OpenFOAM release notes for version 1.5

Table of Contents

1 Overview

OpenFOAM-1.5 is is a significant upgrade to version 1.4 in ways which are outlined below. This release passes all our standard tests and the tutorials have been broadly checked. If there are any bugs, please report them using the instructions set out in:

Most of the developments for this release are in: new applications, e.g. for multiphase flow and cavitation, buoyancy-flow and heat transfer, high speed flows and even molecular dynamics; new utilities, e.g. for meshing and case monitoring; and, new modelling, e.g. in Lagrangian particle tracking, radiation and rotating frames of reference. With these new applications come numerous new example cases.

2 GNU/Linux version

The 64bit binary packs of the OpenFOAM release were compiled on a machine running SuSE GNU/Linux version 10.3 and the 32bit on a machine running Ubuntu GNU/Linux version 7.1 and also tested on Ubuntu 8.04. We recommend that users run OpenFOAM on one of these or a similar recent version of GNU/Linux. This release has also been successfully compiled and tested on older GNU/Linux releases but this requires the installation of Qt 4.3.? for ParaView-3 to run.

3 C++ Compiler version

4 Developments to solvers (applications)

5 Automatic mesher

New snappyHexMesh utility that generates split-hex meshes automatically from triangulated (STL) surface geometries. The mesh approximately conforms to the surface by iteratively refining a starting mesh and morphing the resulting split-hex mesh to the surface. An optional phase will shrink back the resulting mesh and insert cell layers. It has a flexible specification of mesh refinement level and robust surface handling with a pre-specified final mesh quality. It runs in parallel with a load balancing step every iteration.

6 Developments to utilities

7 Migration from ParaView 2.4 to ParaView 3.x

8 Model development

9 New functionObjects

To aid common monitoring and post-processing activities.

10 Improvements to boundary conditions

11 Other

Date: 14 July 2008

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