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last changeFri, 10 Jul 2009 00:32:00 +0000 (10 00:32 +0000)
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Direct conversion from PostgreSQL CVS
2009-07-10 tglFix xslt_process() to ensure that it inserts a NULL... master
2009-07-08 tglRemove no-longer-necessary transmission of postmaster...
2009-07-08 heikkiNeed to use pg_perm_setlocale when setting LC_CTYPE...
2009-07-08 tglAdd missing HOUR TO SECOND option to list of possible...
2009-07-08 petereWhen calling unsupported "make check" with a pgxs modul...
2009-07-07 tglJust a little more schema-qualification ...
2009-07-07 peterepsql backward compatibility fix
2009-07-07 tglDon't use 'return' where you should use 'PG_RETURN_xxx'.
2009-07-07 tglQuery in SQL function still not schema-safe; add a...
2009-07-07 petereSort child tables by name instead of OID in \d+ display
2009-07-07 tglFix typo in comment.
2009-07-07 petereMore sensible character_octet_length
2009-07-07 tglCode review for patch to show definition of index colum...
2009-07-06 tglUse floor() not rint() when reducing precision of fract...
2009-07-06 heikkiFix ancient bug in handling of to_char modifier 'TH...
2009-07-06 tglFix set_append_rel_pathlist() to deal intelligently...
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