2 hours ago NicJAquieten debugmaster
2 hours ago NicJAfwd the nominaldimensions method to the real driver
3 hours ago NicJAAROS_DEFAULT_WB -> AROS_NOMINAL_ , = miscellaneous...
3 hours ago NicJAuse the length specified by GetVar (prevents a possible...
3 hours ago NicJAprovide correct nominal values for the amiga chipset
3 hours ago NicJAuse the gfx drivers method to query nominal values ..
3 hours ago NicJAprovide a method to query a gfx drivers nominal dimensions
22 hours ago NicJAbuild fixes & corrections
22 hours ago NicJAupdate copyright
22 hours ago NicJAupdate copyright
23 hours ago NicJAbuild fixes & corrections
23 hours ago NicJAcorrection to attribute name.
23 hours ago NicJAreturn the created object..
23 hours ago NicJAtypo
23 hours ago NicJAadapt all gfx drivers to use the new gfx.hidd CreateObj...
23 hours ago NicJAadapt to gfx.hidd api changes.
23 hours ago NicJAadapt to gfx.hidd api changes.
23 hours ago NicJAChange gfx.hidd API -:
3 days ago neilFixes to notification forwarding from Listview to List:
3 days ago polluksSome clean up
7 days ago deadwoodmuilibrary: don't fill area on the internal area object
7 days ago deadwoodmuilibrary: remove self notification code from Listview
7 days ago deadwoodmuilibrary: make notification on Listview_ClickColumn...
8 days ago neilSend notification methods to both the list and the...
8 days ago neilPrevent seeks beyond the end of a file. Because the...
9 days ago neilForward MUIM_Notify, MUIM_KillNotify and MUIM_KillNotif...
10 days ago neilNotify interactive changes to window dimension attributes.
11 days ago NicJAuse consistent hidd naming
11 days ago NicJAfix the RDTSC() inline so that it works correctly with c99
11 days ago NicJAno-ms-bitfields is only necessary/valid on x86
11 days ago NicJAforgotten commit.
12 days ago NicJAuse consistent hidd naming
12 days ago NicJAuse consistent hidd naming
12 days ago polluksLess warnings
12 days ago NicJArevert stdint.h usage, but correct the 64bit types.
2015-08-15 NicJAwe need the constant macros also
2015-08-15 NicJAnetdb.h needs to define BSD_VISIBLE since it includes...
2015-08-14 NicJAfix comment
2015-08-14 NicJAmake sure we return 0 if no error occurred.
2015-08-11 NicJAremove old code
2015-08-10 NicJAdelint..
2015-08-10 NicJAdelint undefined behaviour on newer gcc's
2015-08-10 NicJAdelint type punned pointer
2015-08-10 neilAdded missing properties.
2015-08-10 NicJAremove no longer needed define
2015-08-10 NicJAupdate copyright
2015-08-10 NicJAfix limits.h c++ usage of stdint.h
2015-08-10 NicJAuse the stdint definitions to ensure they match (fixes...
2015-08-02 neilTidying:
2015-08-02 deadwoodListtree.mcc: update version and date
2015-08-02 deadwoodListtree.mcc: update enumerations for supported functions
2015-08-02 deadwoodListtree.mcc: add information about SetDropMark
2015-08-02 deadwoodListtree.mcc: code cleanup
2015-08-02 deadwoodmuimaster.library: update minor version
2015-08-02 deadwoodmuilibrary: do not forward MUIA_Timer to children of...
2015-08-02 deadwoodListtree.mcc: explicitly handle more attributes
2015-08-02 deadwoodPrefs/Locale: remove preferred flag from LanguageEntry
2015-08-02 deadwoodmuilibrary: Area class will not eat wheel movement...
2015-08-02 deadwoodmuilibrary: handle cases when MUIA_Listview_ScrollerPos...
2015-08-02 deadwoodmuilibrary: migrate vert scrollbar handling from Listvi...
2015-08-02 deadwoodmuimaster.library: support Listview_List in List
2015-08-02 deadwoodmuilibrary: remove empty Dispose from Listview
2015-08-02 deadwoodmuilibrary: pass attributes passed to Listview construc...
2015-08-02 deadwoodmuilibrary: migrate handling of SelectChange and Double...
2015-08-02 deadwoodmuilibrary: migrate event handling from Listview to...
2015-08-02 deadwoodmuilibrary: migrate vertical scroll bar from Listview...
2015-08-02 deadwoodListtree.mcc: make Listtree inherit from List as it...
2015-08-02 deadwoodmuilibrary: introduce a Rectangle object in List which...
2015-08-02 deadwoodmuilibrary: have MUIC_List inherit from MUIC_Group
2015-08-02 neilTidied Boolean structure fields.
2015-08-02 neilImprovements to error handling:
2015-08-01 NicJAprovide SIZE_MAX
2015-07-30 neilAdded new mmakefile.src that was forgotten in r50950.
2015-07-30 neilShow retry/cancel requesters when I/O errors occur.
2015-07-29 neilintuition.library wasn't closed after being opened...
2015-07-22 polluksbackport
2015-07-20 neilReturn non-zero if an error occurs.
2015-07-19 neilReturn a non-zero result if some tests failed.
2015-07-19 neilRemoved unnecessary calls to WaitForChar().
2015-07-19 neil - Flush unused input the right way, i.e. by reading it.
2015-07-19 neilDon't return raw mode read requests immediately if...
2015-07-17 jmcmullanstdc: Add strlwr() to libstdc.a static library
2015-07-16 neilMoved tests into appropriate subdirs.
2015-07-16 neilTabs to spaces.
2015-07-15 neilRemoved 'examinelock', because its functionality is...
2015-07-15 neilTabs to spaces.
2015-07-15 neil - Return a non-zero return code on errors.
2015-07-15 neilRemoved code that used to test a feature only supported in
2015-07-15 neilSorted and grouped tests.
2015-07-14 neilUpdated path.
2015-07-14 neilMade test-dos-pure-quick a dependency of test-quick.
2015-07-13 jmcmullanstdc.library: stcd_l should return # of characters...
2015-07-13 neilUpdated test program paths.
2015-07-13 neilIgnore generated files.
2015-07-13 neilMoved utility.library-related tests into their own...
2015-07-13 neilDon't automatically build test-objc-quick when test...
2015-07-13 neilPut TESTEXE arguments in a separate variable (TESTARGS...
2015-07-12 neilMade comments and debug output more consistent.