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MuldeR's Utilities for Qt
13 days ago LoRd_MuldeRUpdated list of known hosts.master
13 days ago LoRd_MuldeRRe-gen docs.
2017-05-05 LoRd_MuldeRUpdated the mirror URL.
2017-04-20 LoRd_MuldeRSwitch to using QAtomicInc instead of "volatile" flags...
2017-04-19 LoRd_MuldeRSwitch to using QAtomicInc instead of "volatile" flags...
2017-04-18 LoRd_MuldeRSome code refactoring.
2017-04-16 LoRd_MuldeRFixed possible stack overflow in CPUFetaures::detect...
2017-04-09 LoRd_MuldeRAdded option for creating "pretty" file names to clean_...
2017-04-07 LoRd_MuldeRUpdateChecker: Use MCat tool instead of NC for connecti...
2017-04-01 LoRd_MuldeRSmall tweak of initial connection timeout.
2017-03-29 LoRd_MuldeRUpdate checker: Try first couple of mirrors in "quick...
2017-03-28 LoRd_MuldeRSome code clean-up + make it possible to cancel UpdateC...
2017-03-27 LoRd_MuldeRSome improvements to connectivity check: Start with...
2017-03-03 LoRd_MuldeRAdded functions for "high DPI" support.
2017-01-14 LoRd_MuldeRUpdated list of update mirrors.
2017-01-08 LoRd_MuldeRSome documentation updates.
5 months ago v1.07 Version 1.07 is released.
17 months ago v1.06 Version 1.06 is released.
19 months ago v1.05 Version 1.05 is released.
2 years ago v1.02 Version 1.02 is released.
13 days ago master