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When installing or upgrading software, the Zero Install injector (0launch) normally downloads information about each program and library from its own site. However, the network connection to this site may be unavailable, unreliable or slow. 0mirror lets you set up a mirror site which republishes these feeds as a backup.
2013-03-22 Thomas LeonardIndex "name" as a keyword field, not textmaster
2013-03-22 Thomas LeonardDon't update any feeds when using --reindex
2013-03-21 Thomas LeonardIncrease boost for matching name
2013-03-21 Thomas LeonardUnindex feeds that add a <feed-for>
2013-03-21 Thomas LeonardBoost the weighting given to matches in the name and...
2013-03-21 Thomas LeonardAllow search to be used as a library
2013-03-21 Thomas LeonardCreate searchable index while mirroring
2013-02-23 Thomas LeonardCache the GPG signatures to avoid rerunning gpg all...
2013-02-23 Thomas LeonardUpdated to new API
2013-02-23 Thomas LeonardUpdated to new API
2013-02-23 Thomas LeonardList missing feeds at the end
2013-02-23 Thomas LeonardTurn down logging while loading feeds
2013-02-15 Thomas LeonardAdded explicit dependency on Python 2
2012-06-05 Thomas LeonardUpdated to use config API
2012-05-12 Thomas LeonardTypo
2012-03-25 Thomas LeonardRemoved unused code
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