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2008-10-12 Evan Carrollfixed manifest with testsmaster
2008-10-12 Evan Carrollrelease of 0.09
2008-10-12 Evan Carrollupdated all of the basic stuff for 0.08
2008-10-12 Evan Carrolladded note of git repo
2008-10-12 Evan Carrollfinialized changes, added moose prereq because of immut...
2008-10-12 Evan Carrolloptimization
2008-10-12 Evan CarrollFixed a long lasting bug which caused empty rows to...
2008-09-29 Evan Carrolladded verbose option
2008-09-29 Evan Carrolltypo
2008-06-17 Evan Carrolladded META with updates for new M::I
2008-06-17 Evan Carroll++ to v0.07
2008-06-17 Evan Carrolladded change log for .07
2008-06-17 Evan Carrolladded the ability to supply a first row shorter than...
2008-05-22 Evan Carrollpod and new test new version 06
2008-05-18 Evan Carrolladded change log for new v0.06 release
2008-05-18 Evan Carrolladded new test
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