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descriptionMichael J Gruber's PyX tree
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This repo hosts my humble attempts at contributing to PyX.
23 months ago applied/deco-text-shift-normal
23 months ago applied/mathjax-update
2 years ago applied/plotitem-fix
2 years ago applied/curvedtext-gallery
2 years ago applied/curvedtext
2 years ago curvedtext-v3@3223
2 years ago applied/epsfile-filelocator-fix
2 years ago applied/pyxgraphics-fix
2 years ago applied/epsfile-filelocator
2 years ago applied/arrow-poscorr
2 years ago applied/PIL-open-load
3 years ago applied/dvifile-ttf
3 years ago applied/divide-lengths
3 years ago applied/surface-color
3 years ago applied/epsfile-kpsea
3 years ago applied/mathpazo-bug
22 months ago arrow-arclenpos
22 months ago arrow-without-extrapolation
22 months ago deco-insert
23 months ago predictable-arrow-pos
2 years ago epsfile_hresbbox
5 years ago wrappedindocument_args
5 years ago 3dfunction
7 years ago halign_linebreak
7 years ago translatable-canvas