Version 1.2.0 with new build/configure system
authorThomas Perl <>
Sun, 28 Jul 2013 00:16:53 +0000 (28 02:16 +0200)
committerThomas Perl <>
Sun, 28 Jul 2013 00:16:53 +0000 (28 02:16 +0200)
Version 1.2.0 with new build/configure system
45 files changed:
README.MacOSX [deleted file]
README.Maemo [deleted file]
README.win32 [deleted file]
SDLMain.h [deleted file]
SDLMain.m [deleted file]
configure [new file with mode: 0755]
data/Tennix.icns [deleted file]
data/ [moved from with 100% similarity]
data/icon.ico [deleted file]
data/icon.svg [deleted file]
data/tennix.6 [moved from tennix.6 with 100% similarity]
data/tennix.desktop [moved from tennix.desktop with 100% similarity]
data/tennix.png [moved from data/icon.png with 100% similarity]
doc/court.xcf [moved from data/court.xcf with 100% similarity]
doc/data2csrc.c [moved from data/data2csrc.c with 100% similarity]
doc/stadium.xcf [moved from data/stadium.xcf with 100% similarity]
osxapp.plist [deleted file]
src/ [moved from SDL_rotozoom.c with 95% similarity]
src/SDL_rotozoom.h [moved from SDL_rotozoom.h with 100% similarity]
src/ [moved from animation.c with 100% similarity]
src/animation.h [moved from animation.h with 100% similarity]
src/ [moved from with 81% similarity]
src/archive.h [moved from archive.hh with 94% similarity]
src/ [moved from with 85% similarity]
src/credits.h [moved from credits.h with 97% similarity]
src/ [moved from game.c with 97% similarity]
src/game.h [moved from game.h with 100% similarity]
src/ [moved from with 97% similarity]
src/graphics.h [moved from graphics.h with 99% similarity]
src/ [moved from input.c with 82% similarity]
src/input.h [moved from input.h with 90% similarity]
src/locations.h [moved from locations.h with 100% similarity]
src/ [moved from network.c with 99% similarity]
src/network.h [moved from network.h with 98% similarity]
src/ [moved from with 99% similarity]
src/sound.h [moved from sound.h with 99% similarity]
src/ [moved from with 94% similarity]
src/tennix.h [moved from tennix.h with 85% similarity]
src/ [moved from with 79% similarity]
src/tennixpy.h [moved from tennixpy.h with 56% similarity]
src/ [moved from util.c with 100% similarity]
src/util.h [moved from util.h with 75% similarity] [deleted file]
tennix.res [deleted file]