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last changeTue, 2 Feb 2016 03:08:25 +0000 (2 03:08 +0000)
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5 days ago NicJAfix erroneous/incorrect c++ flag assumption(s) for... master
6 days ago NicJAdestroy the player process before the buffering process...
8 days ago NicJAenable the rewind/fforward buttons.
8 days ago NicJA__PRETTY_FUNCTION__ -> __func__
8 days ago NicJAfix input handling of the tapedeck position bar, and...
8 days ago NicJAsilence debug
8 days ago NicJAfix remaining CallHookA() usage.
8 days ago NicJAwip update.
9 days ago NicJAdelint (conversion of void* to integer of different...
10 days ago NicJAfixes. ANIM-3 is _almost_ working now.
10 days ago NicJAconsistency
10 days ago NicJAfix casts
10 days ago NicJAfix anim-8 unpacking
10 days ago NicJAonly set the MAPPED flag if we have remapped pens..
10 days ago NicJAquieten debug and correct.
10 days ago NicJAwip updates to buffering code. expose framespertick...
5 days ago master