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This is almost a straight conversion with standard layout (trunk, branches, tags) ignoring the superfluous "pyx" level beneath. The "tag branches" are converted into proper tag objects, preserving author, name and message of the "tag branch creating" commit. If you want a clone with git-svn capabilities (git-svn's log, proplist, dcommit etc.) do the following:
git clone git://
cd PyX
git svn init --prefix=origin/ --trunk=trunk/pyx --branches='branches/*/pyx'
On the first "git svn log" run the necessary metadata will be rebuilt without fetching individual svn revisions.
2013-07-13 André Wobstraise proper exceptionmastertrunk
2013-07-13 André Wobstadd curved text functional test
2013-07-13 André Wobstremove the replace feature and construct the curved...
2013-07-13 Jörg Lehmannimprove comment
2013-07-13 André Wobsthandle trafo and clip separately in constructor and...
2013-07-13 Jörg Lehmannmake signature of new non-canvasitems processXXX method...
2013-07-13 Jörg Lehmannfillrules are now fillstyles and handled within the...
2013-07-13 Jörg Lehmannadd common base class for styles
2013-07-13 Jörg Lehmannadd identity instance to trafo
2013-07-13 André Wobstapply transformations to markers
2013-07-13 André Wobstmake divisor=1 a noop
2013-07-12 Jörg Lehmanntrafos and styles are no longer canvasitems
2013-07-12 Jörg Lehmannchange special handling for transformations and colors...
2013-07-12 Jörg Lehmannchange layer call to new signature
2013-07-12 André Wobstremove the before and after arguments of insert
2013-07-12 André Wobstfix axis vs. axes typo in graph layer names
2 years ago pyx_0_12_1 fix directory layout of tagging dir
2 years ago pyx_0_12_1@3338 tagging 0.12.1
2 years ago pyx_0_12 tagging 0.12
4 years ago pyx_0_11_1 tagging 0.11.1
4 years ago pyx_0_11 tagging release 0.11 again from...
4 years ago pyx_0_11@3129 tagging release 0.11
7 years ago pyx_0_10 tagging 0.10
9 years ago pyx_0_9 tagging 0.9
9 years ago pyx_0_8_1 This commit was manufactured by...
9 years ago pyx_0_8 This commit was manufactured by...
10 years ago pyx_0_7_1 This commit was manufactured by...
10 years ago pyx_0_7 This commit was manufactured by...
11 years ago faq06c This commit was manufactured by...
11 years ago faq063b This commit was manufactured by...
11 years ago faq063a This commit was manufactured by...
11 years ago pyx_0_6_3 This commit was manufactured by...
23 months ago py3k
23 months ago master
23 months ago trunk
10 years ago pyx_0_6_patches
12 years ago pyx_0_3_patches
12 years ago pyx_0_2_patches
12 years ago pyx_0_1_patches
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