2007-03-18 AJ Rossinimerged from ansiClibansifloating
2007-03-18 AJ Rossiniansi-fication of C glue; .gitignore rejects so'd object...
2007-02-14 AJ Rossiniremoved ANSI support in numlib.lsp, not needed; more...
2007-02-12 AJ Rossinifixing up changes from sequence cleanup
2007-02-12 AJ Rossinisequence cleanup
2007-02-12 AJ Rossiniregression is now the linear-regression package saved...
2007-02-12 AJ Rossiniregression is now the linear-regression package
2007-02-12 AJ Rossinimore cleanup and refactoring
2007-02-11 AJ Rossiniignore fasl directory
2007-02-11 AJ Rossinicompiles except for lisp-stat-user
2007-02-11 AJ Rossiniforgot to add it back in
2007-02-11 AJ Rossinineed to use lsp until we completely convert
2007-02-11 AJ Rossiniremove non-ANSI from compound.lsp
2007-02-11 AJ Rossinifactoring out sequences and other data structures,...
2007-02-11 AJ Rossiniuse doc'd parameter as per SBCL docs; clean up do-inden...
2007-02-10 AJ RossiniAdd ANSI CL CLHS comments on floating point
2007-02-10 AJ Rossinicleaning out conversion cruft; this branch experiments...
2007-02-09 AJ Rossinimore object system refactoring
2007-02-09 AJ Rossinilsfloat package-ized; lspackages lsbasic moved; lsmacro...
2007-02-09 AJ Rossiniansi-fication
2007-02-09 AJ Rossinimake fastmap into own package; add sequencep to avoid...
2007-02-07 AJ RossiniANSI-fication of in-package; types are parameters and...
2007-02-07 AJ Rossiniexport is in lspackages
2007-02-07 AJ Rossiniuse lisp-mode; added AJR copyright
2007-02-07 AJ Rossiniexport is in lspackages, comment cleanup
2007-02-07 AJ Rossinimore ANSI cleanup
2007-01-28 AJ Rossiniignore semantic files from ecb
2007-01-28 AJ Rossinimore ANSI cleanup
2007-01-28 AJ Rossinimore ANSI cleanups, SBCL compile note fixes
2007-01-28 AJ Rossiniupdating object structure, adding fixes
2007-01-28 AJ RossiniFixed ladata, constant to parameter as per intent
2007-01-28 AJ RossiniFixed lsobjects (3 errors on SBCL about unused vars)
2007-01-28 AJ Rossiniget the ASDF file in before continuing. Needed for...
2007-01-28 AJ RossiniPristine Start using Luke's original CLS 1.0 alpha 1