2010-06-24 Michael J GruberApplied upstream as r1896applied/divide-lengths
2004-10-20 Jörg Lehmann- allow division of lengths by length
2004-10-20 Jörg Lehmannadd question
2004-10-20 Jörg Lehmannmore work on normpath and normsubpath sections
2004-10-20 André Wobstincomplete axis range message
2004-10-20 André Wobstjust some code cosmetics
2004-10-20 André Wobst- some bargraph examples
2004-10-20 André Wobstallow for empty function calls (like random())
2004-10-20 André Wobstfix: allow for filling only
2004-10-20 André Wobstdocu updates
2004-10-19 André Wobsttypo
2004-10-19 André Wobstupdate CHANGES
2004-10-19 André Wobst- adjustments to the new graph data+style handling
2004-10-19 André Wobst- adjustments to the new path + graph data and style...
2004-10-19 André Wobstcorrect docstring (missed during cut&paste)
2004-10-19 André Wobst- deformer fixes to properly build a new normpath
2004-10-19 André Wobstphantom attribute to disable text (for example axis...
2004-10-19 André Wobst- truely keep the manualticks from the axis constuctor
2004-10-19 André Wobstgraph key
2004-10-19 André Wobstfixed (i.e. disable) distances rating for labelattrs...
2004-09-07 Michael Schindlerreplaced all the \verb commands by \keyword, \code...
2004-09-07 Michael Schindleralternative texts for chapters and sections using the...
2004-09-02 Jörg Lehmann- add __len__ methods to normpath and normsubpath
2004-09-02 André Wobsttiny isshort cosmetics
2004-09-01 André Wobstwe also do not need to check for intersections here...
2004-09-01 André Wobstbe more expicit with the PathException related to tiny...
2004-09-01 André Wobstsome cleanup: remove unneeded sorts (intersect results...
2004-09-01 Michael Schindlershortenpath does not intersect with too small circles
2004-08-31 Michael Schindlershortenpath uses open circles, not closed ones
2004-08-31 And Wobststackedbarpos separated from barpos
2004-08-31 André Wobstnew style bars become are stackable now
2004-08-31 Jörg Lehmanntrafos are now deformers
2004-08-31 Michael Schindler\code in \section does not work
2004-08-31 Jörg Lehmannconvert trafo into a deformer
2004-08-31 Jörg Lehmanntest trafo application in draw
2004-08-30 rg LehmannRewrite using new normpath creation scheme and let...
2004-08-30 Jörg Lehmannadd question concerning the order of deformer and trafo...
2004-08-30 Jörg Lehmannapply deformers when drawing a path. Note that it is...
2004-08-30 Jörg Lehmanndeformer are attrs (or should the subclasses of deforme...
2004-08-30 rg Lehmannmore changes from the developer meeting
2004-08-30 Jörg Lehmannadapt to new split and intersect behaviour
2004-08-30 Jörg Lehmannadd fallbacks for older python versions
2004-08-30 Jörg Lehmanncorrect fallback solution for older python versions
2004-08-30 André Wobstcatch exceptions of mathtree calculations
2004-08-30 André Wobstanother attempt to repair the stroke/fill logic
2004-08-30 André Wobststroke/fill logic
2004-08-29 Jörg Lehmannremove some TODO items which have been implemented...
2004-08-29 Jörg Lehmannadded more changes happened during Basel PyX sprint
2004-08-29 Jörg Lehmannnormpath is no longer a path but still a canvasitem
2004-08-29 Jörg Lehmannnew TODO item
2004-08-29 Jörg Lehmannchange to new unit system
2004-08-29 Jörg Lehmannchanges for new normpath constructor and renaming subpa...
2004-08-29 Jörg Lehmannchanges for new normpath constructor
2004-08-29 Jörg Lehmannchanges for new normpath constructor and various ws...
2004-08-29 Jörg Lehmannvarious fixes to examples due to new normpath constructor
2004-08-29 Jörg Lehmannsome updates to the path manual
2004-08-29 Jörg Lehmannwe missed something, namely to update the CHANGES file...
2004-08-29 Jörg Lehmannarrows work again
2004-08-29 Jörg Lehmannadded various missing methods of normline, normcurve...
2004-08-29 Jörg Lehmannnew constriction convention
2004-08-29 Jörg Lehmannadd new test case
2004-08-29 Jörg Lehmannone more thing done
2004-08-29 Jörg Lehmannswitch to new decoratedpath functionality as discussed...
2004-08-29 rg Lehmannconvert to new normpath creation scheme
2004-08-29 Jörg Lehmannnormpath no longer derives from path
2004-08-29 Jörg Lehmann- normpath constructor only accepts list of normsubpaths
2004-08-29 André Wobstglobal epsilon (default precision of normsubpaths)
2004-08-29 Jörg Lehmannone more item done
2004-08-29 Jörg Lehmannadd extend method to normpath
2004-08-29 André Wobst- added new helper methods _distributeparams and _findn...
2004-08-29 André Wobstws change
2004-08-29 André Wobstadded intersection tests
2004-08-29 Jörg Lehmannremoved signature
2004-08-29 Jörg Lehmann*** empty log message ***
2004-08-28 Jörg Lehmannmore test cases regarding normsubpath.intersect
2004-08-28 rg Lehmann- added normsubpath.joined
2004-08-28 rg Lehmann- intersect returns parameter tuples
2004-08-28 Jörg Lehmann- new logic for short normpathitems in normsubpath
2004-08-28 Jörg Lehmannunit test for short normsubpaths
2004-08-27 André Wobst- reactivate graph key
2004-08-27 André Wobst- plotitem acts as a container for data now (i.e. data...
2004-08-05 André Wobststyledata interface to return data from a style back...
2004-08-05 André Wobsttransformations added
2004-08-02 André Wobstminor corrections
2004-08-01 André Wobstmatrix class
2004-08-01 André Wobstmake addend to always be a scalar
2004-07-30 André Wobst- allow for intermediate, non-linear terms
2004-07-29 Jörg Lehmannadded TODO concerining palette->gradient
2004-07-29 And Wobstremove '==' missuse
2004-07-28 André Wobstvector equations (can be mixed with scalar equations)
2004-07-28 André Wobst- removed isinstance() calls
2004-07-27 André Wobstlinear equation solver
2004-07-27 rg Lehmannadd some comments
2004-07-27 André Wobstinstalling to a non-standard directory layout
2004-07-22 André Wobst- public interface to the style provider dictionary...
2004-07-13 Jörg Lehmannsmall comment fix, mostly for testing the pyx-checkins...
2004-07-13 Jörg Lehmanntest
2004-07-13 Jörg Lehmannsome minor comment corrections
2004-07-12 André Wobstdata documentation
2004-07-09 André Wobstgraph style + data reorganization completed