descriptionMirror of AROS' svn.
last changeWed, 2 Sep 2015 21:57:53 +0000 (2 21:57 +0000)
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2 days ago NicJAwe dont want to specify a format since it depends on... master
2 days ago mazzeSlight reformattings for autodoc script.
2 days ago NicJAuse the default mmake target
2 days ago NicJAmake sure task.resource is linked with exec
2 days ago NicJAadd dxtn support library api for runtime s3tc
3 days ago NicJAtask.resource is _not_ arch specific and cannot live...
3 days ago NicJAtask.resource needs to be in rom ..
3 days ago NicJAhandle RemTask(NULL) - fixes boot task persisting and...
3 days ago NicJAsome cmake files expect this
3 days ago NicJAattempt to fix include copy
4 days ago NicJAinclude graphics.h for the CLID definition
4 days ago jmcmullangraphics: Compiler delint in some drivers
4 days ago jmcmullanarch/m68k-amiga: Accomodate new graphics.hidd changes
4 days ago NicJAdefer creating the ScreenModePrefs until they are neede...
4 days ago NicJAbump version
4 days ago NicJAupdate copyright and bump version
2 days ago master