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2017-04-22 NicJAdisable nls when building the crosstoolsmaster
2017-04-21 NicJAsynch with bootiso behaviour
2017-04-21 NicJAsynch with bootiso behaviour
2017-04-21 NicJA*sigh* make sure the argument is split
2017-04-20 NicJAexpand CONFIGURE_OPTIONS
2017-04-20 NicJArevert 54569 - causes problems compiling AHI.
2017-04-20 NicJAhandle USER_INCLUDES via the CPPFLAGS
2017-04-20 NicJAtry to make sure compiler/include/mmakefile is always...
2017-04-19 NicJAAHI's configure doesn't recognize the gnuflags so disab...
2017-04-19 NicJAsynch kernel with target behaviour.
2017-04-19 NicJAhandle the build and gnu options separately.
2017-04-19 NicJAstore the target cpu in BUILDCPU. Check if the toolchai...
2017-04-18 NicJAadd quotation marks around the configure params.
2017-04-17 NicJAfix build.
2017-04-17 NicJAmove the validity check to its own function.
2017-04-17 NicJA# ignore Developer (not Development) files.
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