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Project Description Owner Last Change
b2ld.git very simple Box2DLite based physics engine 20 months ago
chiroptera.git very uncustomizable private email client 4 weeks ago
cougar.git Cougar: she is hotter than MILF! 13 months ago
dacs.git simple, fast, statically-typed scripting... 21 months ago
dayle.git simple AY player in D (obsolete, see ZXEmuT... 19 months ago
dd2d.git DooM2D Re-Created, in D 15 months ago
ditty.git X11 terminal emulator writtein in Aliced 23 months ago
ditty2.git X11 terminal emulator and file commander... 7 months ago
edgap.git simple text editing engine 2 days ago
etx.d.git PieceTable based on balanced tress for D... 4 years ago
flexforms.git simple GUI based on concept of "flex boxes... 2 years ago
gaemu.git gamemaker 8 emulator: just enough features... 2 years ago
iv.d.git various I.V. D modules 4 weeks ago
k8cmdcon.git simple command console for GCC 4 years ago
k8expers.d.git nothing to see here 3 years ago
knightmare.git D port of Andy Zabolotny's DOS Knightmare... 6 months ago
libotrd.git libotr native D port 2 years ago
mes.d.git simple statically-typed compiler for 3-operan... 8 months ago
mmd.git Crappy Manic Miner D port 22 months ago
nyatools.git memory scanner for GNU/Linux 16 months ago
raymarch.git simple pure-CPU raymarching renderer in D 2 years ago
rgdc.git fork of rdmd, better suited for gdc 3 years ago
squashed.git Squashed3D: a simple 3d engine using Q2 data 12 months ago
taglib.d.git taglib bindings for D 3 years ago
tinf.d.git D port of Joergen Ibsen's tinf (tiny inflate... 3 years ago
tweetnacl.d.git D port of TweetNaCl 3 years ago
zxemut.git ZX Spectrum Emulator 4 months ago
zymosis.d.git Z80 emulation engine written in D 3 years ago