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Project Description Owner Last Change
closure-common.git Shared code for Closure XML and Closure HTML cxml-devel@common... 7 years ago
closure-html.git HTML parser written in Common Lisp 3 years ago
gimp-lqr-plugin-help.git GIMP LiquidRescale plug-in help pages No commits
git-stats.git Git Statistics 8 years ago
grutatxt.git Text to HTML (and other formats) converter 6 years ago
lineal.git Linear Algebra in CL, html/javascript UI 9 years ago
ls2html_00z.git ls2html 00z branch 9 years ago
mldonkey.git mldonkey - cross-platform multi-network p2p... 10 months ago
mminer.git Manic Miner clone, JS+HTML, no frameworks... 23 months ago RSS Feed to HTML Convertor 9 years ago
ublog.git ublog, a minimal, distributed multiuser blogg... 6 years ago
vlc.git VLC Development tree mirror 116 min ago
watermeloncms.git Watermelon CMS 8 years ago
webchat.git a xmpp webchat to be embedded into your website 9 years ago