2008-09-14 Jonathan LetoAdding these temporarily to debug a problem with is_up_... 0.12
2008-09-13 Jonathan LetoMerge branch 'bleed' of into...
2008-09-12 Jonathan LetoMerge branch 'bleed' of ssh://
2008-09-12 Jonathan LetoUpdate TODO and Changes
2008-09-12 Jonathan LetoRemove META.yml and Makefile.PL from git, they are...
2008-09-12 Jonathan Letoupdate meta
2008-09-12 Jonathan LetoUpdate Changes and version bump
2008-09-12 Jonathan LetoMake non-darwins work again
2008-09-12 Jonathan LetoMake darwin support not broke non-darwin support
2008-09-12 Jonathan LetoDarwin support!
2008-09-12 Jonathan LetoFix warning in Bulid.PL and get rid of cruft
2008-09-12 Jonathan LetoRefactor GSLBuilder some more
2008-09-11 Jonathan LetoRefactor GSLBuilder
2008-09-11 Jonathan LetoAdd GSLBuilder
2008-09-11 Jonathan LetoMake Module::Build subclass a home
2008-09-10 Jonathan LetoMerge branch 'bleed' of ssh://
2008-09-10 Jonathan LetoUpdate TODO
2008-09-10 Thierry MoisanLittles changes to the Integration doc
2008-09-10 Jonathan LetoUpdate meta
2008-09-10 Jonathan LetoInitial version of gsl_repl, the seed of a computer...
2008-09-09 Jonathan LetoRefactor Integration tests
2008-09-09 Thierry MoisanAdding a few tests to Roots.t
2008-09-09 Thierry MoisanAdding tests, documentation and typemaps to the Integra...
2008-09-08 Jonathan LetoRefactor gsl_typemaps.i
2008-09-08 Jonathan LetoRefactor Vector
2008-09-07 Jonathan LetoMake chart example more better
2008-09-07 Jonathan LetoAdd example with Chart::Clicker
2008-09-07 Jonathan LetoRefactor Integration tests and add one
2008-09-07 Jonathan LetoAdd Integration tests for infinite intervals and singul...
2008-09-06 Jonathan LetoIntegration POD
2008-09-06 Jonathan LetoSort POD improvements
2008-09-06 Jonathan LetoRefactor/simply bessel example and update Changes
2008-09-05 Jonathan LetoSkip stringy-nan test on windows
2008-09-05 Jonathan LetoGet rid of mixed declaration warnings
2008-09-05 Jonathan LetoBetter error reporting when fail to find a callback
2008-09-05 Jonathan Letoupdate meta
2008-09-05 Jonathan LetoSupport for compiling on 1.8 . Tests are a different...
2008-09-05 Jonathan LetoTry to get multithreaded perls to build by adding ...
2008-09-05 Jonathan LetoBegin backport to GSL 1.8
2008-09-05 Jonathan LetoUpdate benchmark info in light of more benchmark data
2008-09-04 Thierry MoisanFinishing the Sort functions documentation and adding...
2008-09-04 Jonathan LetoFix compile error in gsl_typemaps.i
2008-09-03 Jonathan LetoFFT typemap and test
2008-09-03 Jonathan LetoMultiroots tests and typemaps
2008-09-03 Jonathan LetoMore NAN on Windows fixes care of Sisyphus
2008-09-02 Jonathan LetoRefactor ODEIV tests
2008-09-02 Jonathan LetoSort numerically, not asciibetically
2008-09-01 Jonathan LetoMake callbacks work for Roots subsystem and add some...
2008-09-01 Jonathan LetoAnother gsl_integration_qags test
2008-09-01 Jonathan LetoRefactor callbacks into gsl_typemaps.i and Integration...
2008-09-01 Jonathan LetoAdd tests for gsl_deriv_(forward|backward)
2008-09-01 Jonathan LetoMake callbacks work for gsl_deriv_central. Yay!
2008-08-31 Jonathan LetoAdd gsl_sort example
2008-08-31 Jonathan LetoApply nan/inf handling patch from Sisyphus
2008-08-31 Jonathan LetoMove tests out of lib/Math/GSL/*/ into t/*.t...
2008-08-31 Jonathan LetoUpdate META.yml
2008-08-31 Jonathan LetoHousekeeping
2008-08-31 Jonathan LetoMerge PowInt test files
2008-08-31 Jonathan LetoRefactor sort benchmark to use rand() data also
2008-08-31 Jonathan LetoTypemap and tests for gsl_sort_vector_(largest|smallest...
2008-08-31 Jonathan LetoRefactor sort benchmark script
2008-08-31 Jonathan Letoadd sort benchmark
2008-08-31 Jonathan LetoTypemap and tests for gsl_sort_(smallest|largest)_index()
2008-08-31 Jonathan LetoStrip binaries on Windows and added typemaps to support...
2008-08-31 Jonathan LetoFixed sort tests with a typemap
2008-08-30 Jonathan LetoUse proper test level in ok_similar_relative()
2008-08-30 Thierry MoisanAdding two failing tests to Sort and a typemap
2008-08-30 Thierry MoisanAdding more tests and including the gsl_typemaps.i...
2008-08-30 Jonathan LetoProperly commit Math::GSL::Test
2008-08-30 Jonathan LetoFix POD
2008-08-30 Jonathan LetoRemoved testing functions from Math::GSL and created...
2008-08-30 Jonathan LetoRefactor BLAS and Eigen tests
2008-08-30 Jonathan LetoUpdate META.yml
2008-08-30 Jonathan LetoFixed test level in custom ok_* functions, and refactor...
2008-08-30 Jonathan LetoFiddling with Eigen tests some more
2008-08-30 Jonathan LetoFix an Eigen test
2008-08-30 Jonathan LetoWork on failing CBLAS test
2008-08-26 Jonathan LetoBasic Multiroots tests
2008-08-26 Jonathan LetoBasic Monte tests
2008-08-24 Jonathan LetoGet rid of warnings in test suite. Yay.
2008-08-24 Jonathan Letoversion bump
2008-08-24 Jonathan Letois_windows() gets the Wilhelm Speedup and convert f...
2008-08-22 Thierry MoisanAdding tests to Combination with two failing and some...
2008-08-21 Jonathan LetoMerge branch 'bleed' of into...
2008-08-21 Jonathan Letoadd gsl_stats correlation example
2008-08-21 Thierry MoisanFinishing to add test to Statistics coming from the...
2008-08-20 Jonathan Letoversion bump
2008-08-20 Jonathan LetoMake Makefile.PL check for Extutils::PkgConfig just...
2008-08-19 Jonathan LetoUpdate TODO
2008-08-19 Jonathan LetoIt turns out that gsl_vector_set_* functions return...
2008-08-18 Thierry MoisanAdding some missing constants in the ok_status tests...
2008-08-18 Jonathan Letoversion bump
2008-08-18 Jonathan Letoversion bump
2008-08-17 Jonathan LetoFix fclose() issue and properly disable NTuple
2008-08-17 Jonathan LetoFiddle with NTuple some more...
2008-08-17 Jonathan Letoversion bump
2008-08-17 Jonathan LetoAdd ExtUtils::PkgConfig guard for CPANtesters, add...
2008-08-16 Jonathan LetoFix the fopen/fclose issue in a better way
2008-08-16 Jonathan LetoFix fopen/fclose issue
2008-08-16 Thierry MoisanChanging the fopen function in docs for gsl_fopen