Lehmannpoint clearified in private discussion
2006-02-15 Jörg Lehmannadd another comment concerning the palette code
2006-02-15 Jörg Lehmannoops, understod the code incorrectly, so revert last...
2006-02-15 Jörg Lehmannadd question w.r.t. naming of palette methods
2006-02-15 Jörg Lehmann- add docstrings for palette methods
2006-02-15 Jörg Lehmannremove TODO item concerning palettes with one entry...
2006-02-15 Gert Ingoldincluded pointer to Titus Winters' Gnuplot-PyX tutorial
2006-02-14 Michael Schindlerrepair ugly looking TeX/LaTeX expressions in the pdf...
2006-02-14 Michael Schindlerinclude deformer doku
2006-02-14 Michael Schindlerdocumentation for the palettes
2006-02-14 Michael Schindlerchanged the orientation of the angle and bulge parameters
2006-02-14 Michael Schindlerpyx/
2006-02-13 Jörg Lehmannuse cursor class from t1font (import still a kludge...
2006-02-13 Jörg Lehmannprocess coments, i.e. ignore them
2006-02-13 Jörg Lehmannremoving accidentally created cvs directory
2006-02-12 rg Lehmannfollow PLRM p. 27 and accept various characters as...
2006-02-11 Michael Schindlerdo the color conversion tests also for eps
2006-02-11 Michael Schindleruse this for testing the quality of a nonlinear palette...
2006-02-11 Michael Schindleradd nonlinear palette -- and rename the old into linear...
2006-02-11 Jörg Lehmannfix for bug #1429524, a bit ugly though
2006-02-10 André Wobststable test with constructed polynoms
2006-02-10 André Wobstuse r and c instead of root and coeff
2006-02-10 André Wobstdefault style instantiation bug in list and (the not...
2006-02-10 André Wobstmove helper to mathutils; implement cubic and quartic...
2006-02-09 Jörg Lehmannfix brain leak
2006-02-09 Jörg Lehmannremove _linmap and _logmap mixin classes which were...
2006-02-06 André Wobstfix the intersection bug and add some linear algebra...
2006-02-06 André Wobstdescription and possible solution for the non-linear...
2006-02-05 Jörg Lehmannadd license header
2006-02-05 Jörg Lehmannreformat
2006-02-05 Jörg Lehmannunexport parsing helper functions
2006-02-05 Jörg Lehmannadd some comments
2006-02-05 Jörg Lehmannvarious fixes in kern data code
2006-02-05 Jörg Lehmannadded first version of AFM parser
2006-02-05 Jörg Lehmannadded first version of AFM parser#
2006-02-01 Jörg Lehmannmention URL of i-package
2006-02-01 Jörg LehmannAdd note on the TeX i-package (thanks to Gabriel Vasseur)
2006-01-31 Jörg Lehmannsilently ignore TrueType fonts in font mapping files...
2006-01-20 Jörg Lehmannnews item: tutorial by Titus Winter
2005-12-15 Michael Schindlerthere is a parameterisation bug in intersect
2005-12-02 rg Lehmannuse copy function explicitly
2005-12-02 Jörg Lehmannadd missing _pt
2005-12-02 André Wobstdo not return a pagebbox reference in page.bbox() but...
2005-11-29 André Wobstfix infinite loop for bbox (atend)
2005-11-09 André Wobstoutput proper line information on palette images
2005-11-01 Michael Schindlercolor conversion
2005-10-21 André Wobsta possible solution to prevent instabilities (ok that...
2005-10-21 André Wobstrename texmessage.loadfd to texmessage.loaddef and...
2005-10-12 Michael Schindleradd color conversion tests
2005-10-12 Michael Schindleradd color conversion methods
2005-10-12 Michael Schindlerchange order of arguments
2005-10-11 Gert Ingoldsome more comments on changelists
2005-10-11 André Wobstremove old restriction (it was lifted some time ago...
2005-10-10 Gert Ingoldquestion 4.3.4: added explanation of 'equidistant colors'
2005-10-09 Gert Ingoldadded code example to 4.3.4 at request of J. Owens
2005-10-02 Jörg Lehmannremove unused code
2005-10-02 Jörg Lehmannmore ellipse fixes
2005-10-02 Jörg Lehmannfix wrong signature of constructor
2005-10-02 Jörg Lehmann- correct slots
2005-10-02 Jörg Lehmannfix old code (but probably we should remove these list...
2005-09-29 Gert Ingolda few new questions
2005-09-29 André Wobstcorrect the length of the encoding vector (thanks to...
2005-09-29 André Wobstenhance the pdf data extractor (reported by Gert Ingold)
2005-09-29 André Wobsthandle missing italic angle information in tfm for...
2005-09-29 André Wobstmake italic angle lookup failsave when no params are...
2005-09-29 Michael Schindlerparallel deformer done
2005-09-29 Michael Schindlerparallel documentation
2005-09-28 Michael Schindleradd sharp outer corners to the parallel deformer
2005-09-28 Michael Schindlercorrect the self-intersection in parallel
2005-09-28 André Wobstallow pathitem append on empty normpath
2005-09-28 André Wobstinitialize skippedline in createnormpath in moveto...
2005-09-28 Michael Schindleruse specific exception for invalid curvatures/tangents...
2005-09-27 Michael Schindleradd the dointersection parameter to the parallel deformer
2005-09-27 Michael Schindlersmooth less here
2005-09-27 Michael Schindlerparallel deformer finished
2005-09-27 Jörg Lehmannreplace check for None by check for invalid
2005-09-27 Michael Schindlerrewrite the parallel deformer and its helper routines
2005-09-27 Michael Schindlerallow empty return value for realpolyroots
2005-09-27 Michael Schindlermove sign function into helper
2005-09-26 André Wobstimproved encoding handling
2005-09-26 André Wobstremove some old, unused code
2005-09-26 André Wobstavoid overflow (or auto conversion to long) in Python...
2005-09-26 Jörg Lehmannremove comment
2005-09-26 Jörg Lehmannwe have to use the correct type for the Python call
2005-09-26 Jörg Lehmannoops, 16bit of course
2005-09-26 Jörg Lehmannswitch to fix-sized ints
2005-09-26 Jörg Lehmannsimplify code as suggested by Andr�
2005-09-26 Jörg Lehmann- ws cleanup