2006-07-03 Michael J Grubertranslateable canvas for PDFtranslatable-canvas
2006-06-29 Michael J Grubertranslateablecanvas
2006-05-24 André Wobstadd gallery, don't include .svn stuff from contrib
2006-05-24 André Wobsttype and a todo
2006-05-24 André Wobstprepare for 0.9 release: bump version number, final...
2006-05-24 André Wobstadjust some copyright dates according to diffs to previ...
2006-05-24 André Wobstadd example documentation to the split axes
2006-05-24 André Wobstadd example documentation to the graph styles
2006-05-24 André Wobstremove shebang -- see comment 3 on https://bugzilla...
2006-05-24 André Wobstsome updates to the roadmap
2006-05-24 André Wobstadd a pipeGS method to directly pass the PyX output...
2006-05-23 André Wobstfix some docu todo's -- what about the two decorators...
2006-05-23 André Wobstfix histogram to stroke lines to the baseline for steps...
2006-05-23 André Wobstremove example in gallery
2006-05-23 André Wobstadd a cyclic link example
2006-05-23 André Wobstremove the lists in the data creation ... and add a...
2006-05-23 André Wobstrename filename to file and adjust documentation
2006-05-23 André Wobstuse fallback methods for degrees and radians (as we...
2006-05-23 André Wobstfixes to properly support Python versions 2.1 to 2.4
2006-05-23 Jörg Lehmannfix formating
2006-05-22 Jörg Lehmannsmall improvements to the README
2006-05-22 Jörg Lehmannadd ...
2006-05-22 Jörg Lehmannmove piaxis to gallery
2006-05-22 Jörg Lehmannmention naming convention
2006-05-22 Jörg Lehmannmove manyaxes exmample to gallery
2006-05-22 Jörg Lehmannfix typo
2006-05-22 Jörg Lehmannmove data of shift example to gallery
2006-05-22 rg Lehmannmove shift example to gallery
2006-05-22 Jörg Lehmannreally add linkedaxis text
2006-05-22 Jörg Lehmannadd more ignored file endings
2006-05-22 Jörg Lehmannmoving around of examples and documentation of linkedax...
2006-05-22 Jörg Lehmannmore details in section introduction
2006-05-22 Jörg Lehmannprevent vertical lines at divergencies
2006-05-22 André Wobstupdate the axes examples to the new structure -- hopefu...
2006-05-22 André Wobstallow file instances as paramter of the writeXXXfile...
2006-05-22 André Wobstrestore old dashed for default linewidth although we...
2006-05-22 André Wobstsome adjustments to make the examples nice-looking...
2006-05-22 André Wobstremove the wobsta XXX
2006-05-22 André Wobstadd a note about reltransform in the TODO
2006-05-22 André Wobstadd a TODO mark regarding reltransform
2006-05-22 Jörg Lehmannmove styles around
2006-05-22 Jörg Lehmannmove styles around
2006-05-22 Jörg Lehmannmove some examples to the gallery and reorder
2006-05-22 André Wobstadd key method for histogram style
2006-05-22 André Wobstbe more precise about the axes instances to be used...
2006-05-22 André Wobstfix histograms for negative y-coordinates
2006-05-22 André Wobstcorrect color order as it would result in the output
2006-05-22 André Wobstinsert proper code for XXX
2006-05-22 Jörg Lehmannoops, the last change was not intended
2006-05-22 Jörg Lehmannmark parameters as Python code
2006-05-22 Jörg Lehmannsome fixes
2006-05-22 Jörg Lehmannas discussed with André, return a list containing a...
2006-05-22 Michael Schindlercorrect the previous check-in
2006-05-22 rg Lehmannremove restriction affine
2006-05-22 André Wobstadd some futher exlanations to what bar graphs really are
2006-05-21 Jörg Lehmannmention one deformer in feature list
2006-05-21 Jörg Lehmannmention new examples
2006-05-21 Jörg Lehmannmove item to next release (Andre, correct me, if this...
2006-05-21 Jörg Lehmannadd first proposal for release notes
2006-05-21 Jörg Lehmannsome updates to titles
2006-05-21 rg Lehmanndescribe plotting of more than one data set and graph key
2006-05-21 Jörg Lehmanndescribe plotting of more than one data set and graph key
2006-05-21 Michael Schindlerallow empty paramlist in normath._split_pt -- and some...
2006-05-21 Jörg Lehmanntest case for bug #1492548
2006-05-21 Jörg Lehmannsome fixes and enhancements
2006-05-21 Jörg Lehmannadd a gentle introduction to axes (Andre, please have...
2006-05-21 Jörg Lehmannreorder examples
2006-05-21 Jörg Lehmannadd an introduction to the basic plotting section
2006-05-21 Jörg Lehmannmore graphs example work
2006-05-20 Jörg Lehmannsome english corrections, but meaning still unclear
2006-05-20 Jörg Lehmannmore details
2006-05-20 Jörg Lehmannadd some background information on the too large boundi...
2006-05-20 André WobstI'm sorry, I've just seen that I missed to checkin...
2006-05-20 André Wobstrework the bar graph examples for 0.9
2006-05-20 André Wobstadd the changebar style ... :-)
2006-05-19 Michael Schindlercosmetics: updated header dates and some executable...
2006-05-19 Michael Schindleradded two TODO-items
2006-05-19 Michael Schindlerdefined texmessage.nonav, valuable for usage with beame...
2006-05-19 André Wobstremove the set function (which was always catched by...
2006-05-19 André Wobstcorrect the dir of the next example
2006-05-19 Jörg Lehmannreduce length of pattern lines by one order of magnitud...
2006-05-19 Michael Schindleradded a textbox example
2006-05-19 Jörg Lehmannsmall fixes
2006-05-19 Jörg Lehmannforgot to remove debugging output
2006-05-19 Jörg Lehmannfix bug when applying trafos (discussion welcome\!)
2006-05-19 Jörg Lehmannshow difference between trafo as deformer and as canvas...
2006-05-19 Michael Schindleradded a canvas insertion example
2006-05-19 Michael Schindleradded more detailed descriptions
2006-05-19 André Wobstfix bold
2006-05-19 Michael Schindlercomment on clipping in the future
2006-05-18 Jörg Lehmannremove deprecated passing of styles to canvas constructor
2006-05-18 Jörg Lehmannmove ellipse from drawing to drawing2
2006-05-18 André Wobstmake the process with processmethod local to the page...
2006-05-18 Jörg Lehmannok, people were using this ;-) so return item again
2006-05-18 Jörg Lehmanninsert doesn't return the inserted item anymore
2006-05-18 Jörg Lehmannremove set method of canvas
2006-05-18 Jörg Lehmannremove set method of canvas
2006-05-18 André Wobstremove linestyle setting
2006-05-18 Jörg Lehmanndon't use set anymore
2006-05-18 Jörg Lehmanncleanup canvas constructor to not use set anymore