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descriptionVDPAU for FFmpeg
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1) Documentation

* Read the documentation in the doc/ directory.

2) Licensing

* Read the file COPYING.LGPL. FFmpeg and the associated libraries EXCEPT
  for libpostproc and libswscale are licensed under the GNU Lesser General
  Public License.

* libpostproc and libswscale are distributed under the GNU General Public
  License, see the file COPYING.GPL for details. Their compilation and use
  in FFmpeg is optional.

* The file libavcodec/i386/idct_mmx.c is distributed under the GNU General
  Public License. It is strictly an optimization and its use is optional.

* The file libavcodec/ac3dec.c is distributed under the GNU General Public
  License.  In order for (E-)AC-3 decoding to work you need to enable GPL

* The file libavdevice/x11grab.c is distributed under the GNU General
  Public License. X11 grabbing is optional.

* The files libavcodec/jfdctfst.c, libavcodec/jfdctint.c, libavcodec/jrevdct.c
  are taken from libjpeg, see the top of the files for licensing details.

* The file libavcodec/fdctref.c is copyrighted by the MPEG Software Simulation
  Group with all rights reserved. It is only used to create a DCT test program
  and not compiled into libavcodec.
2008-11-24 Alex ConverseMerge branch 'mirror' into vdpauvdpau
2008-11-24 mrusvq1enc: move scratch buffer from stack to context...
2008-11-24 mruflashsv: use skip_bits_long() where required
2008-11-24 bcouduriermove decoder initialization in separate function, earli...
2008-11-24 diegoMake non-void replacement functions actually return...
2008-11-24 diegoMove #defines that are mostly used in h264.c out of...
2008-11-24 diegoUse golomb_to_pict_type instead of its duplicate, slice...
2008-11-24 diegocosmetics: Align table for better readability.
2008-11-24 kostyaSome BMP files have file size declared in the header...
2008-11-24 kostyaGive more meaningful message on BMP header parsing...
2008-11-24 kostyaAdd known BMP header sizes.
2008-11-24 mruAdd shift argument to MULL() macro
2008-11-24 superdumpAAC: Cosmetics after last commit
2008-11-24 superdumpAAC: Frequency domain prediction and hence Main profile...
2008-11-23 kostyaStrong filtering function for future RV40 loop filter
2008-11-23 mruARM: move dct_unquantize_h263_*_armv5te asm to separate...
9 years ago vdpau