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CellLocator is intended to be a GSM cell location application. But for now it is more about collecting data to learn how to implement the target application.
2008-10-05 Baruch EvenUse BSSC-BSIC as the unique cell identifier instead... master
2008-09-27 Baruch EvenAdd data on cell towers in Israel for Cellcom, data...
2008-09-27 Baruch EvenFix order of data in the GSMPOS output format
2008-09-27 Baruch EvenFix OpenLayers output, reversed order of lat and lon
2008-09-27 Baruch EvenAdd in the output lines for the GSMPOS and for a simple...
2008-09-27 Baruch EvenUpdate the column numbers to the new log format
2008-09-27 Gergely ImrehAdd: List known towers in tangoGPS POI database
2008-09-26 Gergely ImrehFix: replaced borked location prediction
2008-09-26 Gergely ImrehUpdated TODO file of gsmpos.
2008-09-26 Gergely ImrehFix: typo in filename:
2008-09-26 Gergely ImrehChange: separating core functions from server
2008-09-26 Gergely ImrehMerge branch 'greg'
2008-09-26 Gergely ImrehADD: GSM positioning server for TangoGPS!greg
2008-09-25 Gergely ImrehUpdate: example cellinfo.dat changed to Lat,Lon format
2008-09-25 Gergely ImrehChange: location with Lat,Lon order in gsmpos database
2008-09-25 Gergely ImrehAdd: finding cell tower position from log
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