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5 hours ago NicJAthe gradient value doesn't need conversion.master
5 hours ago NicJAonly generate the them.var file if needed.
5 hours ago NicJAdefine GET_ARCH_ macros to clarify when we do conversio...
11 hours ago NicJAoops. broke the BM_PUTPIXEL coords. use PIXFMT_BGRA32...
47 hours ago NicJAmissed commit
2 days ago NicJAoops - didn't mean to remove the original copyright...
2 days ago NicJAcorrections/consistency
2 days ago NicJAbuild the base system classes for i386-pc
2 days ago mazzePOSIX functions scandir() and alphasort() implemented.
3 days ago dizzyofcrn - Fixed a regression, massstorage should be usable...
3 days ago neilMinor fixes to comments.
4 days ago neilRemoved an unnecessary include directive.
4 days ago NicJAdelint
5 days ago NicJAquieten compiler.
5 days ago NicJAfree the correctly allocated size
5 days ago o1icorrect wrong comment (sorry)
5 hours ago master