2007-11-05 AJ Rossinitestsupport unit tests work and verify numerical equali... unittesting
2007-11-05 AJ Rossiniclean up, suggestion in docs.
2007-11-05 AJ RossiniMore demos and testing mods.
2007-11-05 AJ Rossiniclean up def approach to minimize SBCL warnings
2007-11-05 AJ RossiniNeed to export a few more things.
2007-11-05 AJ RossiniUnittests needs infrastructure for numerical comparison...
2007-11-04 AJ RossiniFirst pass at a way to compare lists as almost=
2007-11-04 AJ RossiniA few more silly examples for lin alg handling.
2007-11-04 AJ RossiniPrototype and testing examples.
2007-11-04 AJ Rossiniignore CMUCL droppings (compilation files).
2007-11-04 AJ RossiniDocumentation, compile, and initialization cleanup.
2007-11-03 AJ Rossiniunit tests "work", but need to do the right comparisons...
2007-11-03 AJ Rossiniadd a dummy set-seed function. Need to write this!
2007-11-03 AJ Rossinifixed import conflicts (lisp-stat and common-lisp packa...
2007-11-03 AJ Rossiniacknowledge via imports that we don't spec subpackage.
2007-11-03 AJ Rossinidoc cleanup.
2007-11-03 AJ RossiniClean up init and demos.
2007-11-03 AJ RossiniWe use CFFI, so don't bother spec'ing. Additional...
2007-11-03 AJ Rossinisome test fixes
2007-11-03 AJ Rossinicleaned up demo
2007-11-02 AJ Rossinifix up export errors found with unittests.
2007-11-02 AJ Rossiniclean up unittests, but does not compile.
2007-11-02 AJ Rossiniclean up, fixed exports and functions except for proto...
2007-11-02 AJ RossiniMove split-list to compound. Make plot-points a dummy...
2007-11-01 AJ Rossiniintern it.
2007-11-01 AJ Rossiniadded more packages and symbols to export.
2007-11-01 AJ Rossiniremove dependencies. documentation cleanup.
2007-11-01 AJ RossiniWorking to make the user package exportable.
2007-11-01 AJ RossiniThis package will eventually disappear into matrices...
2007-10-31 AJ Rossinihint to the compiler that we know that self sometimes...
2007-10-31 AJ Rossinilsfloat needed for mach-eps.
2007-10-31 AJ Rossiniplaceholder for flatsize function. FIXME!
2007-10-31 AJ Rossiniexport get-buf, it's needed for error handling
2007-10-31 AJ Rossiniclear up conflicting shadow-imports.
2007-10-30 AJ Rossinimoved linalg functions from stats to linalg (why did...
2007-10-30 AJ Rossiniseems to compile again.
2007-10-27 AJ Rossinisimple clean up. STILL BROKEN.
2007-10-27 AJ Rossiniadd missing function spec, but needs real code.
2007-10-27 AJ Rossiniadd another clean target (lib-clean for the shared...
2007-10-27 AJ Rossiniremove sequence and combine into compound completely.
2007-10-27 AJ Rossiniignore fontlock droppings.
2007-10-27 AJ Rossinidoc cleanup and comment removal.
2007-10-27 AJ Rossinifixed more ref errors
2007-10-26 AJ Rossiniexport check-real since needed.
2007-10-26 AJ Rossinisequence depends on types
2007-10-26 AJ Rossinimoved more out of lsbasics. lsbasics should have nearl...
2007-10-26 AJ Rossinidon't load clem yet, no integration at this stage.
2007-10-25 AJ RossiniMerge branch 'mob' into tonylocal
2007-10-25 AJ Rossinimore resolution to packages
2007-10-25 AJ Rossiniexport more out of compound.
2007-10-25 AJ RossiniMore resolution of where in packages things are.
2007-10-25 AJ Rossinidependency cleanup.
2007-10-25 AJ Rossiniinit variables to correct referencing.
2007-10-25 AJ RossiniExport matrix stuff properly (?).
2007-10-25 AJ RossiniCompile error corrections related to CFFI 2nd refactor...
2007-10-24 AJ RossiniFirst attempt to factor out CFFI parts so that we are...
2007-10-24 AJ Rossinicomments on approach for CFFI with existing system.
2007-10-23 AJ RossiniDocs, whitespace, and simple cleanup.
2007-10-21 AJ RossiniReally move check-sequence to sequence package.
2007-10-20 AJ Rossiniprobability distributions factored out, but there will...
2007-10-20 AJ Rossinistart factoring out probability distributions into...
2007-10-20 AJ Rossiniunittests cleaned up, right form but not tested; won...
2007-10-20 AJ Rossinicleaned up user packages (base and user-modifiable)
2007-10-20 AJ Rossininew tests to use to fix things up.
2007-10-20 AJ Rossinicleaned up to use proper external interfaces
2007-10-20 AJ RossiniAdd an example of getting more output.
2007-10-20 AJ Rossinidocumentation of intent a bit better.
2007-10-20 AJ Rossiniadded Carlos's tests as an initial demo.
2007-10-20 AJ RossiniMore initialization and support.
2007-10-19 AJ Rossinipackaging and initial formatting for unittests -- still...
2007-10-19 AJ RossiniFixed for compiles
2007-10-17 AJ RossiniLicense issues for ASDF package file
2007-10-17 AJ Rossinimin and max local functions are int, not double. Error...
2007-10-17 AJ RossiniMerge branch 'master' into tonylocal
2007-10-17 AJ RossiniRemoving non-portable FFI glue from here, since CFFI...
2007-10-17 AJ Rossini2 fixes from Carlos Ungil
2007-10-14 AJ RossiniRemoving non-CFFI glue -- we only want to worry about...
2007-10-13 Carlos Ungilalternative Makefile and ifdef directive added for...
2007-10-13 Carlos Ungilcffiglue.lsp added (adapted from mclglue.lsp)
2007-10-13 AJ RossiniMerge branch 'tonylocal' into mob
2007-10-13 AJ Rossinicleanup of lift
2007-10-13 AJ RossiniUpdate on strategy.
2007-10-13 AJ Rossinistripped down version of LIFT, code and examples, not...
2007-10-13 AJ Rossiniremoving old lift
2007-10-13 AJ Rossiniremove softlink
2007-10-08 Carlos Ungilcffiglue.lsp added (adapted from mclglue.lsp)
2007-10-03 AJ Rossiniwhitespace
2007-10-03 AJ Rossinifixed data, init, and ls-user
2007-10-01 Carlos Ungilalternative Makefile and ifdef directive added for...
2007-09-30 AJ Rossiniuse complete forms to initialize environment
2007-09-30 AJ Rossinicompiles again
2007-09-30 AJ Rossinisoftlink from lift.darcs to lift
2007-09-30 AJ Rossiniusing darcs repo of lift
2007-08-28 AJ Rossiniadded oct package for long-long arith
2007-08-27 AJ Rossinithinking data frames -- categorical data will be the...
2007-08-27 AJ Rossiniworking through ASDF
2007-08-27 AJ Rossinistarting restructure
2007-08-27 AJ Rossinistarting on how to install and run
2007-08-27 AJ Rossiniclem 0.4.1, ch-asdf 0.2.8, ch-util 0.2.2, lift 1.3...
2007-08-27 AJ Rossiniprep to add lift, clem, and move lispstat into a core...