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Project Description Owner Last Change
0publish-gui.git GTK editor for Zero Install feeds 2 years ago
adg.git ADG: Automatic Drawing Generation 5 weeks ago
aspectbin.git An aspect ratio constraining container for... 8 years ago
cl-gtk2.git Common Lisp binding for Gtk+ Kalyanov.Dmitry... 6 years ago
cnoor.git A simple holy Quran viewer for linux framebuffer 5 months ago
cpdf.git a small and simple pdf viewer that uses poppl... 8 years ago
cteddy.git xteddy clone using GTK+ 2 and Cairo 8 years ago
debug_console.git A Gtk TextView that relies on a Tree Model... 9 years ago
dictix.git A re-writen gnome-sound-recorder 5 years ago
galan.git modular synth sequencer using jack 7 years ago
geda-gaf.git geda-gaf git mirror 9 months ago
geda-gaf/peter-b.git Peter Brett's gEDA tree 5 years ago
giggle.git GTK+ git front-end 9 years ago
gimp-lqr-plugin.git LiquidRescale plug-in for seam carving in... 4 years ago
girtod.git GTK Bindings for the D programming language 4 years ago
gkrellmbgchg.git GKrellM Background Changer 6 years ago
gtk-with-powerbox.git Branch of Gtk to add powerbox hook 9 years ago
gtkD.git gtkD - D programming language bindings for... satelliittipupu... 9 years ago
gtkmmProject.git gtk project 8 years ago
jack-keyboard.git Virtual keyboard for JACK MIDI 9 years ago
jack_mixer.git JACK audio mixer 3 years ago
luccawm.git tiling window manager in GTK 8 years ago
maemopadplus.git Tree-based notes, sketches and checklists... 7 years ago
maepad.git MaePad - A node-based memory pad for Maemo 6 years ago
marvin.git Marvin is a simple photo viewer and importer. 9 years ago
mldonkey.git mldonkey - cross-platform multi-network p2p... 9 months ago
ng-jackspa.git simple LADSPA plugin hosts for JACK (cli... 2 weeks ago
pipeglade.git Graphical User Interfaces, The UNIX Way 5 weeks ago
plusoumoins.git Jeu basique de "Plus ou moins" développé... 9 years ago
pygtk-shell.git PyGTK Shell 7 years ago
pylooper.git looping media player in python and gtk 9 years ago
pymailheaders.git Pymailheaders 9 years ago
pythonicgtk.git A more pythonic gtk library 9 years ago
pywebkitgtk.git Python bindings to the WebKit GTK+ port 8 years ago
rox-find.git A Find Utility for the ROX Desktop 10 years ago
rox-lithium.git A Battery status monitor for the ROX Desktop 10 years ago
rox-menu.git A Menu for the ROX Desktop 11 years ago
rox-musicbox.git A Music player for the ROX Desktop 10 years ago
rox-postal.git An Email Check Applet for the ROX Desktop 10 years ago
rox-ripper.git A CD Ripper for the ROX Desktop 11 years ago
rox-volume.git A Volume Control and Mixer for the ROX Desktop 8 years ago
synfig.git Synfig 2D Animation Studio 8 years ago
trivial-gtk.git Simple GTK binding generator for Common Lisp 9 years ago
undertow.git Media aggregator for GNOME 9 years ago
viking.git GPS data editor and analyzer 8 years ago
vimprobable.git webkit-based browser that behaves like the... 23 months ago
xournal.git Notetaking, sketching application for GTK... 6 years ago