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8 days ago wawafixed a typo and enabled debug.master
8 days ago wawaenabled debug.
8 days ago wawaadopted an updated path to a test script.
2017-10-05 dizzyofcrn- Fix AHI on 64-bit hosted
2017-10-01 dizzyofcrn- Created unit 1 for USB3
2017-10-01 dizzyofcrn- Commented out unused structure (compiler warning)
2017-10-01 dizzyofcrn- Inserted some USB3 hub class request skeletons
2017-10-01 dizzyofcrn- Removed timeout debug statement
2017-09-28 dizzyofcrn- Make a difference between USB2 and USB3 devices on...
2017-09-18 dizzyofcrn- Define structure pointer to NULL to make the compiler...
2017-09-18 mazzelocale.library/IsXXX(): made the locale argument constant
2017-09-17 mazzelocale.library: use system default locale if locale...
2017-09-16 mazzeTest for asl.library/FRF_INTUIFUNC.
2017-09-16 mazzeasl.library: implemented FRF_INTUIFUNC.
2017-09-07 mazzeAHI: copy paula drivers for amiga-m68k.
2017-09-06 mazzelcms.library test removed, because the library is no
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