descriptionSimple testbed for Lisp Powered OpenGL
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ECLs embedded in G3D

2009-03-02 unknownPoint entity works. Default colours are sensible.master
2009-02-22 John ConnorsGot rid of non platform specific SConstruct
2009-02-21 unknownTidying up win32 build
2009-02-18 unknownCompiles
2009-02-18 unknownNearly compiles
2009-02-18 unknownAdding triangle entity
2009-02-16 unknownExposing entity movement to ecl
2009-02-16 unknownAdded turtle style commands for entities
2009-02-10 unknownMasking fpes
2009-02-05 unknownChanges to toplevel lisp loop
2009-02-05 unknownMerge git+ssh://
2009-02-05 unknownWorks under windows with ECL-8.12.0
2008-12-26 John ConnorsTested on Linux with ecl-0.9l and G3D 7.xx
2008-08-12 unknownRuns on Win again. Adding platform specific build scripts
2008-08-11 John ConnorsAdding C++ wrapper
2008-08-11 John ConnorsSimple debugging
6 years ago master