2010-05-18 Duke LetoBump minor revision again, prepping for CPAN test releasemaster
2010-05-18 Duke LetoAdd a 'Compiling Issues' section to the main Math:...
2010-05-18 Duke LetoBump minor version number
2010-05-17 Duke LetoComment out some more free() calls, which need to be...
2010-04-20 Duke LetoTrade memory leaks for segfaults
2010-03-10 Duke LetoInclude gsl_strerror from Errno in Vector
2010-03-09 Duke LetoGive Thierry proper credit
2010-03-09 Duke LetoUpdate the Changes file for 0.21 and improve .gitignore
2010-03-09 Duke LetoReformat some code in Vector and only import what we...
2010-03-09 Duke LetoMerge branch 'master' into bleed
2010-03-09 Duke LetoMake error slightly better when cannot create system.i
2009-12-01 Jakob IlvesAdded myself to the CREDITS file (after Jonathan Leto...
2009-12-01 Jakob IlvesIn instantiation of GSLBuilder in Build.PL, the value...
2009-11-23 Pjotr PrinsTypo
2009-11-23 moisanFix typos of lenght to length in Vector.pod
2009-11-23 moisanAdd == and != operators to Vector
2009-11-23 Thierry MoisanFix hypergeometric functions not included in SF
2009-05-30 Duke LetoFix incorrect cast in typemap in Sort.i
2009-05-27 Duke LetoGet rid of junk in QRNG typemap which got pulled in...
2009-05-27 Duke Letofix sort typemaps treating size_t's like NV's
2009-05-27 Duke LetoRevert 12da081
2009-05-27 Duke Letomake smoke_some_mathgsl find a perl
2009-05-27 Duke Letomake smoke_some_mathgsl call smolder_mathgsl with the...
2009-05-27 Duke Letomake smoke_some_mathgsl call smolder_mathgsl with the...
2009-05-27 Duke Letomake smolder_mathgsl find a perl
2009-05-27 Duke Letomake smolder_mathgsl find a perl
2009-05-27 Duke Letouse correct smolder_mathgsl binary in smoke_some_mathgsl
2009-05-27 Duke Letouse correct smolder_mathgsl binary in smoke_some_mathgsl
2009-05-27 Duke LetoImprove smoke_some_mathgsl configurability
2009-05-27 Duke LetoImprove smoke_some_mathgsl configurability
2009-05-27 Duke LetoImprove smoke_some_mathgsl
2009-05-27 Duke LetoAppend to PERL5LIB instead of stomping on it in smoke_s...
2009-05-27 Duke LetoUpdate smolder_mathgsl
2009-05-26 Duke LetoImprove smoke_some_mathgsl to make base_dir configurable
2009-05-22 Duke LetoMerge branch 'bleed' of ssh://
2009-05-22 Duke LetoUpdate smolder_mathgsl to use new server
2009-05-21 Duke LetoMerge branch 'danjean' into bleed
2009-05-21 Duke LetoMerge branch 'danjean' of
2009-05-21 Vincent DanjeanRemove previous %apply and %typemap directives
2009-05-21 Vincent Danjeansome field are not correctly managed: mark them
2009-05-21 Vincent DanjeanApply some types
2009-05-21 Vincent DanjeanDo not reinterpret gsl_errno.h in NTuple.i (already...
2009-05-21 Vincent Danjeanignore some symbols for now
2009-05-21 Vincent DanjeanUse Perl arrays for float* arguments in CBLAS routines
2009-05-21 Duke LetoBump version
2009-05-21 Duke LetoMerge branches 'danjean' and 'master' into danjean
2009-05-20 Duke LetoUpdate Copyright years0.20
2009-05-20 Duke LetoBump version, update MANIFEST* and update dev info
2009-05-19 Duke LetoAdd a test for gsl_monte_plain_* and fiddle with Monte...
2009-05-17 Duke LetoMore Monte tests
2009-05-17 Duke LetoImprove Monte typemaps
2009-05-11 Duke LetoGet rid of unused variables in QRNG typemap
2009-05-11 Duke LetoFix bug in gsl_sort_* argout typemaps that were using...
2009-05-11 Duke LetoAdd smolder_smoke_signal in bin/
2009-05-10 Duke LetoAllow passing number of values wanted to $rng->get()
2009-05-09 Duke LetoUpdate META.yml and add osname to smolder tags0.19_03
2009-05-09 Duke Letoupdate Changes and TODO
2009-05-09 Duke LetoAdd some tests to Randist
2009-05-09 Duke LetoImprove NTuple interface and tests
2009-05-09 Duke LetoClean trailing whitespace from NTuple POD
2009-05-09 Duke LetoUpdate KNOWN_BUGS
2009-05-09 Duke LetoMake conversion of "void *ntuple_data" less wrong.
2009-05-09 Duke LetoSlightly better error checking in NTuple.i
2009-05-08 Duke LetoRe-enables NTuple tests, which fail by returning a... ntuple
2009-05-08 Duke Letoupdate KNOWN_BUGS
2009-05-08 Duke LetoAdd mathieu functions to SF export list
2009-05-08 Duke LetoFix conditional inclusion of mathieu function headers
2009-05-08 Duke LetoMerge branch 'master' of git://
2009-05-08 Duke LetoRefactor FFT.t to include number of tests
2009-05-08 Duke LetoFix is_similar -> ok_similar issue
2009-05-08 Duke LetoAdd some stubs to CREDITS
2009-05-07 Duke LetoFix uninitialized value warning in t/SF.t caused by...
2009-05-07 Duke LetoFix some Linalg tests that were doing is_* instead...
2009-05-07 Duke LetoFix call to smolder_smoke_signal so that it chomp(...
2009-05-07 Duke LetoFix ifdef which checks for GSL1.12, again
2009-05-07 Duke LetoMerge branch 'bleed' of ssh://
2009-05-07 Duke LetoFix ifdef which checks for GSL1.12
2009-05-07 Duke LetoFix bug where ./Build clean is run too early in smoke_s...
2009-05-07 Duke LetoImprove smolder_mathgsl and wrapper script smoke_some_m...
2009-05-06 Duke LetoFix "Use of uninitialized value $swig_flags" in Build.PL
2009-05-02 Duke LetoUpdate Changes and add a CREDITS file
2009-05-02 Duke LetoAdd -g to $ccflags and fig $swig_flags bug reported...
2009-05-01 Duke LetoBump version and add preliminary smolder_mathgsl script...
2009-04-24 Duke LetoTODOify tests related to view_array* memory management...
2009-04-24 Duke LetoAllow freearg typemap to free memory correctly, todo...
2009-04-23 Vincent DanjeanAdd documentation/comments into gsl_typemaps.i
2009-04-23 Vincent DanjeanDo not typedef size_t
2009-04-23 Vincent DanjeanBugfix: correction of the preprocessor syntax
2009-04-23 Vincent DanjeanBugfix: gsl_inline.h is in the gsl/ directory
2009-04-23 Vincent DanjeanFix swig flags in case the gsl is installed system...
2009-04-23 Duke LetoUpdate META.yml
2009-04-23 Duke LetoUpdate changes and bump version
2009-04-23 Duke LetoCommenting out freearg typemap on doubles until we...
2009-04-23 Vincent DanjeanFloat, double and size_t can be different types, especi...
2009-04-23 Duke LetoUndo a merge oops
2009-04-23 Vincent DanjeanCorrectly manage callbacks
2009-04-23 Vincent DanjeanRemove fopen/close in VectorComplex
2009-04-16 Duke LetoFix eigenpair() bug and add a test for it
2009-04-13 Duke LetoBump version to 0.19_01 and update Changes
2009-04-13 Duke LetoExperimental callback improvements - keep track of...