2007-07-07 AJ Rossinivectorized math is importantenginelocal
2007-07-04 AJ Rossinifixed filename load; export split-list
2007-07-03 AJ Rossinicleanup of initialization, old CL implementations
2007-07-03 AJ Rossinisorting style functions in sequence, not in other place...
2007-07-02 AJ Rossiniautomate git push
2007-07-02 AJ Rossiniconfiguration and design notes
2007-07-02 AJ Rossininew package for configuration specific to overall and...
2007-07-02 AJ Rossininotes and load-fix. XML not yet
2007-07-02 AJ Rossinireduce/apply/values corrections
2007-07-02 AJ Rossinifix loads and shadows, apply/reduce
2007-07-02 AJ Rossiniapproaches that need consideration
2007-07-02 AJ Rossinirefactored makesys
2007-07-02 AJ Rossinirethink on additions
2007-07-02 AJ Rossinimode changes, going from cygwin to unix
2007-07-02 AJ Rossinisilly whitespace
2007-06-29 AJ Rossinistrategy suggestions
2007-06-29 AJ Rossinidocs
2007-06-29 AJ Rossinisplit is data, not linalg
2007-06-29 AJ Rossinimigration of optimization structure from linalg to opt
2007-06-27 AJ Rossiniin-lined docs about what mode is intending
2007-06-27 AJ Rossiniwhitespace crud
2007-06-27 AJ Rossinineed to handle the ls-user package better
2007-06-27 AJ Rossinicleanup
2007-06-27 AJ RossiniRemove mis-conceived comments
2007-06-25 AJ Rossiniinitialization cleanup
2007-06-25 AJ RossiniC code in lib
2007-06-25 AJ Rossinipreparation for stable config/load
2007-06-25 AJ Rossiniadded modified Nelder-Mead routine, refactored optimiza...
2007-06-25 AJ Rossinils-user has all the exported LispStat functionality...
2007-06-25 AJ Rossinimove stat stuff to statistics, clean up maximize
2007-06-25 AJ Rossinistart the transport of sequence support from LispStat...
2007-06-25 AJ Rossinidocumentation updates and compilation cleanup
2007-06-25 AJ Rossinimore intent
2007-06-21 AJ Rossinitransfered funs from stat to seq; added new files for...
2007-06-20 AJ Rossinicopyright and source description improved.
2007-06-20 AJ RossiniFixed problems with ASDF format; cleaned out silly...
2007-06-20 AJ Rossiniadded data, factored out of statistics, prelimn ASDF...
2007-06-20 AJ Rossinidocumentation and warnings
2007-06-20 AJ Rossiniignore binary objects
2007-06-20 AJ RossiniWhitespace and compile warning cleanup
2007-06-18 AJ Rossinifixed compile dependencies circularity error
2007-06-18 AJ Rossiniremoved Lisp-specific help
2007-06-18 AJ Rossinicommon lisp errors fixed, first error-free compile...
2007-06-15 AJ Rossiniensure that we eval in cl-user; proper non-user of...
2007-06-14 AJ Rossinifixed format; ignore CLISP binaries
2007-06-09 AJ Rossinicleaning up nonlin for the compile/force build
2007-06-09 AJ Rossiniclean up matrix and linalg packages
2007-06-09 AJ Rossinismall text cleanup
2007-06-09 AJ Rossinicompound-data-seq is in compound
2007-06-09 AJ Rossinifactored out types and matrix defuns
2007-06-09 AJ Rossinicompiles now; one more fix for map form in bayes-resid...
2007-06-09 AJ Rossinifixed load and compile dependencies -- more to catch...
2007-06-09 AJ Rossiniwhat good is a package if it doesn't export its functions
2007-06-09 AJ Rossininew file, factored out type checking functions. Better...
2007-06-09 AJ Rossinicleaned up lsbasics dependencies, part of the out-port...
2007-05-13 AJ Rossinimore cleanup, started lispstat demo
2007-03-18 AJ Rossiniobject system cleanup, continuingansiClib
2007-03-18 AJ RossiniMerge branch 'master' into ansiClib
2007-03-18 AJ RossiniMakefile cleaned up -- removed ancient CL targets
2007-03-18 AJ Rossiniignore shared objects
2007-03-18 AJ Rossiniansi-fication of C glue; .gitignore rejects so'd object...
2007-02-14 AJ Rossiniremoved ANSI support in numlib.lsp, not needed; more...
2007-02-12 AJ Rossinifixing up changes from sequence cleanup
2007-02-12 AJ Rossinisequence cleanup
2007-02-12 AJ Rossiniregression is now the linear-regression package saved...
2007-02-12 AJ Rossiniregression is now the linear-regression package
2007-02-12 AJ Rossinimore cleanup and refactoring
2007-02-11 AJ Rossiniignore fasl directory
2007-02-11 AJ Rossinicompiles except for lisp-stat-user
2007-02-11 AJ Rossiniforgot to add it back in
2007-02-11 AJ Rossinineed to use lsp until we completely convert
2007-02-11 AJ Rossiniremove non-ANSI from compound.lsp
2007-02-11 AJ Rossinifactoring out sequences and other data structures,...
2007-02-11 AJ Rossiniuse doc'd parameter as per SBCL docs; clean up do-inden...
2007-02-10 AJ RossiniAdd ANSI CL CLHS comments on floating point
2007-02-09 AJ Rossinimore object system refactoring
2007-02-09 AJ Rossinilsfloat package-ized; lspackages lsbasic moved; lsmacro...
2007-02-09 AJ Rossiniansi-fication
2007-02-09 AJ Rossinimake fastmap into own package; add sequencep to avoid...
2007-02-07 AJ RossiniANSI-fication of in-package; types are parameters and...
2007-02-07 AJ Rossiniexport is in lspackages
2007-02-07 AJ Rossiniuse lisp-mode; added AJR copyright
2007-02-07 AJ Rossiniexport is in lspackages, comment cleanup
2007-02-07 AJ Rossinimore ANSI cleanup
2007-01-28 AJ Rossiniignore semantic files from ecb
2007-01-28 AJ Rossinimore ANSI cleanup
2007-01-28 AJ Rossinimore ANSI cleanups, SBCL compile note fixes
2007-01-28 AJ Rossiniupdating object structure, adding fixes
2007-01-28 AJ RossiniFixed ladata, constant to parameter as per intent
2007-01-28 AJ RossiniFixed lsobjects (3 errors on SBCL about unused vars)
2007-01-28 AJ Rossiniget the ASDF file in before continuing. Needed for...
2007-01-28 AJ RossiniPristine Start using Luke's original CLS 1.0 alpha 1