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last changeSat, 22 Apr 2017 18:38:43 +0000 (22 18:38 +0000)
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7 days ago NicJAdisable nls when building the crosstoolsmaster
9 days ago NicJAsynch with bootiso behaviour
9 days ago NicJAsynch with bootiso behaviour
9 days ago NicJA*sigh* make sure the argument is split
10 days ago NicJAexpand CONFIGURE_OPTIONS
10 days ago NicJArevert 54569 - causes problems compiling AHI.
10 days ago NicJAhandle USER_INCLUDES via the CPPFLAGS
10 days ago NicJAtry to make sure compiler/include/mmakefile is always...
10 days ago NicJAAHI's configure doesn't recognize the gnuflags so disab...
10 days ago NicJAsynch kernel with target behaviour.
10 days ago NicJAhandle the build and gnu options separately.
10 days ago NicJAstore the target cpu in BUILDCPU. Check if the toolchai...
12 days ago NicJAadd quotation marks around the configure params.
12 days ago NicJAfix build.
12 days ago NicJAmove the validity check to its own function.
13 days ago NicJA# ignore Developer (not Development) files.
7 days ago master