2008-11-21 Bjorn WincklerSnapshot 38snapshot-38
2008-11-21 Bjorn WincklerExit if connection becomes invalid
2008-11-17 Ben SchmidtUse default SIGCHLD handler in Vim processes
2008-11-16 Bjorn WincklerNo error message when dropping files (Issue 135)
2008-11-15 Bjorn WincklerSnapshot 37snapshot-37
2008-11-15 Bjorn WincklerAdd Reload/Ignore All buttons to file changed dialog
2008-11-14 Bjorn WincklerExplicitly ignore SIGCHLD to avoid zombies
2008-11-10 Bjorn WincklerMerge branch 'vim'
2008-11-10 Bjorn WincklerMerge commit 'svn-vim' into vim
2008-11-10 edyfoxMerged from the latest developing branch.
2008-11-07 Bjorn WincklerUpdate runtime files
2008-11-07 Bjorn WincklerMerge commit 'svn-vim' into vim
2008-11-06 edyfoxMerged from the latest developing branch.
2008-11-02 edyfoxMerged from the latest developing branch.
2008-11-01 Bjorn WincklerData received from system services replaces selection
2008-10-29 Bjorn WincklerSupport "mvim" script symlinks to [m|g]ex, rmvim
2008-10-29 Bjorn WincklerAdd help on symlinks to "mvim" script
2008-10-29 Bjorn WincklerUpdate help on 'runtimepath'
2008-10-26 Bjorn WincklerFix typo in a comment
2008-10-25 Bjorn WincklerSpeed up live resize
2008-10-25 Bjorn WincklerConnection not in event tracking mode by default
2008-10-25 Bjorn WincklerHelp cleanup
2008-10-25 Bjorn WincklerMore help on menu key equivalents
2008-10-25 Bjorn WincklerAdd help on how to remap Caps Lock to Esc
2008-10-25 Bjorn WincklerRevert "Modifier key sends Esc" related commits
2008-10-18 Bjorn WincklerFix "Special Characters" palette bug
2008-10-18 Bjorn WincklerKeep whole window visible on ":set lines=X columns=Y"
2008-10-18 Bjorn WincklerFix "set lines=999" in .gvimrc
2008-10-18 Bjorn WincklerConstrain window size during live resize
2008-10-18 Bjorn WincklerDelay flushing send queue
2008-10-18 Bjorn WincklerFix computation of zoomed window frame
2008-10-12 Bjorn WincklerTop of window flush with menu bar after zoom
2008-10-12 Jason ForemanEnable basic AppleScript support
2008-10-12 Bjorn WincklerMove window to top of screen if bottom is obscured
2008-10-12 Bjorn WincklerUse option as meta key
2008-10-11 Bjorn WincklerAvoid crash when resizing window
2008-10-04 Bjorn WincklerSnapshot 36snapshot-36
2008-10-04 Bjorn WincklerUpdate credits
2008-10-04 Bjorn WincklerAdd Find & Replace dialog box
2008-10-04 edyfoxMerged from the latest developing branch.
2008-10-03 Bjorn WincklerRemove TODO
2008-10-02 Bjorn WincklerAdd help on "modifier key as Esc"
2008-10-02 Bjorn WincklerAdd preference to change fake Esc modifier key
2008-10-02 Bjorn WincklerModifier key sends Esc
2008-10-02 Jonathon MahAdded dragging to tab bar
2008-10-02 Jonathon MahAdded tool tips for tabs when tab labels are truncated
2008-10-02 Jonathon MahFixed memory leak in -[MMAppController openFiles:withAr...
2008-10-02 Bjorn WincklerDon't drop non-repeating keyboard input
2008-09-28 Bjorn WincklerAdd keyboard shortcuts to help file
2008-09-26 Bjorn WincklerSnapshot 35snapshot-35
2008-09-26 Bjorn WincklerMerge branch 'vim' into master
2008-09-26 Bjorn WincklerUpdate runtime files
2008-09-26 Bjorn WincklerMerge commit 'svn-vim' into vim
2008-09-26 Kaoru YoshidaAdd IM support to ATSUI renderer
2008-09-24 Bjorn WincklerUse -[NSString vimStringSave]
2008-09-21 edyfoxMerged from the latest developing branch.
2008-09-20 Bjorn WincklerPut cursor back on cmdline after Cmd-=
2008-09-19 Bjorn WincklerDon't coalesce scroll wheel events
2008-09-19 Bjorn WincklerFix typos in help
2008-09-19 edyfoxMerged from the latest developing branch.
2008-09-18 edyfoxMerged from the latest developing branch.
2008-09-16 Bjorn WincklerUpdate Credits
2008-09-16 Bjorn WincklerCorrect bug in previous commit
2008-09-16 Bjorn WincklerUpdate fullscreen background color immediately
2008-09-16 Bjorn WincklerFix scrolling bug
2008-09-16 Bjorn WincklerUpdate help file
2008-09-16 Bjorn WincklerSimplify Services menu
2008-09-16 edyfoxMerged from the latest developing branch.
2008-09-15 Ron OlsonAdd "New Document Here" Service
2008-09-13 Bjorn WincklerCmd-. sends interrupt
2008-09-13 Bjorn WincklerDecrease connection polling interval on startup
2008-09-13 Bjorn WincklerCheck for Ctrl-C when gui_mch_update() is called
2008-09-13 Bjorn WincklerIgnore gui_mch_update()
2008-09-13 Bjorn WincklerBe more conservative about flushing output queue
2008-09-13 Bjorn WincklerDo not allow input queue to fill up
2008-09-11 Bjorn WincklerDon't init backend if Vim is about to fork
2008-09-11 Jjgod JiangFix blurry text problem in full screen mode for ATSUI
2008-09-10 edyfoxMerged from the latest developing branch.
2008-09-10 edyfoxMerged from the latest developing branch.
2008-09-08 edyfoxMerged from the latest developing branch.
2008-09-02 edyfoxMerged from the latest developing branch.
2008-08-26 Bjorn WincklerCmd-E copies selection to Find pasteboard but does...
2008-08-25 edyfoxMerged from the latest developing branch.
2008-08-24 Bjorn WincklerEnsure order of files to open is not affected by 'suffixes'
2008-08-24 Nico WeberFix problems with 'fullscreen' and :mksession
2008-08-24 Bjorn WincklerUpdate help on mvim:// URL handler
2008-08-24 Bjorn WincklerMerge branch 'vim'
2008-08-24 Bjorn WincklerMerge commit 'svn-vim' into vim
2008-08-23 Bjorn WincklerMake "Save changes" dialog conform to Apple HIG
2008-08-23 Bjorn WincklerAdd "line" and "column" support to mvim:// URL handler
2008-08-23 Bjorn WincklerAdd option to hide MacVim when last window closes
2008-08-22 Bjorn WincklerTry to ensure new windows open with bottom edge visible...
2008-08-22 Bjorn WincklerSort files opened from Finder
2008-08-21 Bjorn WincklerNow works to use :maca on VimLeave auto command
2008-08-21 Bjorn WincklerUpdate 'go' help on 'T' option
2008-08-21 Bjorn WincklerUpdate Appcast
2008-08-18 Nico WeberAdd support for mvim:// URL handler
2008-08-18 edyfoxMerged from the latest developing branch.
2008-08-16 Bjorn WincklerSnapshot 34snapshot-34
2008-08-16 Bjorn WincklerReorder preferences panel