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neatcc is a simple ARM/x86(_64) C compiler.  I wrote it to complete my
development toolchain (see

* cc:	git://
* ld:	git://
* as:	git://
* libc:	git://
* gdb:

neatcc supports a large subset of C language but lacks some of the
features that I didn't use much myself.  The most important missing
features are struct bitfields, inline asms and floating point and
long long types.


neatcc has been tested with neatlibc and dietlibc.  It can compile
itself and neat* toolchain.  The included neatcc script could be
used to invoke ncc with neatlibc library.
2016-03-08 repomanfile movemaster
2016-03-08 repomanremove GNU Makefile $^ (not in POSIX), debug until...
2016-03-08 repomanmissing #include added, the project compiles without...
2016-03-08 repomanreplace <elf.h> and fixes with neatlibc's <elf.h>
2016-03-04 repomanadd musl-gcc to compiler to Makefile, musl-libc headers...
2016-03-04 repomanshow both clang and gcc errors in ERROR, different...
2016-03-04 repomanadd a fix folder for expected #include fixes, fix/elf...
2016-03-04 repomanresearching error
2016-03-04 repomanadd files TODO, ERROR
2016-03-04 repomanadd git push script - adjust clang warnings
2016-03-04 repomanfirst commit - tweak Makefile
2015-04-27 Ali Gholami... ncc: cast values to architecture word after each operation
2015-04-27 Ali Gholami... cpp: report unknown cpp directives
2015-04-27 Ali Gholami... ncc: allow "if (expr, ..., cond)"
2015-04-27 Ali Gholami... tok: support hex constants with capital X
2014-11-03 Ali Gholami... tok: handle escaped newlines in // comments
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