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Project Description Owner Last Change
+ llpp.git PDF pager 27 min ago
koha.git Koha ILS chris@bigballofwax... 58 min ago
llvm-core.git The LLVM Project is a collection of modular... 62 min ago
CocoaPods.git CocoaPods is a dependency manager for Swift... 67 min ago
cocoapods.git 77 min ago
+ gimp.git GIMP is the GNU Image Manipulation Program. 77 min ago
+ phpmyadmin.git phpMyAdmin 83 min ago
gecko.git 86 min ago
clang-mirror.git 102 min ago
llvm-mirror.git 108 min ago
+ webkit.git WebKit/GTK+ 2 hours ago
+ llvm-complete.git The low level virtual machine grosser@fim.uni... 2 hours ago
aom.git AV1 Codec Library 2 hours ago
hiphop-php.git tuxlover684+suj... 2 hours ago
+ gcc.git Mirror of all GCC SVN branches and tags 2 hours ago
gcc-git-mirror.git GNU GCC chromeosforchromebook... 2 hours ago
+ official-gcc.git Mirror of the offical gcc git repository... 2 hours ago
charm.git Charm++ is a parallel object-oriented program... 3 hours ago
+ scons.git Software Construction tool 3 hours ago
booboo.git booboo gentoo overlay 3 hours ago
+ mesa.git Mesa Mirror 3 hours ago
xcircuit.git XCircuit is a program for drawing publishable... 3 hours ago
NixPkgs.git Nix packages repository - mirror of https... 3 hours ago
+ FFMpeg-mirror.git Mirror of the official FFMpeg Git repo 3 hours ago
ffmpeg.git 3 hours ago
inav.git INAV: Navigation-enabled flight control software stefan.naewe+rr... 3 hours ago
mediawiki.git MediaWiki Core 3 hours ago
+ wine.git Windows API implementation 4 hours ago
copyleftie-dotfiles.git copyleftie's (selected) dotfiles 4 hours ago
copyleftie-scripts.git helper scripts in my path 4 hours ago
gitter.git repo-mirroring@kumul... 5 hours ago
+ mono-project.git Mirror of the official Mono project git repos... 5 hours ago
CRYENGINE.git CRYENGINE is a powerful real-time game develo... 5 hours ago
wireshark.git 5 hours ago
betaflight.git stefan.naewe+rr... 5 hours ago
LibreOffice.git FREE OFFICE SUITE 5 hours ago
+ phabricator.git Open software engineering platform 5 hours ago
AROS.git Mirror of AROS' svn. 6 hours ago
coreboot.git ast, secure and flexible OpenSource firmware 6 hours ago
coreboot2.git coreboot repo mirror sidthane@aussiemail... 6 hours ago
pgsql.git Postgresql Clone from git://git.postgresql... 6 hours ago
ghc.git Glasgow Haskell Compiler 6 hours ago
AROS-Contrib.git Mirror of AROS' Contrib svn. 6 hours ago
+ glibc.git git mirror of glibc CVS 6 hours ago
libtommath.git Public domain multiple precision integer... 6 hours ago
blender.git Free and Open 3D Creation Software mackyle+blender... 6 hours ago
+ u-boot.git mirror of official u-boot git 6 hours ago
+ jhbuild.git Jhbuild 7 hours ago
+ void-packages.git The XBPS source packages collection 7 hours ago
glib.git glib mirror 7 hours ago
+ openocd.git Official OpenOCD Mirror openocd-devel-owner... 7 hours ago
LameXP.git Audio Encoder Front-End (Qt) 7 hours ago
andk-cpan-tools.git Half baked stuff for my everyday cpan hacking andreas.koenig.7os6VVqR... 7 hours ago
+ maxima.git Maxima, a Computer Algebra System Stromeko@Stromeko.DE 7 hours ago
+ xserver.git Mirror of freedesktop X server git repo 8 hours ago
xbmc.git XBMC Media Center 8 hours ago
jquery.git a fast, small, and feature-rich JavaScript... 8 hours ago
sdcc.git SDCC git mirror 8 hours ago
pcb-rnd-mirror.git Git mirror of Igor's pcb-rnd SVN repository 8 hours ago
+ vlc.git VLC Development tree mirror 9 hours ago
check_mk.git check_mk 9 hours ago
rack.git mirror of 9 hours ago
+ emacs.git Emacs repository mirror 9 hours ago
+ tails.git Tor-ified, amnesic Live system 9 hours ago
vala-gnome.git Gnome vala 9 hours ago
claws.git 10 hours ago
+ dokuwiki.git 10 hours ago
tmux.git tmux -- terminal multiplexer similar to GNU... 10 hours ago
inboxen.git Email privacy service moggers87+git@moggers87... 10 hours ago
+ illumos-gate.git Community developed and maintained version... 10 hours ago
opentx.git OpenTX is open source firmware for RC radio... stefan.naewe+rr... 11 hours ago
ProtonMail-WebClient.git Official AngularJS web client for the ProtonM... 11 hours ago
pf-kernel.git pf-kernel source code tree 11 hours ago
s-mailx.git A mail processing system intended to provide... 11 hours ago
ivdmd.git private fork of DMD. don't even try to use... 11 hours ago
tuleap.git Tuleap is a Free & Open Source Suite to impro... 12 hours ago
+ tor.git The Onion Router 12 hours ago
ivdphobos.git do not trespass! 12 hours ago
hbase.git HBase 12 hours ago
psysmon.git A seismological data processing and prototypi... 12 hours ago
+ dragonfly.git DragonFly BSD 12 hours ago
dnsmasq-china-list.git Accelerate Chinese Domains via Dnsmasq 12 hours ago
kiteware-cmake.git CMake is an open-source, cross-platform famil... stefan.naewe+rr... 12 hours ago
alt-git.git Alternate source for your git.git needs 12 hours ago
+ git.git The Best VCS Around 12 hours ago
evolution-data-server.git evolution-data-server mirror 13 hours ago
kolibrios.git Read-only git mirror of KolibriOS, a tiny... 13 hours ago
tmux-openbsd.git 13 hours ago
pygobject.git pygobject mirror 13 hours ago
+ vdsm.git oVirt vdsm Node manager 13 hours ago
+ libvirt.git libvirt mirror 13 hours ago
stompngo.git STOMP 1.1+ Client in go 14 hours ago
+ torspec.git Repository for Tor specification documents 14 hours ago
+ Samba.git Samba GIT mirror 15 hours ago
+ samba.git Samba git mirror 15 hours ago
+ samba4-gss.git GSS-enabled samba4 15 hours ago
+ gromacs.git The ultimate molecular dynamics simulation... 15 hours ago
blender-addons.git Central repository of Blender addons mackyle+blender... 15 hours ago
Booktype.git The open source platform to write and publish... service-repoor@kamal... 16 hours ago
smsapi-python.git SMS, MMS and Voice message sending service... 16 hours ago
TortoiseGit.git Windows Explorer Extension to Operate Git 17 hours ago
+ dmd.git dmd, the D programming language reference... 18 hours ago
+ dab-pve-appliances.git DAB examples from the proxmox pve project 18 hours ago
busybox-git.git Updated mirror of the Busybox GIT tree 18 hours ago
bioacid.git Tox client. completely unusable for anyone... 19 hours ago
slashemextended.git A NetHack fork 20 hours ago
openemr.git Mirror of official OpenEMR Sourceforge repository 21 hours ago
public-inbox.git an "archives first" approach to mailing lists 22 hours ago
mruby.git 22 hours ago
0ad.git A free, open-source game of ancient warfare 24 hours ago
linux-2.6-linus.git Linus Torvalds Linux Tree 24 hours ago
sqlite.git Unofficial git mirror of the SQLite sources 26 hours ago
dragora.git Dragora - an independent GNU/Linux-Libre... 27 hours ago
aurutils.git aurutils - helper tools for the aur 29 hours ago
+ geda-pcb.git gEDA/pcb CVS import 29 hours ago
+ parallel.git GNU Parallel Stromeko@Stromeko.DE 29 hours ago
valgrind.git Instrumentation framework for detecting many... 29 hours ago
iptables-mirror.git Iptables mirro 30 hours ago
+ gpodder.git gPodder — simple, usable podcast consumption... 30 hours ago
sgn.git Sol Genomics Network 31 hours ago
crap.git most unsorted things 32 hours ago
uclibc-ng.git embedded C library 33 hours ago
openadk.git Open Source Appliance Development Kit 33 hours ago
bioniC.git 33 hours ago
+ libsigrok.git basic hardware access drivers for logic analy... 34 hours ago
anjuta.git anjuta mirror 35 hours ago
vapoursynth.git A video processing framework with simplicity... 36 hours ago
mygpo.git is a webservice that connects... 37 hours ago
gnumeric.git gnumeric mirror 37 hours ago
luajit-2.0.git LuaJIT is a Just-In-Time Compiler for the... gitmirror-cz18-nospam... 39 hours ago
+ openal-soft.git Software OpenAL implementation 40 hours ago
www.git a ruby webserver carmen@whats-your... 41 hours ago
gzdoom8.git Ketmar's own private fork of GZDooM, with... 42 hours ago
aur.git Arch User-Community Repository (AUR) 43 hours ago
iv.d.git various I.V. D modules 44 hours ago
carla.git 44 hours ago
git-cola.git git-cola: A highly caffeinated git GUI 46 hours ago
blender-addons-contrib.git Central repository of Blender contrib addons mackyle+blender... 46 hours ago
+ grep.git GNU grep mirror 2 days ago
xapian.git Xapian Search Engine Library 2 days ago
ivdruntime.git do not trespass! 2 days ago
+ libsigrokdecode.git provides (streaming) protocol decoding functi... 2 days ago
thomas_code.git Collection of various scripts mostly revolvin... 2 days ago
+ nbdkit.git Liberally-licensed kit for writing user-space... 2 days ago
+ alpine.git Alpine is a program to manage e-mail 2 days ago
+ factor.git Factor programming language 2 days ago
wortliste.git A database of German words with hyphenation... 2 days ago
+ gnulib.git Mirror of the GNU Gnulib repository 2 days ago
worg.git Worg is a collectively-built knowledge databa... 2 days ago
+ pulseview.git Qt based logic analyzer, oscilloscope and... 2 days ago
polly-mirror.git 2 days ago
+ cairo.git Cairo graphics API 2 days ago
+ oi-userland.git 2 days ago
+ ntpsec.git A secure, hardened, and improved implementati... Stromeko@Stromeko.DE 2 days ago
+ coreutils.git GNU core utilities 3 days ago
+ moodle.git Read-only mirror of the Moodle CVS 3 days ago
smenu.git Get words from stdin and create a nice windo... 3 days ago
+ diffutils.git GNU Diffutils mirror 3 days ago
blocksruntime.git The libBlocksRuntime.a library from compiler-rt. 3 days ago
splendini.git 3 days ago
+ piglit.git 3 days ago
+ stem.git Tor control library for Python 3 days ago
emacs-helper.git 3 days ago
+ openafs.git Mirror of openafs.git from 3 days ago
neatroff_make.git neatroff top-level makefile 3 days ago
neatmkfn.git create font descriptions for neatroff 3 days ago
libav.git Modern FFMPEG SaburoutaMishima... 3 days ago
avr_dev_board.git 3 days ago
kdepim.git 3 days ago
+ nasm.git The Netwide Assembler 3 days ago
mu.git Soul of a tiny new machine. Track side effect... 3 days ago
linux.git Linux Kernel 3 days ago
mailman.git Mailing list software 3 days ago
musl.git musl libc mirror 4 days ago
wireshark-sm.git Metzes wireshark repo 4 days ago
smtp.git A small smtp client 4 days ago
yelp.git yelp mirror 4 days ago
heimdal.git Heimdal 4 days ago
+ sigrok-cli.git command-line frontend for sigrok 4 days ago
dueringa_WikiWalker.git Given a wikipedia article, build a graph... andreas@duering... 4 days ago
ttfautohint.git A library to autohint TrueType fonts 4 days ago
netsniff-ng.git netsniff-ng toolkit, the packet sniffing... daniel.borkmann... 4 days ago
netsniff-ng-new.git New netsniff-ng tree 4 days ago
sunny256-utils.git My ~/bin/ directory, with useful scripts... 4 days ago
evolution.git evolution mirror 4 days ago
neatpost.git neatroff's postscript postprocessor 4 days ago
+ dash.git dash shell 4 days ago
sqlgg.git SQL query parser and binding code generator... 4 days ago
EMFCompare2.git Eclipse foundation framework to comapre EMF... 4 days ago
openssh.git Portable OpenSSH is a multi-platform compatib... 4 days ago
GalaxyCodeBases.git A place to share codes with mates 4 days ago
ivdtools.git do not trespass! 5 days ago
atk.git atk mirror 5 days ago
tdesktop.git 5 days ago
user-js.git 5 days ago
fpmath-consensus.git Duct tape and glue for brute-force comparison... 5 days ago
+ nbd.git The Network Block Device is a Linux-originate... 5 days ago
smatch.git Static analysis for C 5 days ago
mtr.git MTR - a network diagnostic tool 5 days ago
ppcg.git 5 days ago
wmaker-crm.git The Window Maker window manager 5 days ago
isl.git Integer set library 5 days ago
prosody.git Prosody is a modern XMPP communication server. holger@zedat.fu... 5 days ago
+ qemu.git QEmu 6 days ago
dconf.git dconf mirror 6 days ago
dockapps.git Window Maker dockapps collection 6 days ago
+ lighttpd.git A fast webserver with minimal memory-footprin... 6 days ago
prosody-modules.git Non-core, unofficial and/or experimental... holger@zedat.fu... 6 days ago
Torque-3d.git 6 days ago
deployable.git Tools for creating deployable scripts/programs 6 days ago
whisperback.git WhisperBack mirror repository 6 days ago
newlib-cygwin.git philipp.trommler... 6 days ago
unleashed-userland.git Unleashed OS - userland 7 days ago
s-roff.git A text processor that formats text 7 days ago
ores.git wiki-mirroring@kumul... 7 days ago
mldonkey.git mldonkey - cross-platform multi-network p2p... 7 days ago
gtk-doc.git 7 days ago
psh.git The cross platform UNIX shell 7 days ago
miri.git Miri, the beauty in simplicity (IRC client) 7 days ago
spree.git Open Source e-commerce for Ruby on Rails 7 days ago
FlightAirMap.git Statistics and display real or virtual flight... 7 days ago
neatlibc.git A small ARM/x86(_64) libc 8 days ago
librepilot.git stefan.naewe+repo... 8 days ago
osmocom-bb.git osmocom-bb mirror 8 days ago
MUtilities.git MUtilities 8 days ago
+ vis.git a vim like text editor 8 days ago
vis-test.git testing infrastructure for vis editor 8 days ago
+ midnight-commander.git Midnight Commander 8 days ago
tuxfeeder.git A python program to turn webfeeds (rss/atom... 9 days ago
+ man-pages.git mirror of the Linux man-pages repository 9 days ago
blender-dev-tools.git Blender Developer Tools mackyle+blender... 9 days ago
libtomcrypt.git Public domain cryptographic toolkit 9 days ago
mediawiki-ext-josa.git Automated Korean postpositions processing 10 days ago
geiser.git Emacs and Scheme talk to each other 10 days ago
cview.git A comparative genetic map viewer 10 days ago
+ systemd_ALT.git A System and Session Manager (ALT Linux package) 10 days ago
dotbot.git A tool that bootstraps your dotfiles 10 days ago
Fedora-Rebuild.git Rebuilds Fedora packages from scratch 10 days ago
+ tar.git GNU tar mirror 10 days ago
bioperl-live.git BioPerl core 10 days ago
+ e2fsprogs.git Ext 2/3/4 filesystem utilities 11 days ago
cxgn-corelibs.git Various Modules relating to SGN 11 days ago
foam-extend-4.0.git The foam-extend project is a fork of the... 11 days ago
+ sigrok-test.git collection of various tools and files for... 11 days ago
git-manpages.git Pre-formatted manpages for Git 11 days ago
git-htmldocs.git Pre-formatted HTML documentation for Git 11 days ago
ghdl-vlg.git Experimental work 11 days ago
+ jekyll-now.git 11 days ago
mina86-dot-files.git My configuration files for various applicatio... 12 days ago
+ ncmpcpp.git an ncurses mpd client inspired by ncmpc electricityispower... 12 days ago
minidlna.git ReadyMedia (formerly known as MiniDLNA) is... some@bo.dy 12 days ago
oscam.git Open Source Conditional Access Modul 12 days ago
pm.git pm nobodyherethismailsucks... 12 days ago
+ torbutton.git 12 days ago
polylib.git Polyhedral library 12 days ago
dasher.git dasher mirror 13 days ago
debiancodesearch.git Debian Code Search 13 days ago
+ gitmagic.git A guide to using Git 13 days ago
phenome.git Scripts and libraries for managing the SGN... 2 weeks ago
+ tails-persistence-setup.git Tails persistence setup program tails-sysadmins... 2 weeks ago
ocurl.git Git mirror for OCaml libcurl bindings 2 weeks ago
gimp-help-2.git 2 weeks ago
gfwlist.git GFWList 2 weeks ago
flac.git sehgtrvdgbeinhc... 2 weeks ago
cbzview.git minimalistic cbz viewer 2 weeks ago
rubinius.git mirror of 2 weeks ago
+ sigrok-dumps.git various captured logic analyzer signals ... 2 weeks ago
sgilles-overlay.git My overlay for Gentoo. Safety not guaranteed. 2 weeks ago
gentoo-zh.git gentoo zh overlay 2 weeks ago
+ sigrok-util.git Various sigrok related utilities 2 weeks ago
zxemut.git ZX Spectrum Emulator 2 weeks ago
zynaddsubfx-code.git 2 weeks ago
chiroptera.git very uncustomizable private email client 2 weeks ago
+ tinycc.git tinycc git repository 2 weeks ago
cheese.git cheese 2 weeks ago
+ openttd.git OpenTTD trunk 2 weeks ago
+ wdl.git WDL (by Cockos Inc.) is a free and open sourc... 2 weeks ago
+ geany-mirror.git A fast and lightweight IDE 2 weeks ago
adg.git ADG: Automatic Drawing Generation 2 weeks ago
fbpad_mkfn.git create fbpad font files 2 weeks ago
ScratchABlock.git Yet another crippled decompiler project 2 weeks ago
+ ext4-patch-queue.git Ext4 Patch Queue 2 weeks ago
neatroff.git neatroff troff implementation 2 weeks ago
vkmodelviewer.git Vkd3d port of ModelViewer/MiniEngine. 2 weeks ago
+ unleashed.git Unleashed OS 2 weeks ago
cgit.git web interface (cgi) for git repositories... 3 weeks ago
bordeaux-threads.git Portable shared-state concurrency for Common... 3 weeks ago
libc-test.git libc test suit 3 weeks ago
ranger.git fast vim-like file manager 3 weeks ago
wrffire.git A coupled weather-fire forecasting model... jon.beezley.math... 3 weeks ago
minix.git MINIX 3 ( mirror) 3 weeks ago
minix3.git MINIX 3 ( mirror) 3 weeks ago
wanderlust.git 3 weeks ago
+ cppi.git GNU cppi mirror 3 weeks ago
clav.git A program to visualize cluster algebras as... 3 weeks ago
dvtm.git dynamic virtual terminal manager for the... 3 weeks ago
QuoteCollapse.git QuoteCollapse extension quotecollapse-owner... 3 weeks ago
PyCatFile.git A tar like file format name catfile after... kazuki.przyborowski... 3 weeks ago
L-SMASH.git A simple tool for mp4. 3 weeks ago
xreader.git very simple fb2 reader, written in D language 3 weeks ago
+ PyX.git Unofficial Git mirror of the original Subvers... 3 weeks ago
iDB.git Internet Discussion Boards is a message board... kazuki.przyborowski... 3 weeks ago
ivdxp.git NO TRESPASSING! 3 weeks ago
mplayer-setup-win32.git Custom "out of the box" installer script... 3 weeks ago
minetest_doc_basics.git A Minetest mod which adds basic gameplay... 3 weeks ago
minetest_doc_modpack.git Modpack of the Documentation System mods... 3 weeks ago
+ minetest_doc_items.git A Minetest mod which adds auto-generated... 3 weeks ago
minetest_doc_identifier.git Adds a tool which shows a help window with... 3 weeks ago
minetest_doc.git A simple in-game documentation system (framew... 3 weeks ago
osx-goodies.git Kernel extensions for OS X which i wrote 3 weeks ago
+ siplcs.git A third-party Pidgin plugin for Microsoft... 4 weeks ago
+ dpkg.git Debian package management system 4 weeks ago
empathy-mirror.git empathy mirror 4 weeks ago
nijm-empathy.git Personal Empathy clone for development 4 weeks ago
+ rsync.git rsync: a fast, versatile, remote (and local... 4 weeks ago
+ ode.git Open Dynamics Engine 4 weeks ago
SmugglerRL.git A roguelike written in D. 4 weeks ago
+ automake.git Mirror of the GNU Automake repository 4 weeks ago
+ libusb.git libusb is a C library that provides generic... 4 weeks ago
Hedgewars_Game_Hacks.git A Hedgewars script which allows to change... 4 weeks ago
survex.git Survex is a software suite to aid mapping... 4 weeks ago
guerillascript.git Guerilla Script addon for Pale Moon 4 weeks ago
+ urjtag.git Universal JTAG library, server and tools 4 weeks ago
slibtool.git 4 weeks ago
slib.git A C function-reusing library 4 weeks ago
brasero.git brasero mirror 4 weeks ago
gdal.git gdal git mirror 4 weeks ago
shell-scripts.git 4 weeks ago
+ cygwin-setup.git Mirror of Cygwin-Setup Stromeko@Stromeko.DE 4 weeks ago
mcabber.git MCabber is a powerful text-based XMPP client. holger@zedat.fu... 4 weeks ago
+ networkupstools.git Network UPS Tools 4 weeks ago
amule.git aMule P2P client stefano.picerno... 4 weeks ago
dvblast.git DVBlast is a simple and powerful MPEG-2/TS... some@bo.dy 4 weeks ago
+ girocco.git The duct tape "Girocco" 4 weeks ago
KDIS.git DIS(IEEE 1278.1) Fully Implemented in C++ stefan.naewe+ro... 4 weeks ago
express.git 4 weeks ago
+ autoconf.git Mirror of the GNU Autoconf repository 4 weeks ago
fluidsynth-winbin.git FluidSynth binaries for windows both x86... joshua.przyborowski... 5 weeks ago
xiph-mirror.git Automatic mirror of svn repository 5 weeks ago
abduco.git abduco a tool for session [at|de]tach support 5 weeks ago
ScratchABit.git Easily retargetable and hackable interactive... 5 weeks ago
d2df-sdl.git a port of Doom 2D Forever to FPC/SDL 5 weeks ago
+ barvinok.git lattice point enumeration library 5 weeks ago
+ libsigsegv.git Mirror of the GNU libsigsegv repository 5 weeks ago
+ xcbproto.git mirror of xcb/proto from 5 weeks ago
gentoo-interactive-fiction.git Gentoo ebuilds for players and authors of... 5 weeks ago
neatmail.git A command-line mail client. 5 weeks ago
Tadpole.git repo-mirror-admin... 6 weeks ago
+ openbox.git Openbox Window Manager 6 weeks ago
+ mesa-demos.git OpenGL and GLES demos initially developed... 6 weeks ago
james-home-etc.git My main dotfiles 6 weeks ago
ruwai.git A 24-Bit open hardware datalogger. 6 weeks ago
cris-mirror.git CRIS linux kernel tree 6 weeks ago
isa.git integer set analysis framework 6 weeks ago
libpwmd.git Password Manager Daemon application library 6 weeks ago
xorg-util-modular.git xorg util-modular scripts 6 weeks ago
slyfox-gentoo.git gentoo overlay for various bleeding edge... 6 weeks ago
fbpad.git A small linux framebuffer virtual terminal 6 weeks ago
monitoring-plugin-perl.git Monitoring::Plugin holger@zedat.fu... 6 weeks ago
android_tools.git 7 weeks ago
sample_so_logview.git andreas.duering... 7 weeks ago
kdbg.git A graphical interface to GDB 7 weeks ago
pet.git 7 weeks ago
libautomation.git C library (linux) to make home/industry autom... 7 weeks ago
PyUPC-EAN.git PyUPC-EAN is a barcode library/module for... kazuki.przyborowski... 7 weeks ago
pwmd.git Password Manager Daemon 7 weeks ago
libftdi.git libFTDI - FTDI USB driver with bitbang mode andreas.fritiofson... 7 weeks ago
k8flk.git fork of FLK forth kernel 7 weeks ago
+ cygport.git Mirror of Cygport w/ HTTP access Stromeko@Stromeko.DE 7 weeks ago
simple-x264-launcher.git GUI Encoder Front-End for x264 and x265 7 weeks ago
+ iolib.git Common Lisp I/O library 8 weeks ago
unicorn.git Rack HTTP server for Unix, fast clients 8 weeks ago
copyleftie-krc.git responses to exercises from K&R C (second... 8 weeks ago
blender-translations.git Blender UI translation management project mackyle+blender... 8 weeks ago
htmlpurifier-web.git Website for HTML Purifier found at htmlpurifi... 8 weeks ago
+ htmlpurifier.git Standards-compliant HTML filter written in PHP 8 weeks ago
neatvi.git A small ex/vi editor 8 weeks ago
+ stgit.git Stacked Git official repository catalin.marinas... 8 weeks ago
hkl.git Diffractometer computation library picca@synchrotron... 8 weeks ago
pspp.git GNU PSPP 2 months ago
hunchentoot.git Common Lisp web server 2 months ago
llf.git A LaTeX reformatter / beautifier 2 months ago
Neo-Hockey-Test.git Just a test script dealing with hockey games... kazuki.przyborowski... 2 months ago
stomp.git Ruby STOMP Client 2 months ago
foam-extend-3.2.git The foam-extend project is a fork of the... 2 months ago
+ metastore.git Making git usable for backing up file attribu... 2 months ago
bibanon.git The Bibliotheca Anonoma is a project to save... 2 months ago
knightmare.git D port of Andy Zabolotny's DOS Knightmare... 2 months ago
unleashed-web.git Unleashed OS - website 2 months ago
sha1collisiondetection.git Library and command line tool to detect SHA... 2 months ago
markdown.git Markdown text-to-HTML conversion tool 2 months ago
+ tor-bridgedb.git 2 months ago
+ fast-export.git Programs to feed git-fast-import frej.drejhammar... 2 months ago
unleashed-kayak.git Unleashed OS - kayak installer 2 months ago
cffi.git The Common Foreign Function Interface loliveira@common... 2 months ago
gnushogi.git GNU Shogi - official repository mirror 2 months ago
banshee.git banshee mirror 2 months ago
+ gfxprim.git A simple 2D graphics library with emphasis... jiri.bluebear.dluhos... 2 months ago
hosilter.git 2 months ago
gzdoomk8-flashlight.git flashlight for my gzdoom fork 2 months ago
+ sigrok-firmware.git Firmware for some hardware which is supported... 2 months ago
alure.git OpenAL Utility Library 2 months ago
k8doom_hud.git gzdoom: my hud (requires my own gzdoom fork) 2 months ago
trojita.git Trojita is a Qt IMAP client. 2 months ago
+ cdrkit.git 2 months ago
+ xz.git XZ Utils 2 months ago
+ minetest_hudbars.git A Minetest mod which replaces the default... 2 months ago
+ minetest_hbhunger.git A Minetest mod which adds a hunger mechanic... 2 months ago
d2df-binlib.git prebuilt binary libraries for Doom 2D: Foreve... 2 months ago
clqr.git Common Lisp Quick Reference 2 months ago my webstire thing 2 months ago
stompngo_examples.git Examples for using the stompngo package. 2 months ago
congif.git convert script(1) output to GIF 2 months ago
minetest_doc_minetest_game.git Adds help texts for the documentation system... 2 months ago
+ uci2wb.git Cross-variant protocol adapter for UCI dialec... 2 months ago
james-src.git A place to hang my projects 2 months ago
ruby_posix_mq.git POSIX Message Queues for Ruby 2 months ago
kgio.git kinder, gentler I/O for Ruby 2 months ago
lindodroid.git lindosoft public android repository 2 months ago
ganeti-roll-helper.git Small helper script for rolling maintenance... knut.arne.bjorndal... 2 months ago
dtas.git duct tape audio suite for *nix 2 months ago
guix.git My copy of guix 2 months ago
cmdllinux.git linux distribution 2 months ago
anjuta-extras.git anjuta-extras 2 months ago
gifenc.git small C99 GIF encoder 2 months ago
+ mpd-mirror.git Music Player Daemon (mirror) 2 months ago
+ sigrok-firmware-fx2lafw.git open-source firmware for Cypress FX2 chips... 2 months ago
msgthr.git container-agnostic, non-recursive message... 2 months ago
korenews.git RSS reader addon for Pale Moon 2 months ago
+ docutils.git docutils git mirror 2 months ago
dutest.git docutils git mirror 2 months ago
litjson.git JSON library for .Net 2 months ago
dxcommon.git Assorted scripts and snippets for use in... 2 months ago
nci.git A set of CLI tools to interact with the Canva... 2 months ago
sgc2.git Speak Good Chinese 2 months ago
+ markdown-mode.git Major mode to edit Markdown files in Emacs 2 months ago
+ pkg-k5-afs_openafs.git Mirror of pkg-k5-afs/openafs.git (OpenAFS... 2 months ago
gifdec.git small C GIF decoder 3 months ago
k8doom_gore.git gzdoom ketchup 3 months ago
libmime.git Library for handling MIME messages in myrddin 3 months ago
marcv-overlay.git marcv's personal gentoo overlay with fixes... mrc_timer@users... 3 months ago
+ iguanair.git Source code for IguanaWorks USB IR Transceiver 3 months ago
pohms.git pohms 3 months ago
FrskyTelemetry.git 3 months ago
unleashed-pkg5.git Unleashed OS - pkg5 3 months ago
MogileFS-Server.git MogileFS server 3 months ago
MogileFS-Utils.git MogileFS Command line utilities 3 months ago
k8doom_brweapons.git gzdoom: my weapons 3 months ago
+ x264.git Clone of VLC x264 git repo 3 months ago
sqlcipher.git SQLCipher is an SQLite extension that provide... 3 months ago
+ jimtcl.git Jim Tcl project steveb@workware... 3 months ago
minetest_cmdtool.git A Minetest mod which adds a tool to execute... 3 months ago
meta-sigrok.git Yocto layer for libraries and... 3 months ago
+ gzip.git GNU Gzip mirror 3 months ago
libmaildir.git Utility functions for interacting with maildi... 3 months ago
edgap.git simple text editing engine 3 months ago
d2df-res.git Resources for Doom 2D: Forever 3 months ago
qsynth-winbin.git QSynth binaries for windows both x86 and... joshua.przyborowski... 3 months ago
liberty-mw-skin.git liberty-mw-skin... 3 months ago
lsnes.git Rerecording SNES/GB(C) emulator based on... ilari.liusvaara... 3 months ago
bitcoinplatinum.git 3 months ago
omgdav.git Rack app for bridging WebDAV and MogileFS 3 months ago
vecto.git Simple Vector Drawing with Common Lisp 3 months ago
haiku.git Clone of Haiku svn repository 3 months ago
+ compass.git Script and website to extract relay statistics 3 months ago 3 months ago
salmon.git It's like Django for email. moggers87+git@moggers87... 3 months ago
moreutils.git A collection of the unix tools that nobody... 3 months ago
git-log-compact.git compact git log --oneline with who & when 3 months ago
+ org-mode.git Org-mode, an Emacs mode for organizing your... 3 months ago
libmarkov.git Simple Markov chain(-esque) library for myrddin 3 months ago
myrddin-wip.git Overlay for myrddin projects in gentoo 3 months ago
k8doom_headshots.git gzdoom: my headshorts (requires my own gzdoom... 3 months ago
zs3.git Amazon S3 and CloudFront from Common Lisp 3 months ago
james-home-plus.git My extra dot files 3 months ago
OptFetch.git Lightweight C library for getting arguments... 3 months ago
beanstalkd.git Beanstalkd is a fast, distributed, in-memory... 3 months ago
minish.git A minimal shell 3 months ago
ditty2.git X11 terminal emulator and file commander... 4 months ago
+ libmpdclient.git 4 months ago
mes.d.git simple statically-typed compiler for 3-operan... 4 months ago
iDB-Extras.git Extras for iDB/IntDB. kazuki.przyborowski... 4 months ago
ruby-mogilefs-client.git MogileFS client library for Ruby 4 months ago
libserialport.git Serial port access library 4 months ago
sm64o.git SM64 Online 4 months ago
olddoc.git old-fashioned Ruby documentation generator(s) 4 months ago
+ dwarves.git Pahole and other DWARF utils 4 months ago template files 4 months ago
archnosh.git archnosh mirror 4 months ago
sks-keyservers-pool.git sks-repo-cz@kumul... 4 months ago
zymosis.git Z80 emulation core (mainly aimed at ZX Spectr... 4 months ago
minetest_mcl_supplemental.git A mod for MineClone 2 which adds plenty of... 4 months ago
debian-policy.git Debian Policy Manual and related documents 4 months ago
james-cron.git my crontabs 4 months ago
james-home.git My home directory including ~/bin 4 months ago
ezcert.git Create various types of certificates 4 months ago
maven-build-process.git Resources & configuration for the Maven based... 4 months ago
PYPOWER.git Power flow and optimal power flow solver 4 months ago
+ conkeror.git a xulrunner web browser with an emacs-like... 4 months ago
ssoma.git some sort of mail archiver 4 months ago
neatrefer.git A small refer clone 4 months ago
luagraph.git LuaGRAPH is a binding to the graphviz library. 4 months ago
cedet.git Collection of Emacs Development Environment... 4 months ago
cvs2svn.git Migrate CVS repositories to SVN or git or... 4 months ago
neateqn.git An eqn preprocessor for neatroff 4 months ago
wynter-salt-workstation.git Salt configuraiton for workstation and small... dereckson@espace... 4 months ago
syslinux.git The Syslinux boot loader collection 4 months ago
pidgin-git.git Git mirror of Pidgin's Mercurial repository 5 months ago
fai-config.git 5 months ago
minetest_mtg_plus.git A Minetest mod for Minetest Game which adds... 5 months ago
bvfour.git 5 months ago
Cafu-Engine.git 5 months ago
cafu-Engine.git 5 months ago
yahns.git sleepy, multi-threaded, non-blocking applicat... 5 months ago
libmodbus.git libmodbus mirror 5 months ago
phoros.git A Tool for Photogrammetric Road Survey 5 months ago
minetest_flying_carpet.git Quickly explore the vast terrain with the... 5 months ago
ferm.git ferm is a tool to maintain complex firewalls... 5 months ago
stylehouse.git 5 months ago
engrid-github.git This is a mirror repository of the new locati... 5 months ago
minetest_spawnbuilder.git A Minetest mod which generates a stone platfo... 5 months ago
k8jam.git fork of JAM build system 5 months ago
k8-i-v-a-n.git I.V.A.N. roguelike fork 5 months ago
alacarte.git alacarte mirror 5 months ago
ncmpc.git A ncurses (command line) interface for MPD. 5 months ago
cdimgtools.git tools to inspect and manipulate CD/DVD optica... 5 months ago
chl.git 5 months ago
regano.git TLD management system for OpenNIC TLDs, initi... 5 months ago
quincer.git A sequencer for composed music 5 months ago
monitoring-plugins.git Monitoring Plugins holger@zedat.fu... 5 months ago
+ tomato.git Tomato firmware and modifications. 5 months ago
ng-jackspa.git simple LADSPA plugin hosts for JACK (cli... 5 months ago
italian_vat_calculator.git 5 months ago
netsurf-overlay.git An overlay of Netsurf-related ebuilds for... 5 months ago
why3.git A platform for deductive program verification matej.grabovsky... 5 months ago
bifrost.git 5 months ago
mygpoclient.git API Reference Client Implementation 5 months ago
postmodern.git Common Lisp library for interacting with... 5 months ago
smsapi-java.git SMS, MMS and Voice message sending service... 5 months ago
AROS-Ports.git Mirror of AROS' Ports svn. 5 months ago
cmogstored.git alternative mogstored implementation for... 5 months ago
xoc.git Xoc, an Extension-Oriented Compiler 5 months ago
+ geda-gaf.git geda-gaf git mirror 6 months ago
wootedit.git very primitive collaborative notepad 6 months ago
zinnia.git a small demo engine 6 months ago
latex2e.git latex2e git mirror 6 months ago
storage-units.git Storage units according to ISO IEC 80000... 6 months ago
gitspread.git Spread Git commits to several other servers... 6 months ago
git-dm.git Git Data Miner 6 months ago
reddit.git Reddit Source Code redditgit@kumul... 6 months ago
libswo.git Library to decode SWO trace data 6 months ago
dejagnu.git DejaGnu is a framework for testing other... 6 months ago
yosql.git zero dependency database access for java 6 months ago
+ wvtest.git wvtest.git mirror 6 months ago
toolchains.git toolchains for newos. 6 months ago
pipeglade.git Graphical User Interfaces, The UNIX Way 6 months ago
sqlite-export.git Instructions for creating a git mirror of... 6 months ago
smr.git alternative assets inventory system 6 months ago
rarfile.git Rar archive reader for Python 6 months ago
x264-7mod.git patched x264, dangerous,Source unofficial... 6 months ago
rersyncrecent.git File-Rsync-Mirror-Recentfile andreas.koenig.7os6VVqR... 6 months ago
d2df-editor.git Doom2DF editor ported to FPC/Lazarus 6 months ago
swodec.git Command-line utility to decode SWO trace... 6 months ago
sgn-devtools.git SGN development tools 6 months ago
matilda.git Go/Igo/Wéiqí/Baduk playing software for Linux... 6 months ago
+ tagua.git A generic board game application 6 months ago
rover.git simple file browser for the terminal 6 months ago
odt2txt.git A simple converter from OpenDocument Text... 6 months ago
pve-qemu-kvm.git QEMU/KVM Emulator packaging from the proxmox... 6 months ago
+ bison.git GNU bison 7 months ago
minetest_schemedit.git A Minetest mod for modders and advanced users... 7 months ago
WWW-OrangeHRM-Client.git Client for OrangeHRM 7 months ago
planetfilter.git filter for blog aggregators 7 months ago
antimony.git Programming language development kit 7 months ago
+ minetest_hbarmor.git A Minetest mod which displays the armor damag... 7 months ago
bioperl-run.git BioPerl wrappers 7 months ago
debian_lojban-common.git Debian packaging for ‘lojban-common’ 7 months ago
tomsfastmath.git Public domain accelerated large integer library 7 months ago
blockfinder.git 7 months ago
arxana.git 7 months ago
luasnmp.git LuaSNMP is a Lua binding to SNMP client funct... 7 months ago
tinyapps.git Tiny Applications Collection (or tinyapps... 7 months ago
cpan-testers-parsereport.git CPAN-Testers-ParseReport andreas.koenig.7os6VVqR... 7 months ago
gsmalarm.git Set of simple scripts to send alarm calls... 7 months ago
libjaylink.git Library to access J-Link devices 7 months ago
copter_light.git Control four LEDs with an ATtiny or Arduino stefan.naewe+ro... 7 months ago
+ voldemort.git Voldemort is a distributed key-value storage... 7 months ago
nsca-ng.git NSCA-ng is an add-on for transferring check... 7 months ago
+ mootools.git 7 months ago
libretro-ppsspp.git libretro ppsspp library some@bo.dy 7 months ago
minetest_tutorial_subgame.git A basic tutorial for Minetest. This repositor... 7 months ago
PyCIM.git Python implementation of the Common Informati... 8 months ago
+ sgt-puzzles.git git-svn mirror of Simon Tatham's Portable... 8 months ago
d2df-bot.git IRC bot for the #doom2d channel 8 months ago
DynamicAudioNormalizer.git Advanced Audio Normalization Library 8 months ago
cldr2json.git Converts CLDR keyboard description to JSON 8 months ago
+ guilt.git Git Quilt 8 months ago
minetest_ltool.git A Minetest mod which helps modders in creatin... 8 months ago
fuzz.git Simple fuzzing program in C - prints many... 8 months ago
raindrops.git real-time stats for preforking Rack servers 8 months ago
OnlineNandroid.git Nandroid backup without reboot. ameer1234567890... 8 months ago
FYD.git It's an open source video game, First Person... 8 months ago
squashed.git Squashed3D: a simple 3d engine using Q2 data 8 months ago
coverlet.git A small python program to display cover art... 8 months ago
+ elinks.git The ultimate text WWW browser 9 months ago
guix-packages.git My guix packages 9 months ago
e-government-ua.git Портал державних послуг 9 months ago
+ pcp.git Performance Co-Pilot is a system performance... 9 months ago
linux-gpu-amd-si.git my old custom radeon driver sylvain.bertrand... 9 months ago
tlock.git A terminal locker like vlock 9 months ago
MACS.git 9 months ago
+ xf86-video-sis.git 9 months ago
nobug.git Nobug debugging library 9 months ago
shigofumi.git Client for ISDS 9 months ago
libisds.git Client library for ISDS 9 months ago
netwalk.git A puzzle game: connect all terminals to the... 9 months ago
gyphy-test.git 9 months ago
transyMjolnir.git PostScript program to draw a fun transpride... 9 months ago
cougar.git Cougar: she is hotter than MILF! 9 months ago
opensg.git 9 months ago
intel-intrinsics-guide-manpages.git 9 months ago
lumi-signature-composer.git 9 months ago
groove-signature-composer.git rroperzh+groove... 9 months ago
minetest_show_wielded_item.git A Minetest mod which displays the wielded... 9 months ago
show_item_names.git A Minetest mod which displays the wielded... 9 months ago
Nagios-Plugin.git Nagios::Plugin perl module holger@zedat.fu... 9 months ago
+ gestor.git borgesdossantosbruno... 9 months ago
trivial-shell.git Interface from Common Lisp to the underlying... 9 months ago
nitroswdr.git NitroSWDR 9 months ago
Parcimonie.git repo-or-cz@kumul... 9 months ago
parcimonie.git repomirror@kumul... 9 months ago
parsely-signature-composer.git rroperzh+parsely... 9 months ago
sdvi-signature-composer.git 9 months ago
gnucap-felix.git 9 months ago
waldo-signature-composer.git 9 months ago
pop3.git A simple pop3 client and MDA 9 months ago
hola-signature-composer.git 10 months ago
elation-signature-composer.git rroperzh+elation... 10 months ago
boords-signature-composer.git 10 months ago
collage-signature-composer.git A little app that I made for :) 10 months ago
sysdig-signature-composer.git Little project made for Sysdig :) 10 months ago
minetest_real_suffocation.git A Minetest mod in which the player will lose... 10 months ago
minetest_mana.git A Minetest mod which adds a new mana attribut... 10 months ago
minetest_origin.git A Minetest Mod which adds a starter block... 10 months ago
minetest_teletool.git A Minetest mod which adds a short-range telep... 10 months ago
minetest_bedrock2.git A Minetest mod which adds an indestructible... 10 months ago
minetest_returnmirror.git A Minetest mod which adds a magical mirror... 10 months ago
minetest_orienteering.git A Minetest mod which adds various simple... 10 months ago
rb-79.git RB-79 imageboard 10 months ago
+ iotop.git Top like utility for I/O 10 months ago
guix-configs.git 10 months ago
cnoor.git A simple holy Quran viewer for linux framebuffer 10 months ago
minetest_colorcubes.git A Minetest mod which adds colorful abstract... 10 months ago
regurgitator.git Read-only Rack endpoints for MogileFS 10 months ago
http_spew.git LAN-only HTTP spammer^H^H^H^Hclient for Ruby 10 months ago
+ gtkhtml.git gtkhtml mirror 10 months ago
minetest_shifted_blocks.git Adds shifted block variants which have their... 10 months ago
class-dump.git A command-line utility for examining the... 10 months ago
agd5f.git 10 months ago
passegares-wiki.git Wiki of PasseGares dereckson@espace... 10 months ago
+ freeciv.git 'Cause Civilization should be free! 11 months ago
moggers87-useful.git Some (hopefully) useful scripts I've written... moggers87+git@moggers87... 11 months ago
clogger.git configurable request logging for Rack 11 months ago
amper.git Amper: tiny music player 11 months ago
ljx.git 11 months ago
dd2d.git DooM2D Re-Created, in D 11 months ago
+ slackbuilds.git Mirror of repository 11 months ago
syncthinglauncher.git A simple app to launch Syncthing. 11 months ago
pegarip.git PRIVATE PROJECT; STAY AWAY! 11 months ago
scrotnet.git 11 months ago
licicunzhao.git licicunzhao 11 months ago
+ libtool.git GNU Libtool mirror 11 months ago
+ kohana-database.git 11 months ago
menche_rl.git A roguelike I started working on, currently... 11 months ago
ddclient.git Perl client used to update dynamic DNS entrie... 11 months ago
+ portablelinux.git yet another Live USB linux installator 11 months ago
k8sterm.git fork of suckless st terminal 11 months ago
powerproduction-test.git 12 months ago
+ centerim5.git a textmode multi-protocol im client 12 months ago
double-file-scanner.git Tool for scanning for duplicate files, quickly 12 months ago
fuzzy_alarm_clock.git An alarm clock that doesn't give useless... 12 months ago
funkshun.git Попытки штангизма 12 months ago
kcar.git bytestream to Rack response converter 12 months ago
what-a-great-shame.git Элементы позерства 12 months ago
logick.git Pseudodeclarative 12 months ago
unuzbl.git Quarantine repo for stuff being in stagnation ;-) 12 months ago
+ minetest-c55.git An extensible sandbox survival game 12 months ago
nyatools.git memory scanner for GNU/Linux 12 months ago
tennix.git Multiplayer SDL tennis game 12 months ago
fuseres.git A FUSE based filesystem to record DNS informa... 12 months ago
hvf.git HVF operating system (git mirror) 12 months ago
git-osx-installer.git Git OS X Installer Patch Sources 12 months ago
pcreposix-compat.git POSIX BREs & EREs via enhanced PCRE's pcrepos... 12 months ago
xz-embedded.git a relatively small decompressor for the ... 12 months ago
sgc3.git Speak Good Chinese version 3 12 months ago
geos.git geos git mirror 12 months ago
somegraph.git 12 months ago
git-rebase2.git git-rebase2, advanced rebaser 12 months ago
rainbows.git Unicorn for slow clients and sleepy apps 12 months ago
ps4-sdk.git ps4-sdk 12 months ago
mesecons_window.git Minetest mod: Adds 3 glass blocks which chang... 12 months ago
splint-patched.git Patched version for SPLint (Secure Programmin... 12 months ago
eigenmath-fx.git Eigenmath CAS engin port to Casio fx-9860... 12 months ago
zathura.git My teaching stuff 12 months ago
buildroot-gz.git My buildroot patches gustavo@zacarias... 13 months ago
vde.git vde git mirror 13 months ago
xenomai-head.git Real-time framework for Linux (backup clone) 13 months ago
sleepy_penguin.git Linux I/O events for Ruby 13 months ago
libeditor.git A layered modular library for writing text... 13 months ago
TEvoiceconversion.git Praat script to change a normal voice towards... 13 months ago
unifdef.git lightweight C preprocessor 13 months ago
minetest_sfinv_buttons.git A Minetest mod which adds a tab to the Simple... 13 months ago
+ git-gui.git Tk based UI for Git 13 months ago
prads.git PRADS is a Passive Real-time Asset Detection... comotion@krutt.og 13 months ago
minetest_tsm_chests_dungeon.git A Minetest mod which adds some chests with... 13 months ago
aNetHack.git A variant of NetHack 3.6-dev 13 months ago
NiftyHack.git A NetHack fork 13 months ago
whome.git The source code 13 months ago
gnash.git Gnash is the GNU SWF movie player 13 months ago
luatex.git LuaTeX git mirror 13 months ago
+ RailCorridors.git Mirror of 13 months ago
canary-depot.git An application in java spring. 13 months ago
pylit.git Literate programming with reStructuredText 13 months ago
nautilus-actions.git nautilus-actions mirror 14 months ago
iomenu.git Interactive line selection for the terminal. 14 months ago
knntp.git very simple nntp reader 14 months ago
tango-nonfree.git packaging of the java nonfree part of tango picca@synchrotron... 14 months ago
backlight-adjust.git A tool to adjust backlight via Linux's /sys 14 months ago Java library for fiscal years 14 months ago
cvsclone.git A quick CVS repository leecher johannes.schindelin... 14 months ago
home.git a collection of config files 14 months ago
shumway.git Shumway is a Flash VM and runtime written... 14 months ago
repo-manager.git tools to manage source repositories 14 months ago my resume 14 months ago
fbff.git A small ffmpeg-based framebuffer media player 14 months ago
parenscript.git Translator from Common Lisp to JavaScript 14 months ago
minetest_central_message.git A Minetest mod which provides a simple API... 14 months ago
xproc-workshop-2017-wiki.git Mirror of the XProc Workshop 2017 Wiki 14 months ago
botphone.git 14 months ago
luajson.git JSON Parser/Constructor for Lua Uses LPeg... 14 months ago
syren.git syren 14 months ago
reconos.git ReconOS, a Linux-based reconfigurable operati... daniel.borkmann... 14 months ago
lammps.git LAMMPS Molecular Dynamics Simulator 14 months ago
+ vd_agent.git 14 months ago
anything-config.git Predefined sources and actions for anything.el 14 months ago
+ socat.git Relay for bidirectional data transfer 14 months ago
test_app_1.git 15 months ago
libfiu.git Fault injection in userspace albertito@blitiri... 15 months ago
gitk.git 15 months ago
shor-ty-flameletmodel.git Mirror repository for the flamelet model... 15 months ago
+ mdbtools.git mirror of mdbtools.git from github 15 months ago
musl-tools.git posix api coverage tables for musl 15 months ago
opus_libre.git Opus Libre is a framework for the GNU LilyPon... 15 months ago
+ minetest_easyvend.git A Minetest mod which adds vending and deposit... 15 months ago
+ m4.git GNU M4 15 months ago
null-analysis.git Java utility related to NULL analysis 15 months ago
suppress-warnings.git Constants for @SuppressWarnings annotations 15 months ago Java memoization library 15 months ago
generic-types.git 15 months ago
+ sigrok-meter.git Python DMM/datalogger GUI 15 months ago
dayle.git simple AY player in D (obsolete, see ZXEmuT... 15 months ago
DvizhuhaBot.git Движуха - Бот для продвинутого XMPP, который... 15 months ago
k8aylet.git fork of AY player 'aylet' 15 months ago
minetest_wateringcan.git A Minetest mod which adds a watering can... 15 months ago
minetest_doc_encyclopedia.git A Minetest mod which adds an item to access... 15 months ago
minetest_doc_example.git An example Minetest mod for modders who want... 15 months ago
lisp-unit.git A Test Framework for Common Lisp in the style... thomas.m.hermann... 15 months ago
pylon.git Power system and energy market analysis with... 15 months ago
sebhoss-ansible-setup.git Ansible setup for a local development environment 15 months ago 16 months ago
login_krb5.git bsd_auth provider for KerberosV 16 months ago
warndiff.git show heuristic of diff of build errors 16 months ago
tor-test-java.git 16 months ago
pizzagate.git 16 months ago
PyWWW-Get.git python libary/module to download files. kazuki.przyborowski... 16 months ago
PyMotherless.git Get urls of images/videos from motherless. kazuki.przyborowski... 16 months ago
afaq.git afaq chinese translation 16 months ago
pluto.git Pluto - polyhedral automatic parallelizer 16 months ago
Sonic-Engine-360.git joshua.przyborowski... 16 months ago
tutil.git A toolbox for developing command line applica... 16 months ago
brdnet.git [WIP] P2P messaging and file-sharing network 16 months ago
debian_mullvad-client.git Debian packaging for ‘mullvad-client’ 16 months ago
debian_inform6.git Debian packaging for ‘inform6’ 16 months ago
fbpdf.git A small framebuffer pdf viewer 16 months ago
gpstools.git Software for converting and storing GPS track... 16 months ago
dput.git Debian package upload toolkit 16 months ago
find-dups.git 16 months ago
tor-test-java-test.git 16 months ago
k8doom_voxels.git carefully selected voxel models for gzdoom 16 months ago
2ch-be.git 2chnenene@yahoo... 16 months ago
+ arduino-ctags.git 16 months ago
almorand.git DSP systems for pitch/formant shifting (OSS... 17 months ago
minetest_magicbeans_w.git A Minetest mod with magic beans which make... 17 months ago
b2ld.git very simple Box2DLite based physics engine 17 months ago
reguloj.git Java lightweight business rule engine 17 months ago
tsm_mines.git A Minetest mod which adds simple mine shafts... 17 months ago
minetest_pep.git A Minetest mod which adds some basic potions... 17 months ago
minetest_dice2.git A Minetest mod which adds 2 decorational... 17 months ago
minetest_slimenodes.git A Minetest mod which adds several slimy block... 17 months ago
minetest_tsm_surprise.git A Minetest mod which adds surprise blocks... 17 months ago
YOB2RHWY.git 17 months ago
minetest_playertools.git A Minetest mod which provides some simple... 17 months ago
+ minetest_playereffects.git A Minetest mod which provides an API to add... 17 months ago
minetest_treasurer.git A Minetest mod which provides an API to regis... 17 months ago
minetest_pedology.git A Minetest mod which adds several ground... 17 months ago
minetest_inventory_icon.git A Minetest mod which shows a simple backpack... 17 months ago
minetest_pseudonodes.git A minetest mod which adds non-walkable yet... 17 months ago
dacs.git simple, fast, statically-typed scripting... 17 months ago
+ https-everywhere.git HTTPS Everywhere Firefox Addon 17 months ago
wxac.git 17 months ago
iptraf-ng.git console-based network monitoring utility 17 months ago
sudo-osx-update.git sudo update for OS X versions prior to 10.7.5 17 months ago
charfbuzz.git *partial* C90-ish port of harfbuzz sylvain.bertrand... 17 months ago
jetset.git Jet Set Willy II D port, based on old X11... 17 months ago
debian_jquery-throttle-debounce.git Debian packaging for ‘jquery-throttle-debounce’ 18 months ago
nvi.git The Berkeley Vi Editor 18 months ago
pyTivo_dvdvideo.git DVD Video Plugin for pyTivo 18 months ago
k8doom_flashlight.git gzdoom: my flashlight 18 months ago
mudev.git minimal fork of libudev API 0/udevd sylvain.bertrand... 18 months ago
mmd.git Crappy Manic Miner D port 18 months ago
+ tig.git Text-mode interface for git 18 months ago
+ oscopy.git An interactive program to view electrical... 18 months ago
homepass.git 18 months ago
zde.git 18 months ago
omd.git Open Monitoring Distribution 18 months ago
ld.git A simple ARM/x86(_64) static linker 18 months ago
+ neatcc.git A small ARM/x86(_64) C compiler 18 months ago
+ kohana-core.git 18 months ago
debian_xkcdpass.git Debian packaging for ‘xkcdpass’ 18 months ago
debian_comixcursors.git Debian packaging for ‘comixcursors’ 18 months ago
BGap.git BGap: alpha' expansion of disk integrals 18 months ago
+ centerim.git a textmode multi-protocol im client 18 months ago
debian_python-coverage.git Debian packaging for ‘python-coverage’ 18 months ago registerdedicated... 19 months ago
debian_inform6-mode.git Debian packaging for ‘inform6-mode’ 19 months ago
+ tor-metrics-tasks.git Technical reports and code snippets for Tor... 19 months ago
cygwin-base-files.git Cygwin base-files Stromeko@Stromeko.DE 19 months ago
bluepill.git A mock server for testing Matrix Client-Serve... 19 months ago
+ fx2lib.git Library routines for creating firmware for... 19 months ago
vim-sub-qc.git Subtitle QC filetype Vim plugin vim-sub-qc@b49rao... 19 months ago
perlbook.git An old /b/ tier Perl manual in Russian. Retyp... 19 months ago
cbaos.git Kernel for microcontrollers - low end ARM... 19 months ago
kaeril_buildingescape.git 19 months ago
debian_jquery-textcomplete.git Debian packaging for ‘jquery-textcomplete’ 19 months ago
debian_inform6-compiler.git Debian packaging for ‘inform6-compiler’ 19 months ago
lnanohttp.git minimal http server for linux sylvain.bertrand... 19 months ago
lnanosmtp.git another really _minimal_ and naive smtp server sylvain.bertrand... 19 months ago
bug-buddy.git bug-buddy mirror 19 months ago
ditty.git X11 terminal emulator writtein in Aliced 19 months ago
redo.git Redo script patches 19 months ago
emacs.d.git Personal Emacs configuration. acolak@cs.otago... 19 months ago
baibao-modules.git baibaojr 20 months ago
debian_python-lockfile.git Debian packaging for ‘python-lockfile’ 20 months ago
+ git-browser.git gitk-like web interface 20 months ago
debian_inform6-library.git Debian packaging for ‘inform6-library’ 20 months ago
+ testando.git borgesdossantosbruno... 20 months ago
WindowsD.git 20 months ago
hatexmpp.git fuse xmpp client (xmppfs) 20 months ago
debian_python-primes.git Debian packaging for ‘python-primes’ 20 months ago
+ MineClone.git Mineclone—Free subgame for Minetest to clonin... 20 months ago
luaevent.git This is a binding of libevent to Lua. It... 20 months ago
oathbreaker.git THE OATHBREAKER PROJECT t.h.e.e.m.m.a.n... 20 months ago
+ freebsd-src.git FreeBSD src 20 months ago
getmangos.git MaNGOS is a free, Open Source implementation... 20 months ago
lua-nginx-module.git 20 months ago
yard.git YARD is a Ruby Documentation Tool 20 months ago
pbc.git Pairing-Based Cryptography Library 20 months ago
+ kohana.git 20 months ago
DepGen-Perl-Tests.git Tests for RPM dependency generator for Perl... 21 months ago
bastldcc.git 21 months ago
rocks.git Realistic underground (geologic) mapgen for... 21 months ago
+ pachi.git Pachi Simple Go/Baduk/Weiqi Bot 21 months ago
troff.git Port of Plan9 troff tools to Unix 21 months ago
minetest_no_sneak_glitch.git A minetest mod which disables the sneak glitch. 21 months ago
+ openwrt.git openwrt mirror 21 months ago
lunarirc.git Pale Moon specific fork of ChatZilla 22 months ago
+ voxelands.git Main development tree for the 3D voxel world... 22 months ago
sebhoss-jenkins-seed-jobs.git 22 months ago
spelunky_yasmk8.git fork of Spelunky Classic YASM mod 22 months ago
motion-prediction.git Simple SAD block matching program 22 months ago
matroid-finder.git A basic tool to find matroids of plabic graphs 22 months ago
gaemu.git gamemaker 8 emulator: just enough features... 22 months ago
+ minetest_hades.git A Minetest subgame focused on terraforming 22 months ago
Font7x5.git Bitmap Postscript Type 3 font 22 months ago
cluster-algebra-visualize.git A very basic tool to visualize cluster algebr... 22 months ago
meritous_recharged.git An action-adventure dungeon-crawl-like game... 22 months ago
coin.git 22 months ago
cl-satwrap.git Generic SAT solver interface for Common Lisp... 22 months ago
+ trakem2.git register/edit/analyze/3D model TB of images acardona@ini.phys... 22 months ago
+ geda-xgsch2pcb.git Graphical front-end for the gschem -> pcb... geda@clifton-electronics... 23 months ago
virtunnel.git get out! 23 months ago
dict-fy_nl.git Western Frisian spelling dictionaries 23 months ago
marukotoolbox.git A Video-prosessing GUI 23 months ago
pmc.git Pyre's MUD Client 23 months ago
+ deck.js.git Github mirror of deck.js | Modern HTML Presen... 23 months ago
local-openid.git single user, ephemeral OpenID provider 23 months ago
k8imago.git Pale Moon addon to filter "oversized" images 23 months ago
neatcc_make.git neatcc top-level makefile 2 years ago
neatas.git A small ARM assembler 2 years ago
+ voxelands-alt.git 2 years ago
GalaxyBlog.git 2 years ago
swg-src.git swg-src 2 years ago
osp.git Repo for OSP course test 2 years ago
jpcrr.git JPC-RR: Rerecording version of JPC X86 emulator ilari.liusvaara... 2 years ago
libotrd.git libotr native D port 2 years ago
minmad.git A small libmad/oss mp3 player 2 years ago
luanode.git luanode github mirror 2 years ago
+ kohana-auth.git 2 years ago
+ kohana-userguide.git 2 years ago
+ kohana-orm.git 2 years ago
+ kohana-image.git 2 years ago
mobexample.git example project with mob access 2 years ago
linux-cma.git Slides and articles about Contiguous Memory... 2 years ago
unxf.git Un-X-Forward* the Rack environment 2 years ago
ocaml-event.git OCaml libevent bindings enhancements 2 years ago
gdash.git fork of GDash Boulder Dash Engine 2 years ago
fvwm.git CVS import of FVWM to Git. 2 years ago
lsqlite.git 2 years ago
k8sbuild.git simple package building system for Slackware... 2 years ago
paa_gmaps.git Maps for Parcours Alpha 2 years ago
bindip.git 2 years ago
deepvid.git 2 years ago
tomato-rt-n10.git Tomato For Asus RT-N10 (BCM5356A Chip) 2 years ago
BennuGD.git Mirror of the BennuGD SVN repository. kazuki.przyborowski... 2 years ago
python-gajja.git Python library to create test doubles that... 2 years ago
ecs.git 2 years ago
sgn-art.git Artwork for the SGN website 2 years ago
shapes.git Graphics language 2 years ago
tmk.git A Tcl-powered `make` replacement 2 years ago
libutp-c.git C90-ish port of the bittorrent transmission... sylvain.bertrand... 2 years ago
autotroll.git M4 macros to build Qt applications with GNU... 2 years ago
sddekit.git toolkit for stochastic delay differential... marmaduke.woodman... 2 years ago
Python-Scripts.git Small python scripts I've made. kazuki.przyborowski... 2 years ago
stoyd.git hackish shadertoy player in D 2 years ago
Hockey-Test.git Just a test script dealing with hockey games... kazuki.przyborowski... 2 years ago
raymarch.git simple pure-CPU raymarching renderer in D 2 years ago
libgamesdb.git 2 years ago
anomen-kernel-config.git gentoo kernel configuration 2 years ago
larjonas-mediagoblin.git LArjona's clone of GNU MediaGoblin (https... 2 years ago
autoform-autocomplete-array.git 2 years ago
RATeX.git LaTeX-Pakete mit besonderen Funktionen für... 2 years ago
anomen-overlay.git anomen's personal gentoo overlay 2 years ago
larjonas-pumpa.git LArjona's clone of Pumpa (https://pumpa.branc... 2 years ago
cor.git connection oriented routing michi1@michaelblizek... 2 years ago
corutils.git connection orienter routing user space exampl... michi1@michaelblizek... 2 years ago
smsapi-csharp.git SMS, MMS and Voice message sending service... 2 years ago
flexforms.git simple GUI based on concept of "flex boxes... 2 years ago
gnus.git Gnus repository mirror 2 years ago
x-on-resize.git 2 years ago
slick.other.git Various small utilities 2 years ago
bioperl-network.git BioPerl modules for protein-protein interacti... 2 years ago
rtmpdump.git 2 years ago
thera-pi.git mirror of Thera-Pi project on sourceforge 2 years ago
cv.git vaidheeswaran.chinnaraju... 2 years ago
libevent.git a mirror of public git repo of libevent 2 years ago
mminer.git Manic Miner clone, JS+HTML, no frameworks... 2 years ago
T119942Repr.git MediaWiki extension to demonstrate https... 2 years ago
T119942Repo.git MediaWiki extension to demonstrate https... 2 years ago documentation for fork of Thera-Pi project 2 years ago
fbvis.git A framebuffer image viewer 2 years ago
vidyarank.git A site for making rankings of video games. 2 years ago
PACMAN.git Projet universitaire de Génie Logiciel sur... leonardialexandre... 2 years ago
bioperl-db.git BioSQL BioPerl ORM bindings 2 years ago
gae.git google appengine git mirror 2 years ago
k8yeahconsole.git fork of yeahconsole (yes, i love forks!) 2 years ago
xulshell.git javascript shell based on xulrunner 2 years ago
+ vimprobable.git webkit-based browser that behaves like the... 2 years ago
jungerl.git The Jungle of Erlang code 2 years ago
0publish-gui.git GTK editor for Zero Install feeds 2 years ago
dyskinesia.git Dyskinesia -- Qt4 PSYC client 2 years ago
+ minetest_pyramids.git A Minetest mod which adds pyramids. 2 years ago
test-projekt.git 2 years ago
+ qemu-kvm.git QEMU modified to work with kvm 2 years ago
ambros.git Autonomous Morsecode BROadcasting System 2 years ago
MUSB.git MIPS32 Release 1 processor 2 years ago
cocotron.git Cross platform AppKit & Foundation Objective... 2 years ago
gmpc.git GMPC's repository 2 years ago
Tsunagari.git Tsunagari Tile Engine 2 years ago
tails-greeter-prototype.git 2 years ago
+ nv-tegra-linux-2.6.git Mirror of NV Tegra kernel 2 years ago
Skavegra.git A simple tool to view SVG images. 2 years ago
cboard.git NCurses chess engine interface 2 years ago
cyberduck.git 2 years ago
ccbib.git Creative Commons Bibliothek 2 years ago
lift.git LIsp Framework for Testing 2 years ago
kps.git Linux Kernel Patch Statistic 2 years ago
pmxulexplorer.git a fork of XUL Explorer for Pale Moon xulrunner 2 years ago
+ debian-live-build.git live-build is a set of scripts to build Debia... 2 years ago
BeagleSkin.git MediaWiki skin: One column layout with naviga... 2 years ago
eineseite.git Series of small documents about basic Unix... 2 years ago
pumpscripts.git some scripts for network 2 years ago
pymodoro.git A simple cli pomodoro program integrated... 2 years ago
NaiadSkin.git Three column MediaWiki skin with a liquid... 2 years ago
NaiadSamples.git Deploy sample configuration for MediaWiki... 2 years ago
DeToc.git MediaWiki extension to removes or relocates... 2 years ago
CustomFancyTree.git 2 years ago
puppet-git.git A git wrapper around Puppet martin.langhoff... 2 years ago
+ autosshd_ALT.git Run autossh as system service at startup. 2 years ago
+ barry.git Interface software for the Blackberry handheld 2 years ago
NXEngine.git Mirror of the NXEngine. kazuki.przyborowski... 2 years ago
Fedora-VSP.git Perl version normalization for RPM 2 years ago
+ imageja.git ImageJA, a Java Image Processing application... 2 years ago
heat-templates.git This is a repository for Heat templates that... 2 years ago
fuse.git mirror for fuse 2 years ago
+ debian-live-config.git live-config contains the scripts that configu... 2 years ago
+ debian-live-boot.git live-boot contains the scripts that configure... 2 years ago
ps3openwrt_patches.git PS3 OpenWRT patches geoffrey.levand... 2 years ago
blink.git Blink is the rendering engine used by Chromium. 2 years ago
chromium-blink-merge.git 2 years ago
ivgdc.git private gdc fork 2 years ago
foam-extend-3.1.git The foam-extend project is a fork of the... 2 years ago
git-scripts.git Some scripts for Git repositories 2 years ago
omgf.git REST API(s) for MogileFS using Rack 2 years ago
+ phoronix-test-suite.git Phoronix Test Suite 2 years ago
fforms.git little GUI 2 years ago
jrugr.git Jrugr: X11 keyboard layout switcher 2 years ago
stuffkeeper.git Stuffkeeper - Easy to use catelog program 2 years ago
nenuvar.git LilyPond baroque music scores 2 years ago
HandBrake.git GIT mirror of HandBrake SVN. Along with unoff... 2 years ago
+ git-cheetah.git A platform-independent filemanager plugin johannes.schindelin... 2 years ago
cygwin-run.git Cygwin run.exe Stromeko@Stromeko.DE 2 years ago
Aggressive-BitTorrent-Downloader.git Aggressive BitTorrent Downloader 2 years ago
moonrise.git Bleeding edge, experimental overlay for Gentoo. 2 years ago
+ msysgit.git msysGit -- the development environment for... johannes.schindelin... 2 years ago
+ syslinux-debian.git debianized syslinux 2 years ago
ps3openwrt_configs.git PS3 OpenWRT configs geoffrey.levand... 2 years ago
ps3linux_kernel_configs.git PS3 Linux kernel configs geoffrey.levand... 2 years ago
kelasgit.git 2 years ago
mod_spnego.git Negotiate module for apache2 2 years ago
light-and-matter.git open-source physics textbooks pacificsymphony3... 2 years ago
client-tools.git swg client tools 2 years ago
cntlm.git Fork of cntlm Stromeko@Stromeko.DE 2 years ago
tftp-hpa.git 2 years ago
framadate-sandstorm.git package for Framadate (schedule... 2 years ago
mime-editor.git edit the file type database 2 years ago
0release.git manage new releases with Zero Install 2 years ago
calf.git Calf Audio Plugin Pack 2 years ago
cds-indico.git CDS Indico - Event management jose.pedro.ferreira... 2 years ago
+ clan.git Basic translator from high-level language... 2 years ago
gitseries.git Management of git commit series 2 years ago
+ cloog.git Code generator for polyhedra scanning 2 years ago
ps3linux_kernel_patches_41.git PS3 Linux kernel patches 4.1 geoffrey.levand... 2 years ago
FeedLint.git check your Zero Install feeds 2 years ago
python-iview.git Python command-line and GTK+ interface to... 2 years ago
toolkit.git Toolkit for building audio-related web applic... 2 years ago
yasql.git Yet another SQLPlus Replacement 2 years ago
+ dracut.git Dracut is a new initramfs infrastructure 2 years ago
mediator.git simple coroutine-based http/https proxy server 2 years ago
solwidget.git Sol is a Mac OS X Dashboard widget that tells... 2 years ago
uClibc.git 2 years ago Computing Olympiad tasks 2 years ago
+ 0publish.git utility for processing Zero Install feeds 2 years ago
rgdc.git fork of rdmd, better suited for gdc 2 years ago
rttp-proofs.git This is intended to be a computer-verifiable... 2 years ago
neuro.git libneuro, a light weight abstraction of high... 2 years ago
+ notion.git Notion is a tiling, tabbed window manager... 2 years ago
frac.git Continued fraction C library. 2 years ago
proj.git proj4 git mirror 2 years ago
emacsprimer.git Emacs Primer vaidheeswaran.chinnaraju... 2 years ago
extutils-builder.git 2 years ago
dejavu.git DejaVu git mirror kirr@landau.phys... 2 years ago
ilaris-y4m-tools.git Ilari's set of extended YUV4MPEG tools ilari.liusvaara... 2 years ago
freeems-vanilla.git FreeEMS - The open source engine management... 2 years ago
prueba_programador.git 2 years ago
pcu.git Page Cache Utilities 2 years ago
git-export-filter.git A user and branch filter for git fast-export... 2 years ago
cl-sane.git Common lisp bindings for SANE 2 years ago
corwebsite.git website templates michi1@michaelblizek... 2 years ago
ps3freebsd_kernel_patches.git PS3 FreeBSD kernel patches geoffrey.levand... 2 years ago
ivgdcpatches.git do not trespass! 2 years ago
ecs_vip_ilias_spec.git Specification for integrating VIP in ILIAS... Heiko.Bernloehr... 2 years ago
horrid.git Various files and changes that are challengin... 3 years ago
ecs_templates.git Rails templates for ECS configurations. Heiko.Bernloehr... 3 years ago
nuttx-bb.git nuttx for osmocom 3 years ago
gitorious.git social git hosting webapp 3 years ago
wifi-radar.git WiFi Radar is a Python/PyGTK2 utility for... 3 years ago
+ openscop.git A Specification and a Library for Data Exchan... 3 years ago
mailx.git A small mailx clone 3 years ago
libswd.git Serial Wire Debug Open Library 3 years ago
haskell-cryptsy-api.git Haskell bindings for Cryptsy cryptocurrency... 3 years ago
mc4k-experiments.git D mc4k experiments 3 years ago
messenger.git Unhosted browser based messenger (XMPP) recursive.madman... 3 years ago
waf.git 3 years ago
calfbox.git Open source music instrument 3 years ago
SecondTask.git 3 years ago
compresslog.git Tools to compress apache logs via piped logs martin.langhoff... 3 years ago
cassowary.d.git quick-and-dirty port of Cassowary solver... 3 years ago
ps3linux_kernel_patches_40.git PS3 Linux kernel patches 4.0 geoffrey.levand... 3 years ago
ps3linux_kernel_patches_319.git PS3 Linux kernel patches 3.19 geoffrey.levand... 3 years ago
ps3linux_spuldrfs.git PS3 Linux spuldrfs geoffrey.levand... 3 years ago
ps3linux_spuisofs.git PS3 Linux spuisofs geoffrey.levand... 3 years ago
0compile.git create a binary release from source code 3 years ago
codimension.git codimension git mirror 3 years ago
Sak.git Sak (pronounced as `suck') is a Statistical... 3 years ago
openfoam-extend-OpenFOAM-1.6-ext.git Mirror of the new OpenFOAM 1.6-ext repository... 3 years ago
navymail.git store and synchronize mail in git 3 years ago
cinitramfs.git code to create a minimal linux initramfs sylvain.bertrand... 3 years ago
http-client.git recursive.madman... 3 years ago
stinger.git STINGER dynamic graph analysis framework 3 years ago
zpng.git Create PNG files from Common Lisp 3 years ago
zpb-exif.git Access to digital image Exif data for Common... 3 years ago
style_checker.git Source Code Style Checker 3 years ago
Orgmuse.git 3 years ago
orgmuse.git 3 years ago
omaha.git GUI to play arbitrary board games, aiming... 3 years ago
cswow.git 3 years ago
cswowd.git 3 years ago
zbatery.git Rack HTTP server without a fork stuck in it 3 years ago
site_monitor.git 3 years ago
greenhouse.git coroutines and non-blocking I/O for python 3 years ago
+ sox.git Sound eXchange 3 years ago
clfswm.git clfswm 3 years ago
tails-test.git tails mirror test with git rewrite 3 years ago
zzandy.git Miscellaneous 3 years ago
xombrero.git 3 years ago
muinit.git minimal init process for linux sylvain.bertrand... 3 years ago
tasks_code_ivan.git 3 years ago
minetest_playermodel.git A Minetest mod which adds a simple 3D player... 3 years ago
minetest_basic_hud.git A Minetest mod which provides the most basic... 3 years ago
+ livecd.git Fedora Live CD Tools 3 years ago
rrproj.git carmelbuenavista32... 3 years ago
slick.tracking.git Shared tracking 3 years ago
mtlparse.git 3 years ago
bindumps.git 3 years ago
userinfo.git A local user information gatherer 3 years ago
ivcum.d.git ongoing efforts to make dchip more d-friendly 3 years ago
ruby-wordexp.git Ruby interface to the wordexp(3) POSIX function 3 years ago
kgio-monkey.git kinder, gentler, SSL/TLS I/O for Ruby 3 years ago
ruby-tdb.git Trivial Database bindings for Ruby 3 years ago
toilet.git The TOIlet project attempts to create a free... 3 years ago
ruby_io_splice.git zero-copy pipe I/O for Linux and Ruby 3 years ago
jamesa.git Test 3 years ago
5f8b0d0fe564b437a6934ccc99915699.git 3 years ago
Data-Peek.git A collection of low-level perl debug facilities 3 years ago
jackmeter.git basic console based DPM (Digital Peak Meter... 3 years ago
snowy-minesweeper.git 3 years ago
CleverRabbit.git Bible Translation Editor for Mac OS X 3 years ago
ps3linux_kernel_patches_318.git PS3 Linux kernel patches 3.18 geoffrey.levand... 3 years ago
safe-rm.git wrapper around the rm command to prevent... 3 years ago
email-reminder.git send event reminders by email 3 years ago
multileek.git 3 years ago
cerebrum.git RPC framework for interaction with c firmware... 3 years ago
PathExplorer.git 3 years ago
libmpd.git A C library for accessing mpd, used in gmpc. 3 years ago
ecp_lsfp.git ECP -- Elearning Community Proxy for HIS... 3 years ago
+ rox-filer.git Filer for the ROX desktop 3 years ago
prl_guest_to_host.git prl_guest_to_host 3 years ago
wcerfgba.git Personal git 3 years ago
tweetnacl.d.git D port of TweetNaCl 3 years ago
ffado.git Free Firewire Audio Drivers adi@drcomp.erfurt... 3 years ago
+ NeoPI.git Mirror of Neohapsis/NeoPI project from github 3 years ago
aqualang.git An Interpreter, based on 3 years ago
python-cryptoplus.git pycrypto extension christophe.oosterlynck... 3 years ago
dwm-win32.git dwm-win32 dynamic window manager ported to... 3 years ago
urasm.git UrAsm -- Z80 cross-assembler for ZX Spectrum 3 years ago
voodoo-lang.git programming language providing a thin abstrac... 3 years ago
awesome.git awesome window manager 3 years ago
+ shogivar.git Shogi Variants - a GUI and computer playe... 3 years ago
ganymede.git Ganymede Directory Mastering Software 3 years ago
k8expers.d.git nothing to see here 3 years ago
tinyjs-rewrite.git A rewrite of the TinyJS interpreter. Mostly... 3 years ago
ps3linux_kernel_patches_317.git PS3 Linux kernel patches 3.17 geoffrey.levand... 3 years ago
cong.d.git command console for D language which uses... 3 years ago
+ pykickstart.git python module for parsing and writing kicksta... 3 years ago
rootstock.git An automated market maker 3 years ago
gamergate.git 3 years ago
propref-wiki.git Propositions' references. Wiki 3 years ago
+ clay.git Clay, the Chunky Loop Alteration wizardrY... 3 years ago
fquery.git A fast replacement for equery 3 years ago
urlwatch.git A tool for monitoring webpages for updates 3 years ago
ecp_lsfp_soaps.git SOAP server for the LSF push mechanism and... 3 years ago
hoomd-blue.git HOOMD-blue is a general-purpose particle... 3 years ago
lilypond-ejercicios.git A booklet of LilyPond exercises for students... 3 years ago
jvstm.git JVSTM - Java Versioned Software Transactional... 3 years ago
libgpiv.git Library for Particle Image Velocimetry (PIV) 3 years ago
+ torbrowser.git Tor Browser Bundle build scripts 3 years ago
openrisc.git git mirror of openrisc svn 3 years ago
tinf.d.git D port of Joergen Ibsen's tinf (tiny inflate... 3 years ago
ladish.git LADI Session Handler 3 years ago
taglib.d.git taglib bindings for D 3 years ago
jitcs.git JIT Assembler (still incomplete, early preview) 3 years ago
ps3linux_kernel_patches_316.git PS3 Linux kernel patches 3.16 geoffrey.levand... 3 years ago
cxml-rng.git Relax NG for cxml 3 years ago
ecsa_docu.git Documentation of ECSA Heiko.Bernloehr... 3 years ago
rotating-platforms.git A test gme in Lua (Löve framework) 3 years ago
zymosis.d.git Z80 emulation engine written in D 3 years ago
closure-html.git HTML parser written in Common Lisp 3 years ago
etx.d.git PieceTable based on balanced tress for D... 3 years ago
slixmpp.git 3 years ago
bsecure.git martin.hoffman789123... 3 years ago
dotfilesaldo.git 3 years ago
pcm-lib.git Pcm library 3 years ago
hanjin_opengl.git 3 years ago
+ mplayer.git MPlayer development branch uoti.urpala@pp1... 3 years ago
kic.git heiko.bernloehr... 3 years ago
propref.git Propositions' references 3 years ago
k8lowj.git 3 years ago
candl.git Dependence analyzer in the polyhedral model 3 years ago
Config-Perl-V.git Structured data retreival of perl -V output 3 years ago
luabind.git luabind 3 years ago
alexandria.git Common Lisp utility collection 3 years ago
apc.git CPU load monitor 3 years ago
xbmc-dailyshow.git 3 years ago
csrf-magic.git Wizard CSRF protection for PHP 3 years ago
libnodelay.git LD_PRELOAD library to disable Nagle's algorithm 3 years ago
k8muffin.git simple tag-based overlay fs for music collections 3 years ago
mimi_vx_overlay.git Gentoo overlay of Mimi.vx 3 years ago
jackwsmeter.git jack meter over websockets 3 years ago
+ zpu.git Zylin ZPU - the worlds smallest 32 bit CPU... 3 years ago
+ heuristiclab.git Git mirror of HeuristicLab svn repository 3 years ago
merlin.git nagios-merlin is an eventbroker module /... david.voit@lfst... 3 years ago
ninja.git This is an effort to rewrite the Nagios GUI... david.voit@lfst... 3 years ago
12306_ticket_helper.git 3 years ago
fbv.git View pictures on a linux framebuffer device. 3 years ago
nfc-test.git Test the nfc on MQX4.1 3 years ago
framework.git framework 3 years ago
openhackware.git OpenHack'Ware, an OpenFirmware compatible... 3 years ago
imgurfusker.git Imgur Fusker 3 years ago
+ xmms2-devel.git X-platform Music Multiplexing System 2 3 years ago
adk-bluetooth-test.git This demo implemented the bluetooth function... 3 years ago
+ ruby-sendfile.git Ruby sendfile interface 3 years ago
+ JabRefChicagoForOrgmode.git 3 years ago
+ fusedav.git FUSE driver for WebDAV 3 years ago
neverball.git A mirror of the Neverball Subversion repo 3 years ago
stcyphers.d.git various stream cyphers from eSTREAM project... 3 years ago
+ msys.git A git mirror of MSys johannes.schindelin... 3 years ago
foam-extend-3.0.git The foam-extend project is a fork of the... 3 years ago
vic.git 3 years ago
lindosharp.git lindosoft public c# repository 3 years ago
converter.git Format conversion between OpenScop and SCoPLib taj.khan@inria.Fr 3 years ago
resorg.git Resource Organizer 3 years ago
graphlib.git Implementation of a standard LibC for Casio... 3 years ago
+ bzr-fastimport.git Bazaar Fast Import 3 years ago
tinf8.git fork of Jibs' tinf library with added sanity... 3 years ago
glpng.git PNG loader for OpenGL 3 years ago
cornucopiafso.git 3 years ago
ps3linux_kernel_patches_314.git PS3 Linux kernel patches 3.14 geoffrey.levand... 3 years ago
ps3freebsd_ps3gpu_test.git PS3 FreeBSD Tests for GPU driver geoffrey.levand... 3 years ago
ps3linux_ps3lv1write.git PS3 Linux LV1 Console Write Tool geoffrey.levand... 3 years ago
ocproxy.git LwIP based SOCKS proxy for OpenConnect. 3 years ago
wireshark-wip.git 3 years ago
ps3freebsd_ps3gpu.git PS3 FreeBSD GPU driver geoffrey.levand... 3 years ago
+ mingw-w64.git A git-svn mirror of MinGW-w64's Subversion... johannes.schindelin... 3 years ago
recordtv.git Record TV records TV on your Linux desktop andybalaam@artificialworl... 3 years ago
socket_samples.git 3 years ago
+ lwes-ruby.git Light Weight Event System bindings for Ruby 3 years ago
noqp.git A small print orchestration program without... 3 years ago
Paws.js.git A JavaScript interpreter for Paws. (Compatibl... 3 years ago portable sh script to reformat a Git log... 3 years ago
pg_logfebe.git 3 years ago
cl-tuples.git Libray for writing optimised vector math... 3 years ago
ITAG.git Management modules for ITAG (International... 3 years ago
archives2git.git sh script to create a project's git history... 3 years ago
sdl2videolib.git simple SDL2 videolibrary used in many Invisib... 3 years ago
openerp-server.git OpenERP Server 3 years ago
jack_mixer.git JACK audio mixer 3 years ago
trinity.git Linux systemcall fuzzer 4 years ago
py_interface.git An Erlang-node implemented in python 4 years ago
CGIscriptor.git A flexible HTML 4 compliant script/module... 4 years ago
puzzles.git 4 years ago
ganeti_webmgr.git It is mirror hosting of git://git.osuosl... 4 years ago
eoip.git 4 years ago
libnbds.git Non-blocking Data Structures Library 4 years ago
openerp-client.git OpenERP client 4 years ago
kayplay.git fork of ayfly project 4 years ago
minix-pkgsrc.git MINIX 3's pkgsrc repo mirror 4 years ago
livejournal.git LiveJournal git mirror 4 years ago
+ atool.git script for managing file archives of various... 4 years ago
gitstats.git git statistics generator 4 years ago Website for aggregating open source projects 4 years ago
ical-validator.git validate icalendar data 4 years ago
f1lt.git Live Timing 4 years ago
+ shell-fm.git shell-fm is a lightweight, console-based... 4 years ago
k8cmdcon.git simple command console for GCC 4 years ago
4chanprog.git Another attempt at creating a repo for /prog/ 4 years ago
chere.git Cygwin chere package 4 years ago
fillybot.git SweetieBelle on 4 years ago
diouzhtu.git Gwiad Wiki Plugin 4 years ago
libre9.git regular expression library based on plan9... 4 years ago
context.git ConTeXt is a document markup language and... 4 years ago
kudsource.git dennisyang@hotmail... 4 years ago
thirdgencryptocoin.git thirdgencryptocoin... 4 years ago
libzmbv.git C port of DOSBox ZMBV codec and AVI writer 4 years ago
cl-zmq.git Common Lisp bindings for ZeroMQ2 4 years ago
Model-M.git CAD files for ALL Model M keyboard key caps 4 years ago
libha.git simple GPL compression library using ASC... 4 years ago
IPC-Semaphore-Concurrency.git IPC::Semaphore::Concurrency Perl module 4 years ago
liblbx.git Moo2 data file handling library. 4 years ago
AddApp.git create ROX application launchers for Zero... 4 years ago
Sloppy.git Cross-platform chess engine which uses the... ilari.pihlajisto... 4 years ago
libusbx.git libusbx is a library that provides generic... 4 years ago
ndeql_lang.git Implementation of the esoteric language Ndeql 4 years ago
csplainnat.git BiBTeX style for the Czech references style 4 years ago
sparrow.git A Gstreamer plugin that obliterates whatever... douglas@paradise... 4 years ago
opo.git Show synchronised video on multiple projectors douglas@paradise... 4 years ago
k8-jellyphysics.git fork of JellyPhysics library 4 years ago
thera-pi-2.git fork of Thera-Pi project 4 years ago
boomerang.git A general, open source, retargetable decompil... 4 years ago
gitgitconfig.git save and restore .git/config etc with VCS 4 years ago
planner-el.git Planner: an organizer and day planner for... 4 years ago
+ lmms.git Linux MultiMedia Studio 4 years ago
qallinone.git A media player which can play any media forma... 4 years ago
test10.git 4 years ago
awl.git Andrew's Web Libraries andrew-nospam@mcmillan... 4 years ago
margoerets.git A program to trace 3D paths from stereograms bernd.jendrissek... 4 years ago
AdvancedVolumeMixer.git Advanced Volume Mixer - Gnome Shell Extension 4 years ago
deck.blank.js.git 4 years ago
k8-threat-experiments.git there is nothing really working, just a testb... 4 years ago
supybook.git Supybook - the supybot handbook 4 years ago
hdapsd.git HDAPS daemon for IBM/Lenovo ThinkPads 4 years ago
Apuntaciones.git 4 years ago
glg-sh.git a posix shell implementation louis.guillaume... 4 years ago
mpolney.git Personal code (mpolney). 4 years ago
bob.git Bob 4 years ago
libtar.git Maintenance repo for libtar 4 years ago
e_cidadania.git e-cidadania is an open source based project... oscar@cidadania... 4 years ago
+ linux-2.6.git Linus' kernel tree 4 years ago
grace.git Grace is a WYSIWYG 2D plotting tool for the... 4 years ago
glg-os.git louis.guillaume... 4 years ago
libquvi-scripts.git embedded lua scripts for libquvi 4 years ago
a2jmidid.git ALSA sequencer <-> JACK MIDI bridge 4 years ago
perlbal.git Perlbal HTTP server 4 years ago
quvi-tool.git command line tool for parsing flash media... 4 years ago
GitSharp.git Git# --> Git for .NET meinrad.recheis... 4 years ago
cclive.git Command line media download tool with low... 4 years ago
voro++.git Voro++ is a open source software library... 4 years ago
pksunkara-service-disable.git Stop daemons and services from starting up... 4 years ago
cclive-np.git 4 years ago
libquvi.git cross-platform library for parsing flash... 4 years ago
hdata.git louis.guillaume... 4 years ago
rottenkolber-wiki.git Rottenkolber Software Engineering Wiki 4 years ago
ccandy.git This is a command line tool to create project... 4 years ago
slick.diablo.git my diablo characters and other games 4 years ago
NammaWorks.git 4 years ago
NammaWorksTest.git 4 years ago
k8-protractor.git simple Protractor recognition library and... 4 years ago
ariane.git This is a web cache written in java. 4 years ago
depot.git This is a command line tool to work with... 4 years ago
barbara.git This is a hierarchical distributed note manager 4 years ago
davical.git DAViCal CalDAV & CardDAV Server 4 years ago
acal.git aCal Android CalDAV Client 4 years ago
mplayer2.git Development branch of MPlayer. SaburoutaMishima... 4 years ago
girtod.git GTK Bindings for the D programming language 4 years ago
gmpc-dynamic-playlist.git Search for similar song/artist/genre in gmpc 4 years ago
ps3linux_livecd.git PS3 Linux LiveCD geoffrey.levand... 4 years ago
wandboard.git WandBoard kernel 4 years ago
upr.git upload progress for Rack 4 years ago
metropolis.git key-value store for Rack 4 years ago
osm-ro-tools.git Openstreetmap scripts and tools used by the... eddy.petrisor+osm... 4 years ago
aoi.git A simple Japanese-English dictionary for... 4 years ago
fmtools.git radio tuner program for Linux 4 years ago
k8strokelib.git stroke recognition library based on easystrok... 4 years ago
awish.git Awish: Avish reborn! (rewriting of old MS... 4 years ago
elasticore.git elastiCore is a high-level oo language 4 years ago
ragel-jkt.git jkt's changes for ragel 4 years ago
lefthand.git 4 years ago
+ libelf-compat.git libelf stripped off of elfutils and cleaned... 4 years ago
+ 0export.git create self-installing bundles for distributi... 4 years ago
workflows.git Workflow management system 4 years ago
xy_vsfilter.git vsfilter mod based on vsfilter 2.39 4 years ago
k8-lwc.git fork of Lightweight C++ preprocessor 4 years ago
audiosum.git A tool to find duplicate mp3 files ignoring... alvarezp@alvarezp... 4 years ago
simple-cellular-automata-suite.git A suite for writing silly little cellular... 4 years ago
trueprint.git GNU trueprint mirror 4 years ago
ofe_plugin_ilias.git Online formula editor (ofe) plugin for Ilias Heiko.Bernloehr... 4 years ago
quvi-np.git Misc. quvi project files, e.g. the website... 4 years ago
dabba.git emmanuel.roullit... 4 years ago
libsalac.git Simple C ALAC layer around Apple's (tm) free... 4 years ago
auto-patcher.git smali editor that ports mods and themes acros... 4 years ago
+ seabios.git SeaBIOS is an open source implementation... eduard.munteanu... 4 years ago
psslcertgen.git per-site certificate generator for PolarSSL 4 years ago
gimp-lqr-plugin.git LiquidRescale plug-in for seam carving in... 4 years ago
Net-Amazon-S3-Policy.git module to handle Amazon S3 policies for HTTP... 4 years ago
besstails.git 4 years ago
testgsv4.git 4 years ago
swftools.git SWFTools is a collection of utilities for... 4 years ago
stlc.git 4 years ago
gostyle.git determine playing style in the game of go 4 years ago
quadenet-A5.git Mirror de 4 years ago
perl-HTML-WikiConverter-DokuWiki.git DokuWiki dialect module for HTML::WikiConvert... 4 years ago
zpb-ttf.git TrueType font file access for Common Lisp 4 years ago
salza2.git Create compressed data from Common Lisp 4 years ago
csrf-magic-web.git Website for csrf-magic 4 years ago
+ pulseaudio-raopUDP.git Make the pulseaudio-raop module work again. 4 years ago
git-browser-mirror.git 4 years ago
qemu-palcode.git Firmware for Alpha emulation under QEMU 4 years ago
fileset-whole.git extension to emacs filesets 4 years ago
gae-samples.git gae-samples git mirror 4 years ago
svmtool++.git simple and effective generator of sequential... 4 years ago
d2dqcc.git modified QuakeC compiler for Doom2D:VCD 4 years ago
glg-lfs.git louis.guillaume... 4 years ago
eblob.git libeblob is an append-only low-level IO libra... 4 years ago
test_git.git 4 years ago
bitrig.git 4 years ago
vapoursynth-svn.git A frameserver for the 21st century. (old... 4 years ago
Opdf.git A free PDF viewer. 4 years ago
tc_endwar_stats.git Tom Clancy's Endwar Statistics 4 years ago
testgsv2.git 4 years ago
testgsv1.git 4 years ago
word_lang.git Implementation of the esoteric language Word 4 years ago
knight_shuffling_tower.git Implementation of the esoteric language Knigh... 4 years ago
perl-MogileFS-Client.git Perl MogileFS client library 4 years ago
+ luckyexample.git lucky 4 years ago
trylon.git Trylon computer language 4 years ago
+ glibc-ports.git glibc ports to exotic architectures 4 years ago
fvs_assignment_project.git assignment fvs project 4 years ago
fsviewer.git The FSViewer file browser 4 years ago
runemen.git runemen tests 4 years ago
mutos-utils.git Coreutils for the not-yet-existent mutos OS 4 years ago
hombase.git 4 years ago
my-drag-and-drop-kahn-academy.git A Khan Academy clone consisting of relate... 4 years ago
engrid.git Clone of the official engrid repository 4 years ago
cron-utils.git Utils for cronjobs martin.langhoff... 4 years ago
+ zpugcc.git GCC toolchain for ZPU 4 years ago
vimprobable2.git Vimprobable is a web browser like Vimperator... 4 years ago
flub.git Public repository for Forth and Lisp users... 4 years ago
libass.git Portable ASS/SSA subtitle renderer 4 years ago
lksctp-tools.git Linux kernel stream control transmission... 4 years ago
xcsoar.git Tactical glide computer 4 years ago
libframeworkd-glib.git libframeworkd-glib 4 years ago
ftg.git The aim of the FTG is to support people learn... 4 years ago
rc516-dotfiles.git 4 years ago
gpivtools.git command line programs for Particle Image... 4 years ago
viewgit.git a git repository browser 5 years ago
xscheme.git Fork of David Betz’s XScheme project 5 years ago
maths57d00.git The “mathematical analysis” course in Moscow... 5 years ago
0test.git Matrix testing for Zero Install programs 5 years ago
adg-lua.git Lua bindings for the ADG canvas 5 years ago
clon.git Command-Line Options Nuker 5 years ago
vcscommand.git vcscommand VIM plugin for integration with... 5 years ago
morzhol.git morzhol is a simple library containing a... 5 years ago
narrow.git Narrow 5 years ago
tropicssl.git fork of last BSD polarssl 5 years ago
striptease.git enhanced version of the Mac OS X strip tool 5 years ago
build-cgdb.git 5 years ago
dive.git basic dive computer 5 years ago
gnome-sound-recorder.git A sound recorder for gnome3 5 years ago
lispengine.git PicoScheme is a 'drop-in' scripting engine... 5 years ago
aprog.git Simple multi-purpose Java library tuxlover684+suj... 5 years ago
emacsbook.git 5 years ago
s390-tools.git s390-tools used for S390 specific tasks 5 years ago
+ pdns-ldap-backend.git Repository for the continuation of developmen... 5 years ago
gcalctool.git gcalctool mirror 5 years ago
e_dbus.git efl - e_dbus 5 years ago
gpy.git A mediawiki feed and wikilinker bot for Wikinews 5 years ago
elliptics.git Elliptics network is a fault tolerant key... 5 years ago
0mirror.git create a mirror of other Zero Install sites 5 years ago
osp-assignment.git Assignment for open source programming course... 5 years ago
element.git ruby data-web tools carmen@whats-your... 5 years ago
blog3.git Simple Rails project 5 years ago
d2dvcd.git GNU/Linux port of Doom2D game. Now with color... 5 years ago
C-Data-Structures.git 5 years ago
linux- Linux ARM platform port for MOXA ART SoC 5 years ago
linux- Linux ARM platform port for MOXA ART SoC 5 years ago
slick.stash.git Small stash utilities 5 years ago
maemo-rb.git thomasjfox's rockbox modifications (mameo... 5 years ago
wnstats.git Site for statistics about wikinews publishing... svetlana@members... 5 years ago
orchestrallily.git A package for lilypond to help writing large... 5 years ago
+ topgit.git TopGit - A different patch queue manager 5 years ago
mplayer-build.git Scripts to build MPlayer together with needed... uoti.urpala@pp1... 5 years ago
mplayer2-build.git Build systems for mplayer2.