2009-07-01 H.Merijn BrandDrop config_args from signature as documentedv0.04
2009-07-01 H.Merijn BrandAdded signature ()
2009-05-20 H.Merijn Brandtypo in genMETA
2009-05-20 H.Merijn BrandDefault for summary is myconfig
2009-04-05 H.Merijn Brandno dists in MANIFESTv0.03
2009-04-05 H.Merijn BrandAdd repo to README
2009-04-05 H.Merijn Brandtest under multiple versions
2009-04-05 H.Merijn Brandreconstruct version from perl-v output (dagolden)
2009-04-03 H.Merijn Brandadd configure_requires
2009-03-30 H.Merijn Brand0.02v0.02
2009-03-30 H.Merijn BrandDon't use -I with uninstalled perls
2009-03-30 H.Merijn Brandparse block done. might not be complete
2009-03-30 H.Merijn Brandadd summary ()
2009-03-30 H.Merijn Brandmore derived stuff
2009-03-30 H.Merijn BrandComplete _make_derived ()
2009-03-30 H.Merijn BrandDon't edit the same file in two sessions at the same...
2009-03-30 H.Merijn BrandAdd all (new) version related config entries, including git
2009-03-29 H.Merijn BrandDocumentation
2009-03-29 H.Merijn Brandfix args to myconfig
2009-03-29 H.Merijn BrandAdded plv2hash
2009-03-29 H.Merijn BrandChecking version 0.01v0.01