descriptionMirror of AROS' svn.
last changeThu, 23 Mar 2017 13:07:08 +0000 (23 13:07 +0000)
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13 hours ago schulzmove DEFINESET() to another file, otherwise gcc4.6... master
17 hours ago schulzless debug
17 hours ago schulzmake sure the bouncing buffer has a length
21 hours ago NicJAadd SB128 to the 64bit build.
21 hours ago NicJA64bit fixes and corrections.
22 hours ago NicJAadjust to configure/.cfg changes
23 hours ago NicJAfix handling of warn flags.
23 hours ago NicJAdoh - add the warn flags to the correct cflags.
23 hours ago NicJAmake sure the correct flags propagate to build_with_con...
23 hours ago NicJAdon't export the warning flags as part of the cflags...
24 hours ago NicJAfor now only build the hdaudio and ac97 drivers for...
24 hours ago NicJAadd a comment about the unused dma pointer.
24 hours ago NicJAremove the hard coded debug
24 hours ago NicJAdisplay the correct type.
25 hours ago NicJAtypo
13 hours ago master