2015-01-02 H.Merijn Brand... release 0.42masterv0.42
2015-01-01 H.Merijn Brand... versions
2015-01-01 H.Merijn Brand... Upped copyright to 2015
2014-10-16 H.Merijn Brand... Prevent caching of .perltidyrc (RT#99514)
2014-09-27 H.Merijn Brand... used-byv0.41
2014-09-27 H.Merijn Brand... Add alternative test results for 5.21.5 and up (PADMY)
2014-09-27 H.Merijn Brand... Versions
2014-02-27 H.Merijn Brand... Old(er) perls (e.g. 5.8.0) do not like \my $x, morev0.40
2014-02-27 H.Merijn Brand... Data::Dumper option tester
2014-02-27 H.Merijn Brand... Guard Perl::Tidy against stupid user options in .perltidyrc
2014-01-01 H.Merijn Brand... space is whitespace (include tabs)
2014-01-01 H.Merijn Brand... Versions
2014-01-01 H.Merijn Brand... Upped copyright to 2014
2013-08-20 H.Merijn Brand... Release 0.39v0.39
2013-08-17 H.Merijn Brand... sv_dump () changed in 5.19.3
2013-08-02 H.Merijn Brand... No need for Test::Harness
2013-08-01 H.Merijn Brand... Conformed the ChangeLog to the style all my other Chang...
2013-04-14 H.Merijn Brand... The Lancaster Consensus changes the META-2.0 to 1.4...
2013-02-14 H.Merijn Brand... Update META checker
2013-01-21 H.Merijn Brand... versions
2013-01-21 H.Merijn Brand... Upped copyright to 2013
2012-05-29 H.Merijn BrandBackslashed { in regex in test to satisfy perl-5.17v0.38
2012-05-20 H.Merijn Brandmeta-spec in json is an integer
2012-04-16 H.Merijn BrandMore efficient way to cut buffer in DHexDump ()v0.37
2012-04-16 H.Merijn BrandAllow length for DHexDump ()
2012-01-11 H.Merijn BrandUpped copyright to 2012
2011-12-07 H.Merijn BrandMore performance data for DGrow
2011-09-08 H.Merijn BrandMake all my ChangeLog's look more or less the same
2011-09-07 H.Merijn BrandNAME / DISTNAME in Makefile.PLv0.36
2011-09-07 H.Merijn BrandMake minimal version checks subtestsv0.35
2011-09-07 H.Merijn BrandMore cross-checks for META data
2011-09-01 H.Merijn BrandComply to new(er) Meta: generate correct JSONv0.34
2011-08-28 H.Merijn BrandIgnore (new) generated files
2011-08-28 H.Merijn BrandTests require Test::More-0.88 or up (RT#70538)
2011-02-16 H.Merijn Brandmake spelling happyv0.33
2011-02-16 H.Merijn BrandAdded DTidy, updated docs
2011-02-15 H.Merijn BrandBlame John for the good idea :)
2011-02-15 H.Merijn BrandAdd tidy references to SEE ALSO
2011-02-15 H.Merijn BrandUpped copyright to 2011
2011-02-15 H.Merijn BrandRecommend Perl::Tidy
2011-02-15 H.Merijn BrandAdded :tidy, stream DDumper output through Perl::Tidy
2010-12-24 H.Merijn Brandtiny doc change
2010-11-21 H.Merijn BrandRequire perl 5.8.0v0.32
2010-11-21 H.Merijn BrandComplete DHexDump () distribution
2010-10-19 H.Merijn BrandNetBSD uses multiples of 1k
2010-08-30 H.Merijn BrandAdd tests for DHexDump ()
2010-08-28 H.Merijn Brandadd DHexDump
2010-08-11 H.Merijn BrandSpell checking
2010-06-10 H.Merijn BrandDGrow tests for bigger gap
2010-04-11 H.Merijn BrandModules should not include (3) in links
2010-03-16 H.Merijn BrandDropped YAML spec to 1.0v0.31
2010-02-14 H.Merijn BrandUse warn () instead of print STDERRv0.30
2010-02-14 H.Merijn BrandPut first hash element after opening lonely brace in...
2010-02-14 H.Merijn BrandUpped copyright to 2010
2010-01-07 H.Merijn BrandPut first hash element after opening lonely brace
2009-11-25 H.Merijn Brandmore Data::Dumper options
2009-11-25 H.Merijn Branduse $Data::Dumper::Quotekeys = 0; instead of removing...
2009-11-09 H.Merijn Brandv 0.29v0.29
2009-11-09 H.Merijn BrandBe more lenient towards allocated space
2009-11-09 H.Merijn BrandInitial length is 16 on 64bit Snow Leopard
2009-11-07 H.Merijn BrandReformat/podify README
2009-11-07 H.Merijn BrandUse skip instead of skip_all for builds that have no...
2009-11-06 H.Merijn BrandAdded t/52_DGrow, so tell the MANIFESTv0.28
2009-11-06 H.Merijn BrandDocument speed diff
2009-11-06 H.Merijn BrandAdd DGrow ()
2009-06-03 H.Merijn Brandvoid context behaviour for DPeek ()v0.27
2009-06-03 H.Merijn BrandTests for DDsortv0.26
2009-06-03 H.Merijn BrandAdded DDsort ()
2009-06-03 H.Merijn Brandtypo in genMETA
2009-04-03 H.Merijn Brandadd configure_requires to META.yml
2009-03-20 H.Merijn Brandadded resources/repository to META.yml
2009-03-20 H.Merijn BrandAdded Test::NoWarnings
2009-03-02 H.Merijn BrandDocumentation fixes
2009-03-02 H.Merijn Brandfor both ; and ,
2009-03-02 H.Merijn BrandCorrected paren placement for bless (...)
2009-01-02 H.Merijn BrandIt's 2009. Happy newyear
2008-11-24 H.Merijn Brand#34831 fixed tied $,v0.25
2008-11-17 H.Merijn BrandWrong e-mail in META.yml
2008-10-31 H.Merijn Brandmake leaktest/leakcheck enabled and executedv0.24
2008-10-31 H.Merijn BrandUpdate ppport.h to 3.14_05 (mhx++)
2008-10-31 H.Merijn BrandUpdate ppport.h to 3.14_05
2008-10-23 H.Merijn BrandImplement triplevar ()
2008-10-23 H.Merijn BrandImplement DDisplay ()
2008-10-21 H.Merijn BrandSelecting to install DP did not install Data::Peekv0.23
2008-10-21 H.Merijn BrandAnother YAML validation with Parse::CPAN::Meta
2008-10-20 H.Merijn BrandGet's version from Peek.pmv0.22
2008-10-19 H.Merijn BrandYAML declared 1.4 (META.yml) instead of 1.1 (YAML)
2008-10-15 H.Merijn BrandUpdated to ppport-3.14_01
2008-10-13 H.Merijn BrandSplit on newline done in modulev0.21
2008-10-09 H.Merijn BrandSome MSWin (ActivePerl) and AIX builds do not have...
2008-10-09 H.Merijn BrandMSwin doesn't use plain \n
2008-10-08 H.Merijn BrandTypo in pod (Joshua Juran)
2008-10-08 H.Merijn BrandPublic git repo set upv0.20
2008-10-08 H.Merijn BrandOptionally install DP as shortcut for Data::Peek
2008-10-08 H.Merijn Brandexample should also use Data::Peek
2008-10-08 H.Merijn BrandDefault argument for DPeek is $_
2008-10-08 H.Merijn BrandRenamed DDumper to Data::Peek
2008-10-07 H.Merijn BrandReleased on Amsterdam.pmv0.16
2008-09-26 H.Merijn BrandAllocated length for PV's depends on arch (upped test...
2008-09-26 H.Merijn BrandRelease as 0.15v0.15