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0release can be used to make new releases of your software. It handles details such as setting the version number and release date, tagging the release in your version control system and updating your Zero Install feed.
2013-08-23 Thomas LeonardAdded <release:update-version> featuremaster
2013-07-27 Thomas LeonardUpdated unit-tests for latest 0repo
2013-05-08 Thomas LeonardSuggest providing a "test" command, not the old self...
2013-05-06 Thomas LeonardStart development series 0.15-post
2013-05-06 Thomas LeonardRelease 0.15v0.15
2013-05-06 Thomas LeonardWarn about use of legacy options
2013-05-05 Thomas LeonardUse 0repo's merge code rather than 0publish's
2013-05-02 Thomas LeonardUse 0repo to release if a suitable repository is registered
2013-03-18 Thomas LeonardExpand $RELEASE_VERSION in generated binary feeds too
2013-03-17 Tim CuthbertsonAdd --release-version for explicitly setting the releas...
2013-03-15 Thomas LeonardAlways depend on 0compile
2013-03-15 Thomas LeonardClarify what Fail does
2013-03-05 Thomas LeonardAllow testing against a dev 0compile checkout
2013-02-28 Thomas LeonardAdded test dependency on 0compile
2013-02-28 Thomas LeonardDepend on 0compile using the feed
2013-02-18 Thomas LeonardAdded missing test dependency on make
20 months ago v0.15 Release 0.15
23 months ago v0.14.2 Release 0.14.2
2 years ago v0.14.1 Release 0.14.1
2 years ago v0.14 Release 0.14
3 years ago v0.13 Release 0.13
4 years ago v0.12 Release 0.12
5 years ago v0.11.1 Release 0.11.1
5 years ago v0.11 Release 0.11
5 years ago v0.10.1 Release 0.10.1
5 years ago v0.10 Release 0.10
5 years ago v0.9 Release 0.9
6 years ago v0.8 Release 0.8
6 years ago v0.7 Release 0.7
7 years ago v0.6 Release 0.6
7 years ago v0.5 Release 0.5
7 years ago v0.4 Release 0.4
17 months ago master
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