2008-12-14 Duke LetoFix POD rendering of Changes file and version bump0.16
2008-12-13 Duke LetoImplemented swap() for VecorComplex objects
2008-12-13 Duke LetoRefactor Math::GSL::Test and fix Test::Builder levels
2008-12-10 Duke LetoUpdate KNOWN_BUGS, Changes, etc
2008-12-10 Duke LetoAttempt to fix failing test on darwin/ppc
2008-12-09 Thierry MoisanOverloading multiplication for matrices (not dot product)
2008-12-09 Thierry MoisanUpdating the Changes file
2008-12-08 Duke LetoReformatting Matrix tests and pod
2008-12-07 Duke LetoMerge branch 'bleed' of into...
2008-12-07 Thierry MoisanAdding addition and substraction of matrices using...
2008-12-07 Thierry MoisanFix a typo in a variable name in an error message from...
2008-12-07 Thierry MoisanRemoving a line from pod/Histogram2D.pod which created...
2008-12-05 Duke LetoUpdate Changes, TODO and KNOWN_BUGS
2008-12-05 Duke LetoGet rid of some references to non-complex functions...
2008-12-05 Duke LetoUpdate Changes
2008-12-05 Duke LetoAdd back configures entry for ExtUtils::PkgConfig and... 0.15_05
2008-12-05 Duke LetoDelete incorrect test that intermittently fails (Yay)
2008-12-05 Duke LetoAdd configure_requires to fix RT#40947
2008-12-05 Duke LetoAdded is_status_ok() to Math::GSL::Test and refactor...
2008-12-05 Duke LetoAdd reverse() to Math::GSL::VectorComplex objects with...
2008-12-05 Duke LetoUpdate Changes
2008-12-05 Duke LetoFix # of VectorComplex tests and make ok_status(,,...
2008-12-05 Duke LetoVectorComplex now has raw(), get() and as_list(), which...
2008-11-30 Duke LetoFix MANIFEST and make distribution tests pass0.15_04
2008-11-30 Duke LetoHopefully prevent swig from running in CPAN releases
2008-11-30 Duke LetoUpdate MANIFESTs and meta
2008-11-30 Duke LetoChanged the place where list of subsystems is stored...
2008-11-28 Duke LetoUpdate MANIFEST(.SKIP)
2008-11-28 Duke LetoUpdate META, TODO and created KNOWN_BUGS
2008-11-28 Duke LetoRefactor the rest of the tests to add # of tests and...
2008-11-27 Duke LetoEven more test # refactoring
2008-11-27 Duke LetoContinuing to add # of tests and refactoring tests
2008-11-27 Duke LetoAdd number of tests to various test files
2008-11-27 Duke LetoVarious VectorComplex tidbits
2008-11-26 Duke LetoDebugging for Thierry's build bug
2008-11-23 Duke LetoAdditional tests for retrieving elements of complex...
2008-11-23 Duke LetoFix references to Matrix in MatrixComplex POD
2008-11-23 Duke LetoAdd support for creating VectorComplex objects with...
2008-11-22 Duke LetoPortability fix in cleanup
2008-11-22 Duke LetoBasic tests for MatrixComplex
2008-11-22 Duke LetoFix dependence and cleanup in Build.PL
2008-11-22 Duke LetoDuh
2008-11-22 Duke LetoAdd .gitignore to xs/
2008-11-22 Duke LetoRefactor and kill duplicated code in Build.PL and
2008-11-22 Duke LetoFix references to Vector in VectorComplex POD and fix...
2008-11-22 Duke LetoFix Manifest
2008-11-22 Duke LetoAdd some # of tests and todo-ify FFT test
2008-11-18 Duke LetoValiant refactor that still doesn't fix the problem
2008-11-18 Duke LetoImprove build system depsite one failing test
2008-11-17 Duke LetoBraking stuff even more
2008-11-16 Duke LetoFailing at making (Vector|Matrix)Complex
2008-11-16 Duke LetoUpdate meta
2008-11-16 Duke LetoAdd test stubs for MatrixComplex and VectorComplex
2008-11-16 Duke LetoMerge branch 'bleed' of ssh://
2008-11-16 Duke LetoFix typo in BSpline and give better error msg in GSLBuilder
2008-11-16 Jonathan LetoMerge branch 'bleed' of ssh://
2008-11-16 Jonathan LetoAdd simple aliased example
2008-11-16 Duke LetoImprove nonsymmetric matrix examples
2008-11-16 Duke LetoFiddle with Eigen+FFT tests and add nonsymmetric eigenv...
2008-11-14 Duke LetoFix metadata
2008-11-14 Duke LetoFinish pod separation and add stub tests for remaining...
2008-11-14 Duke LetoBreak out POD to separate files for BLAS through Eigen
2008-11-14 Duke LetoRefactor pod out of interface file for Sum, touchups...
2008-11-02 Duke LetoRefactor Deriv and Build.PL
2008-11-02 Duke LetoDot product speed up
2008-11-01 Duke LetoVersion bump and MANIFEST fix
2008-11-01 Duke LetoReorganizizing: Part 1
2008-11-01 Duke LetoRefactor some Vector tests to use copy() and such
2008-11-01 Duke LetoOverloading subtraction for vectors and add copy()...
2008-11-01 Duke LetoOverload subtraction in Vector
2008-10-29 Duke LetoRefactor and add a few more tests for overloaded vectors
2008-10-29 Duke LetoFix problem where overloaded vector ops modified in...
2008-10-29 Duke LetoFallback is back
2008-10-28 Thierry Moisan* Adding the overloading operator for the addition...
2008-10-23 Duke LetoAdd typemaps to Complex subsystem
2008-10-22 Duke LetoVersion bump
2008-10-22 Duke LetoWavelet2D needed stuff
2008-10-20 Duke LetoStats POD fixes
2008-10-20 Thierry MoisanAdding an example taken from the GSL doc and adding...
2008-10-19 Thierry MoisanAdding documentation for all function in Statistics...
2008-10-18 Duke LetoReformatted FFT docs, changed signature of verify(...
2008-10-17 Duke LetoIndeed it does.
2008-10-17 Duke LetoIt works better when you plug it in
2008-10-17 Duke LetoPossible fix for AMD 64bit build problems
2008-10-16 Duke LetoMore docs for Math::GSL::Test
2008-10-15 Duke LetoPOD for Math::GSL::Test
2008-10-15 Duke LetoRefactor Poly tests and fiddle with interface for retur...
2008-10-15 Duke LetoRefactor/Reformat Statistics tests
2008-10-15 Duke LetoFix Statistics tests to use ok_similar() and ok_similar...
2008-10-15 Duke LetoFix up_to_date check that I broke. Thank you git log...
2008-10-14 Duke LetoRefactor Eigen tests and add warn to ok_similar() when...
2008-10-14 Duke LetoSomething is up with up_to_date
2008-10-14 Duke LetoDisabling SWIG in that manner did not work
2008-10-14 Duke LetoBLAS fixes for 64bit and retabification
2008-10-13 Thierry MoisanAdding documentation for some FFT functions, an example...
2008-10-12 Duke LetoAdding basic FFT example
2008-10-12 Duke LetoPrevent accidentally trying to call SWIG from a CPAN... 0.13_02
2008-10-12 Duke LetoFixing stuff
2008-10-12 Duke LetoGet rid of GSL.i
2008-10-12 Jonathan LetoMore Integration docs