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descriptionEric Blake's git patches, for cygwin
last changeWed, 31 Mar 2010 22:14:27 +0000 (31 15:14 -0700)
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A collection of patches useful for building the cygwin port of git, but which have not been merged upstream.
2010-03-31 Junio C HamanoSync with
2010-03-31 Junio C HamanoGit
2010-03-31 Junio C HamanoMerge branch 'jc/maint-refs-dangling' into maint
2010-03-31 Holger WeißDocumentation: show-ref <pattern>s are optional
2010-03-31 Holger WeißLink against libiconv on IRIX
2010-03-31 Holger WeißDon't redefine htonl and ntohl on big-endian
2010-03-31 Jakub Narebskigitweb: git_get_project_config requires only $git_dir...
2010-03-31 Jan StępieńUpdated the usage string of git reset
2010-03-30 Greg BaconDocumentation: Clarify support for smart HTTP backend
2010-03-30 Johannes SixtWindows: fix utime() for read-only files
2010-03-30 Johannes Sixtdiff: fix textconv error zombies
2010-03-30 Junio C HamanoMerge branch 'maint'
2010-03-30 Kevin Ballardformat-patch: Squelch 'fatal: Not a range." error
2010-03-29 Junio C HamanoUpdate draft release notes to 1.7.1
2010-03-29 Junio C HamanoMerge branch 'cc/cherry-pick-ff'
2010-03-29 Junio C HamanoMerge branch 'sb/notes-parse-opt'
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