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This is almost a straight conversion with standard layout (trunk, branches, tags) ignoring the superfluous "pyx" level beneath. The "tag branches" are converted into proper tag objects, preserving author, name and message of the "tag branch creating" commit. If you want a clone with git-svn capabilities (git-svn's log, proplist, dcommit etc.) do the following:
git clone git://
cd PyX
git svn init --prefix=origin/ --trunk=trunk/pyx --branches='branches/*/pyx'
On the first "git svn log" run the necessary metadata will be rebuilt without fetching individual svn revisions.
2018-03-29 André Wobstprevent double call of _cleanup, which harms usefiles... mastertrunk
2018-03-29 André Wobstfix cross-device link error
2017-07-01 André Wobstremove old and unused png conversion of a pattern with...
2017-05-17 André Wobstrefer to instead of importing open from...
2016-07-15 André Wobstfix typo: ItalicAngles -> ItalicAngle (thanks to Ross...
2016-07-10 André Wobstuse integers in auto-guessed font descriptors to preven...
2016-07-10 André Wobstreactivate the pfb to pfa fallback (was likely checked...
2016-07-10 André Wobstsome initial version of a UnicodeText processor
2016-07-09 André Wobstnew non-ASCII TeX encoding example, some simplification...
2016-05-07 André Wobstadd support for virtual fonts in virtual fonts
2016-02-13 André Wobstimprove error handling when input cannot be encoded...
2016-01-26 André Wobstimprove description as suggested by Michael J Gruber
2015-11-02 André Wobstfix upload description on the websitepyx_0_14_1
2015-11-02 André Wobstadd news item for the new release
2015-11-02 André Wobstsome updates to the website to reflect the new download...
2015-11-02 André Wobstadd release to calendar
2 years ago pyx_0_14_1@3671 tagging 0.14.1
2 years ago pyx_0_14_1 tagging 0.14.1
3 years ago pyx_0_14 tagging 0.14
4 years ago pyx_0_13 tagging 0.13
5 years ago pyx_0_12_1@3339
5 years ago pyx_0_12_1 fix directory layout of tagging dir
5 years ago pyx_0_12_1@3338 tagging 0.12.1
5 years ago pyx_0_12 tagging 0.12
7 years ago pyx_0_11_1 tagging 0.11.1
7 years ago pyx_0_11 tagging release 0.11 again from...
7 years ago pyx_0_11@3129 tagging release 0.11
10 years ago pyx_0_10 tagging 0.10
12 years ago pyx_0_9 tagging 0.9
12 years ago pyx_0_8_1 This commit was manufactured by...
12 years ago pyx_0_8 This commit was manufactured by...
13 years ago pyx_0_7_1 This commit was manufactured by...
2 months ago trunk
2 months ago master
4 years ago py2
4 years ago py2@3424
4 years ago _py2
4 years ago trunk@3422
4 years ago trunk@3421
4 years ago py2@3423
4 years ago py3k
13 years ago pyx_0_6_patches
15 years ago pyx_0_3_patches
15 years ago pyx_0_2_patches
15 years ago pyx_0_1_patches
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