44 hours ago NicJAwe dont want to specify a format since it depends on... master
46 hours ago mazzeSlight reformattings for autodoc script.
2 days ago NicJAuse the default mmake target
2 days ago NicJAmake sure task.resource is linked with exec
2 days ago NicJAadd dxtn support library api for runtime s3tc
2 days ago NicJAtask.resource is _not_ arch specific and cannot live...
2 days ago NicJAtask.resource needs to be in rom ..
3 days ago NicJAhandle RemTask(NULL) - fixes boot task persisting and...
3 days ago NicJAsome cmake files expect this
3 days ago NicJAattempt to fix include copy
4 days ago NicJAinclude graphics.h for the CLID definition
4 days ago jmcmullangraphics: Compiler delint in some drivers
4 days ago jmcmullanarch/m68k-amiga: Accomodate new graphics.hidd changes
4 days ago NicJAdefer creating the ScreenModePrefs until they are neede...
4 days ago NicJAbump version
4 days ago NicJAupdate copyright and bump version
4 days ago NicJAquieten debug
4 days ago NicJAfwd the nominaldimensions method to the real driver
4 days ago NicJAAROS_DEFAULT_WB -> AROS_NOMINAL_ , = miscellaneous...
5 days ago NicJAuse the length specified by GetVar (prevents a possible...
5 days ago NicJAprovide correct nominal values for the amiga chipset
5 days ago NicJAuse the gfx drivers method to query nominal values ..
5 days ago NicJAprovide a method to query a gfx drivers nominal dimensions
5 days ago NicJAbuild fixes & corrections
5 days ago NicJAupdate copyright
5 days ago NicJAupdate copyright
5 days ago NicJAbuild fixes & corrections
5 days ago NicJAcorrection to attribute name.
5 days ago NicJAreturn the created object..
5 days ago NicJAtypo
5 days ago NicJAadapt all gfx drivers to use the new gfx.hidd CreateObj...
5 days ago NicJAadapt to gfx.hidd api changes.
5 days ago NicJAadapt to gfx.hidd api changes.
5 days ago NicJAChange gfx.hidd API -:
7 days ago neilFixes to notification forwarding from Listview to List:
8 days ago polluksSome clean up
12 days ago deadwoodmuilibrary: don't fill area on the internal area object
12 days ago deadwoodmuilibrary: remove self notification code from Listview
12 days ago deadwoodmuilibrary: make notification on Listview_ClickColumn...
12 days ago neilSend notification methods to both the list and the...
13 days ago neilPrevent seeks beyond the end of a file. Because the...
13 days ago neilForward MUIM_Notify, MUIM_KillNotify and MUIM_KillNotif...
2015-08-19 neilNotify interactive changes to window dimension attributes.
2015-08-19 NicJAuse consistent hidd naming
2015-08-19 NicJAfix the RDTSC() inline so that it works correctly with c99
2015-08-19 NicJAno-ms-bitfields is only necessary/valid on x86
2015-08-19 NicJAforgotten commit.
2015-08-18 NicJAuse consistent hidd naming
2015-08-18 NicJAuse consistent hidd naming
2015-08-18 polluksLess warnings
2015-08-18 NicJArevert stdint.h usage, but correct the 64bit types.
2015-08-15 NicJAwe need the constant macros also
2015-08-15 NicJAnetdb.h needs to define BSD_VISIBLE since it includes...
2015-08-14 NicJAfix comment
2015-08-14 NicJAmake sure we return 0 if no error occurred.
2015-08-11 NicJAremove old code
2015-08-10 NicJAdelint..
2015-08-10 NicJAdelint undefined behaviour on newer gcc's
2015-08-10 NicJAdelint type punned pointer
2015-08-10 neilAdded missing properties.
2015-08-10 NicJAremove no longer needed define
2015-08-10 NicJAupdate copyright
2015-08-10 NicJAfix limits.h c++ usage of stdint.h
2015-08-10 NicJAuse the stdint definitions to ensure they match (fixes...
2015-08-02 neilTidying:
2015-08-02 deadwoodListtree.mcc: update version and date
2015-08-02 deadwoodListtree.mcc: update enumerations for supported functions
2015-08-02 deadwoodListtree.mcc: add information about SetDropMark
2015-08-02 deadwoodListtree.mcc: code cleanup
2015-08-02 deadwoodmuimaster.library: update minor version
2015-08-02 deadwoodmuilibrary: do not forward MUIA_Timer to children of...
2015-08-02 deadwoodListtree.mcc: explicitly handle more attributes
2015-08-02 deadwoodPrefs/Locale: remove preferred flag from LanguageEntry
2015-08-02 deadwoodmuilibrary: Area class will not eat wheel movement...
2015-08-02 deadwoodmuilibrary: handle cases when MUIA_Listview_ScrollerPos...
2015-08-02 deadwoodmuilibrary: migrate vert scrollbar handling from Listvi...
2015-08-02 deadwoodmuimaster.library: support Listview_List in List
2015-08-02 deadwoodmuilibrary: remove empty Dispose from Listview
2015-08-02 deadwoodmuilibrary: pass attributes passed to Listview construc...
2015-08-02 deadwoodmuilibrary: migrate handling of SelectChange and Double...
2015-08-02 deadwoodmuilibrary: migrate event handling from Listview to...
2015-08-02 deadwoodmuilibrary: migrate vertical scroll bar from Listview...
2015-08-02 deadwoodListtree.mcc: make Listtree inherit from List as it...
2015-08-02 deadwoodmuilibrary: introduce a Rectangle object in List which...
2015-08-02 deadwoodmuilibrary: have MUIC_List inherit from MUIC_Group
2015-08-02 neilTidied Boolean structure fields.
2015-08-02 neilImprovements to error handling:
2015-08-01 NicJAprovide SIZE_MAX
2015-07-30 neilAdded new mmakefile.src that was forgotten in r50950.
2015-07-30 neilShow retry/cancel requesters when I/O errors occur.
2015-07-29 neilintuition.library wasn't closed after being opened...
2015-07-22 polluksbackport
2015-07-20 neilReturn non-zero if an error occurs.
2015-07-19 neilReturn a non-zero result if some tests failed.
2015-07-19 neilRemoved unnecessary calls to WaitForChar().
2015-07-19 neil - Flush unused input the right way, i.e. by reading it.
2015-07-19 neilDon't return raw mode read requests immediately if...
2015-07-17 jmcmullanstdc: Add strlwr() to libstdc.a static library