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last changeThu, 21 Jul 2016 20:00:51 +0000 (21 20:00 +0000)
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6 days ago deadwoodDevs/DataTypes: put priority of GIF above GIFANIMmaster
6 days ago deadwoodgenmodule: revert r52790
6 days ago polluksFixed ISO 4217 symbol.
6 days ago polluksUnified country codes
6 days ago polluksSupport Apple layout.
9 days ago deadwoodlocale.library: correctly return the position of remain...
9 days ago neilAlso recognise functions ending with "Args" for generat...
10 days ago deadwoodlocale.library: adjust types in code to RAWARG changes
13 days ago neilA bit more optimisation.
13 days ago neil - Added a missing ReleaseDataType() call.
2016-07-12 neilAdded casts to keep printf() happy.
2016-07-12 neilAnother m68k BPTR fix.
2016-07-11 neilBPTR fixes. Untested.
2016-07-11 polluksMissing CountryEntry.
2016-07-11 polluksAdded Taiwan.
2016-07-07 neilDon't pass $(AFLAGS) explicitly to %assemble_q, as...
6 days ago master