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last changeSun, 23 Oct 2016 02:12:43 +0000 (23 02:12 +0000)
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9 hours ago neilAdded useful custom dimensions to some top-level drawer... master
9 hours ago neilChanged default drawer dimensions to show approximately...
16 hours ago deadwoodarm/processor.resource: change Vendor and FamilyString...
16 hours ago deadwoodarm/exec.library: fix cast so that exec builds
19 hours ago yannickFree memory allocated in Init function
24 hours ago deadwoodarch/cpu.resource: remove dead code
28 hours ago deadwoodgrub2: bring back build of aros-side grub2 tools
28 hours ago deadwoodconfigure: use gcc frontend for C preprocessor rather...
28 hours ago deadwoodSysMon: remove dead code
33 hours ago neilRemoved obsolete debug statements.
39 hours ago neilFollow up to r53010: update indentation.
40 hours ago neilCheck if custom class creation succeeded.
40 hours ago neilMade the main window a custom class. The subclass curre...
2 days ago impulsePatch by ALB42 - MUIA_Menuitem_CommandString now works...
2 days ago neilAllow an object to be set as active while the window...
3 days ago mmartinkaAdd it build Czech catalog (WiMP)
9 hours ago master