2008-06-06 Michael J Gruber3d function plots3dfunction
2007-10-04 André Wobstsome updates to the webpage
2007-10-04 André Wobstsome adjustments to keep support for a broad range...
2007-10-04 André Wobstremove the now old new and changed marks
2007-10-03 André Wobstbump version number
2007-10-03 André Wobstset svn:ignore property
2007-10-03 André Wobstadd 3d graph examples
2007-10-03 André Wobstupdate changes and the manual
2007-10-03 André Wobstmake it easier to disable x2 and y2
2007-10-03 André Wobstlist->points renaming
2007-10-03 André Wobstupdate 3d example to new graphxyz
2007-10-03 André Wobstlist->points renaming
2007-10-03 André Wobstupdate functional tests (list->points, some 3d updates)
2007-10-03 André Wobstremove non-used kwargs
2007-10-03 André Wobstseparate gridpos and use needsdata and providesdata...
2007-10-03 AndWobstmake key working in 3d graph
2007-10-03 André Wobstsmall updates to some unit tests
2007-10-03 André Wobstlightning and grid support on surface; cleanups
2007-10-03 André Wobstadd vcap_pt for 3d graph
2007-10-02 André Wobstfurther 3d work
2007-09-28 André Wobstimplement central and parallel projection in 3d graphs...
2007-09-26 André Wobstlists renaming and values class
2007-09-26 André Wobstsubmit some pending addition before changing other...
2007-09-26 André Wobstfix missing range rating (broken by changeset 2592)
2007-08-22 Gert Ingoldcorrected a couple of typos
2007-08-02 And Wobstadd some info on temp files posted lately to the pyx...
2007-08-02 André Wobstremove automatic mkhowto link-creation -- it seems...
2007-07-23 And Wobstcorrect poscolumnnames access
2007-07-23 André Wobstbugfix: axis range adjustment in range style
2007-07-23 André Wobstcorrect subdomain
2007-07-21 Michael Schindlerfixed two typos
2007-07-21 André Wobstimplement impulses style; histogram fromvalue axis...
2007-07-20 André Wobstadd some changes comments to the recent checkins
2007-07-20 André Wobstconvenience methods for css-like color specification...
2007-07-20 André Wobstsupport zero-length normsubpaths
2007-07-20 André Wobstsource format
2007-07-20 André Wobstadd missing glyph resolution in t1seacs updatepath
2007-04-29 Michael Schindlerchanged a dangerous handling of default parameters...
2007-04-27 Michael Schindleradded another texmessage parser
2007-04-24 Michael Schindlerimproved the slanting of fonts
2007-04-21 Gert Ingoldcorrected incorrect "correction"
2007-04-21 Gert Ingoldcorrected typo spotted by Alejandro Gaita-Arinyo
2007-04-19 Michael Schindlerimplemented font slanting via
2007-04-19 Michael Schindleradded a tool to track problems with the PyX--TeX commun...
2007-03-06 Michael Schindleradded __truediv__ methods according to PEP 238 -- this...
2007-03-06 Michael Schindlera path tangent now defaults to a length of 1 cm --...
2007-02-23 Michael Schindlerfixed two typos
2007-02-03 Jörg Lehmanntimeaxis.timetick doesn't work
2007-02-02 Michael Schindlerchanged my www address
2007-01-13 Michael Schindlerchanged the re pattern to match filestrings enclosed...
2006-11-15 Michael Schindleradjust the return values of the rgb() cmyk() etc methods
2006-09-18 André Wobstadd news about the font talk at dante mv 35
2006-09-18 Jörg Lehmannadd new item regarding PyXPlot published a coupled...
2006-09-17 Jörg Lehmannadd todo for example as suggested by Simon Burton
2006-09-15 André Wobstextend the logarithmic parter to calculate automatic...
2006-09-14 Jörg Lehmann- be more verbose when errors in fontmapping files...
2006-08-16 André Wobstadd arrowpos to the arrow style of the graph
2006-08-16 André Wobstadd mesh plotting functionality and use this functional...
2006-08-16 André Wobstsome notes about missing bitmap functionality and strea...
2006-08-10 André Wobstdoplot method (to be called with a plotitem) to alter...
2006-08-10 André Wobstoptional textdx/textdy columns to the text style added
2006-07-24 Jörg Lehmannmake fix portable to Python 2.1
2006-07-22 Jörg Lehmanndon't change order of attrs passed to canvas constructo...
2006-07-21 Michael Schindleradded protocol for the meeting Wobst, Schindler: path...
2006-07-20 Michael Schindlerfixed a typo
2006-07-20 Michael Schindlercreate mkhowto link automatically
2006-07-20 André Wobstsome work on the surface style: use epsilon when calcul...
2006-07-20 Michael Schindlerfixed a raw string
2006-07-20 André Wobstadd multichangeattr
2006-07-20 rg Lehmannfix double titles in graphs
2006-07-02 rg Lehmannkleine Verbesserungen, und ein Kommentar
2006-07-02 Jörg Lehmannremove check for old version now that PyX 0.9 has been...
2006-06-29 rg Lehmannreshuffle TODO
2006-06-26 André Wobstnote on ctypes and libkpathsea
2006-06-26 André Wobstdo not indicate color on invalid points
2006-06-26 André Wobstfix palette to gradient renaming
2006-06-26 André Wobstbring back some first preliminary graphxyz code
2006-06-24 Gert Ingoldcorrected typo
2006-06-23 Jörg Lehmannadd TODO
2006-06-20 Jörg Lehmann- renamed: palette->gradient, functionpalette->function...
2006-06-20 Jörg Lehmannimprove names
2006-06-17 André Wobstcorrect indentation
2006-06-17 André Wobstkeep a copy of the image instance to ensure different...
2006-06-15 Jörg Lehmannfix very old typo
2006-06-15 Jörg Lehmannadd a suggestion for the graph code
2006-06-15 Jörg Lehmannsmall reminder
2006-06-09 André Wobstthere was no real discussion
2006-06-09 Jörg Lehmannadd Michael to web page
2006-06-08 André Wobstremove a spurious epsilon parameter
2006-06-08 André Wobstrestore an old version of the parallel deformer .....
2006-06-07 André Wobstsolver example
2006-05-29 Gert IngoldwritePSfile is similar to writeEPSfile, not to writePSfile
2006-05-25 André Wobstnewline preamble problem
2006-05-24 André Wobstadd an example todo (suggested by Stathis Sideris)
2006-05-24 André Wobstdon't use the mktuple construct anymore (reported by...
2006-05-24 André Wobstadd gallery, don't include .svn stuff from contrib
2006-05-24 André Wobsttype and a todo
2006-05-24 André Wobstprepare for 0.9 release: bump version number, final...
2006-05-24 André Wobstadjust some copyright dates according to diffs to previ...
2006-05-24 André Wobstadd example documentation to the split axes